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Vuyo Mhaga says he may not know a lot of things but what he knows is that Panyaza Lesufi will close the ANC Gauteng conference as chair. #ANCGP.

The ANC Gauteng provincial conference is sitting next weekend. Panyaza Lesufi goes head-to-head with Lebogang Maile for the position of chair. Lesufi is backed by outgoing provincial chair David Makhura while Maile is backed by treasurer-general Paul Mashatile..

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#ANCGP Lebohang Maile and Panyaza Lesufi go head to head this over on the chairperson position of the ANC in GAUTENG. #sabcnews.

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Through the BELA bill, the ANC government and Panyaza Lesufi want to take away the decision making powers of SGBs, so they can easily change language policies, opening the door for doing away with Afrikaans medium schools. Stop this draconian bill.📲.

Andrek Panyaza Lesufi looted billions of Rands from Gauteng as MEC, and now the ANC has rewarded him with a higher position..

Sundowns is offering an internship programme for unemployed youth in the following areas: Photography, Writer, Tik Tok Content Creator, Production Video Editor and Marketing Activation Supporter. Stipend: R5000 Only Matric Is Required. #sowetoshutdown Pitbull Panyaza Zinhle.

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📣 The racist Panyaza Lesufi must renounce the BELA bill (Basic Education Laws Amendment) comments and resign immediately. Watch this interview: Help stop the ANC from capturing schools. Visit #StopSchoolCapture.

Panyaza Lesufi under the banner of Unity, Renewal and Service will battle it out with Lebogang Maile, under the banner of Adiwele for ANC Gauteng chair that kicks off today. #sabcnews.

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LRTs: During lunch at yesterday’s CoJ Council meeting some @ANCJHB Cllrs, seated at different tables, were teasing each other. One table singing Adiwele (=Maile) and the other responding (=Panyaza). Funny because they’ve already lost the Metros. 2024 they’re losing the province..

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Gauteng has a new ANC chairperson - Panyaza Lesufi. Lesufi went up against Lebogang Maile. Political analyst Sandile Swana says the ANC has a habit of electing compromised and untrustworthy leaders, while those who are upstanding are shunned. #DStv403 #eNCA.


Like two boxers in a ring, ANC heavyweights Lebogang Maile and Panyaza Lesufi are going head-to-head this week for the soul of the ANC in Gauteng. | @JasonFelix.

You owe yourself a pair of indwangu Sneakers WhatsApp/Call : 0817213620 DM: @IndwanguORGs Order Online #EnyobeniTavern Panyaza Hlaudi Eakom gogo Maweni East London cope.

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@samkelemaseko Alex mafia have been leading the province for a while, i wish panyaza lesufi all the best. Time for change.

With the PSL pulling the Telkom rug out from under it, Panyaza Lesufi says hard work is needed to attract a sponsor.

@samkelemaseko Panyaza is more suitable, his work is more visible than this other questionable fellow..

The day my car is paid off…. everyone will know….I tell you🤣🤣🤣 On another note, what’s the English word for “phela” 🤣 #VukaAfrica Panyaza Dubai #ShutDownSoweto Nyaope.

PHOTOS: Footballer, Mduduzi Shabalala has signed a 3 year deal with Kaizer Chiefs Panyaza |Pitbull #sowetoshutdown..

Former youth leaders, Panyaza Lesufi and Lebogang Maile are set to contest the Provincial Chairperson position during this ANC Gauteng conference. #SABCNews.

Even Panyaza slate. It’s officially over for ANC in Gauteng as we speak. Those two are useless.

With Panyaza Lesufi now declared the winner of the ANC’s contest in Gauteng, many questions will emerge in the coming days, the most important of which is whether he can keep the party together, and in power, in South Africa’s powerhouse province..

📣 The racist Panyaza Lesufi must renounce the BELA bill (Basic Education Laws Amendment) comments and resign immediately. Watch this interview: The DA is taking steps to stop the ANC from capturing schools..

Panyaza Lesufi elected as the new ANC Chairperson in Gauteng. Congratulations to him..

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With the PSL pulling the Telkom rug out from under it, Panyaza Lesufi says hard work is needed to attract a sponsor.

Paul Mashatile held several meetings with the two leaders over the past few weeks but failed to reach a compromise on the proposal that Panyaza Lesufi, as the incumbent deputy should become the chairperson while Lebogang Maile would become his deputy.

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@WasOnce_Skinny Panyaza is desperately eyeing for ANC Gauteng chairmanship in the upcoming conference, it would not amaze me if the money of players sales will be used to lobby and buy delegates..

What happened to the 19 votes outstanding @MYANC Ekurhuleni conference? Back to Panyaza vs. Maile Panyaza: is currently Deputy Chair n visible on grandstands for both DOE n The Birds. When on the other side Maile : is supported by Ekurhuleni Chair n visible with his cigar 🤷‍♂️.

Whenever I see the name Panyaza ... I just think of something tragic in one of the Gauteng schools, like ngwana o khangwe ke sebitsi and Lesufi is rushing off to the scene and media all over him..

@Skhomo23 @MYANC Thats correct but Panyaza will emerge victorious, Maile is supported by wrong person (Masina)..

@DknMohammed Our source I do not believe Panyaza is controlled by Buffalo 😩😩😩😭.

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