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He didn’t want her to have an abortion yet he’s not being a father, smh. #Papgeld.

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@tuminho6 Moss will out run you, believe me! That guy once jumped across a busy road ko Sandton when he was doing the Papgeld show, I was sure the guy had gotten kgante niks.

@Karabo_Mokgoko Tjo but Moss is Usain Bolt, ask Karabo Aka papgeld runner 🏃‍♂️.

#SundayThoughts Only If people take the relationship #Papgeld.

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This woman lied 😂. #Papgeld The son has been secretly seeing his father because he knows mom is bitter and hates dad..

When things were good people enjoyed each other so much and they made a decision to bring another human being in this world. Now that the hings turned sour the poor child is caught in middle. Watching #Papgeld is as if the two adults never ever shared intimacy..

Sad what men are doing to their saphela ebantwini☹ will this situation ever change??🤔 #PapGeld.

@drmalinga nka beya 1million bet gore track ya sagiya will be a hit song in few days #Papgeld @drmalinga can only seize opportunity in every experience 🤣😂🤣.

Where did this lady hear about fancy cars and civil engineering story 🤣🤒🙆🏽‍♀️such an embarrassment #PapGeld.

@MistyJay_Shero @Kat27KMC Exactly my point hey,his trying to justify not paying papgeld because she left😑.

Hammanskraal people have long lost faith/hope in Dr Malinga cause he is an #Papgeld.

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@Kat27KMC I’m can’t you win😭I’m sorry I can’t debate with a nigga that talks like a woman 😣 ngiyakbona u the type that is tryna validate him not paying #papgeld because she left him.

Awesome, local talent. Lets promote and support🙏 #DJSBU #Papgeld.

Dr Malinga Siyabonga baba ngokugada umuzi ngesagila sakho #Papgeld.

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Careful Dr Malinga 😳 last time they beat up Moss and the camera crew just because #Papgeld showed up at a mans wedding who allegedly wasn’t paying papgeld.

The woman’s story wasn’t adding up- why was the child who is 18 YEARS refuses to appear and confirm his mother’s story. He was definitely eating that money with his friends 😒#Papgeld.

#papgeld continues to teaches us the dangers of having a child: baby out of wedlock.

Nywe nywe some women give their men money but they dont make noise about it men raise their kids on their own but you dont see them on #Papgeld.

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If someone is slow here on Twitter is it okay say maybe your father never paid your #Papgeld no wonder you are slow instead of saying they are stupid 🙈🤔.

@Rragwe_Bana Since we been watching #PapGeld 90% are females asking nikkas to pay This feee bro so it means we are the problem.

The mother was misled by the rumors that the guy is civil engineer rich but we can clearly see the guy waphanda ..#Papgeld.

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Don’t bash women for having abortions. A kid is mentally taxing. Some women lose their minds for real. Men really don’t care about their kids. #Papgeld.

He didn’t want her to have an abortion yet he’s not being a father, smh. #Papgeld.

He honestly didn’t have to lie about being unemployed 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ #Papgeld.

I’ve seen people asking for way more. This lady is being fair, and I personally don’t think she’s asking him for a lot. #Papgeld.

I think she’s being very reasonable actually. #Papgeld.

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