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With his broken English this man is authentic! Talks sense every time! ❤️#PapaPennyAhee

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Tsonga_dude ZA ⭕🇿🇦 ()

#PapaPennyAhee A very wise man and it’s always a pleasure to sit and have a conversation with him.

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WSM fanatic ()

#PapaPennyAhee is such a bully seriously. Naomi should stand her ground irrespective of the condescending remarks #PapaPennyAhee is making.

💜💜MaNene💜💜 ()

Papa has been consistent with his all he ever wanted was to see all his children in one room. #PapaPennyAhee

Magaye ()

In the bible they say, the blood of Jesus and I say the blood of a cow😂😂💪 #PapaPennyAhee

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Mikateko ()

We have freedom of religion and belief in this country so you shouldn’t be forced to do anything you don’t want to, whether it’s by family or not #PapaPennyAhee

Sharlene Tau ()

Ladies waoh you heard bafana has a girlfriend and kids a nimeni #PapaPennyAhee

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Uncle Stan ()

You would think #PapaPennyAhee’s English will never get any worst then boom he surprises you but I love his confidence 🤣

Wendy ()

Naomi is papa penny’s favourite child. If it was any other child complaining about d ceremony they would have been cut off. #PapaPennyAhee

🇧🇼 Romeo 🇿🇦 🇱🇸 ()

I honestly thought Bafana and Papa Penny where having a serious issue, kante Penny is just being a kid lol #PapaPennyAhee

Manqoba Makhathini ()

Penny is petty & self centered af, he’ll hold this against his daughter Noami. #PapaPennyAhee

Tsêpi ()

13 year old is not a young - issa big man dat one #PapaPennyAhee

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Miranda ()

In the Bible they say the blood of Jesus and I say the blood of the cow #PapaPennyAhee

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Meza ()

They say the blood of Jesus,I say blood of cow 😂😂😂😂😂😂 give him a bells #PapaPennyAhee

Meza ()

2020 is holding people accountable for the sins committed when they were 13/14 😂😂 even parents are digging up those files #PapaPennyAhee

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Hlatse_14 ()

Let me definitely not comment on papa Penny holding a grudge on a 13 year old for so long. NOTHING!!😶 #PapaPennyAhee

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Nqobile Mkhize ()

He is trash 🗑! How do u hold grudges for a 13 year old? And you call yourself a father? fakhi🤮🤮#PapaPennyAhee

Kanyo Bhelekazi Ngwendu ()

Daaaamn Bafana is HOT🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️ #PapaPennyAhee

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$mallieto ()

#PapaPennyAhee once said the changaness have higher population in South Africa than any other tribe. The other guy asked him how he said because the kids take their mothers surname. I go on my knees every time it cross my mind😂😂😂

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👑🇧🇼 Mmabatho 🇧🇼👑 ()

I don’t like Psychologists as well. They work for some people I guess, but for me, I feel like they don’t want you to heal. They keep opening the wound. #PapaPennyAhee

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MissLekay ()

Black people, we need to normalize going for therapy #PapaPennyAhee

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2nd_Born😎 ()

Zulu culture is ridiculous. U pay child damages and lobola 🤦🏿‍♂️#PapaPennyAhee

IG:Joy-Zelda ()

So glad Nomi taking her healing one step at an time and day,cos she lost her first born although she wont heal completely but she getting better #PapaPennyAhee

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Zwakala ()

Psychologist didn’t give her injection but they just talk to my wife ! That made her to get more sick 😂😂 #PapaPennyAhee

Phumudzo Rambane ()

Psychology just gove talking and my wife just get more sick. Mama Nomi is really hurt #PapaPennyAhee

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2nd_Born😎 ()

“They just give my wife more talking, and my wife gets more sick” isn’t funny but it’s how he said it🤣#PapaPennyAhee

Khuthadzo ()

Mama nomi thinks when you are a PSYCHO thats when you need a psychologist. #PapaPennyAhee

Dumisani Ndala 🇿🇦 ()

With his broken English this man is authentic! Talks sense every time! ❤️#PapaPennyAhee

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Mulovhedzi Tshedza Prudence ()

People sign papers while paying for damages?? 😳😳😳 #PapaPennyAhee

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Jabulanimbayela⚡ ()

#PapaPennyAhee how xan you demand cows with no kraal in your yard penny penny makes sense but he can be a bit disrespectful

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Mzansi Magic ()

Thursday nights are for keeping up with the Tsonga disco king. Tune into #PapaPennyAhee now!

☚ #etvscandal #Chromatica ☛
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