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Will we ever live in a society where men take responsibility for their kids? #Papgeld.

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Hlengiwe’s parents are so young to be deleting kids , Parents as long as your kids are still alive they are your responsibility, ID is not a trust fund #papgeld.

This lady doesn’t want a piece of KFC from her unemployed daughter 🤦🏽‍♀️ #papgeld.

Where are the community social workers? Basically both sisters are orphanages. #Papgeld.

#Papgeld Parents from hell. They have a responsibility to take care of the little sister who is in matric. I wonder how do they sleep at night?. Social workers must intervene..

How do you sleep at night knowing that you’re not taking care of your children? Does it not bother you gore bana ba ja eng? #Papgeld.

Best Presenter Eveeeeeer😍We appreciate u Moss for what u doing🏆.....#MossMakwati #PapGeld.

#Papgeld this is a clear example that parenting does not come with a manual, hence the men easily dissappear and give all the excuses under the sun as if it is easy as a single parent.

#Papgeld so when you over 21years mele uzame impilo ngaphandle ?.

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#Papgeld so the mom sleeps very well at night vele vele ?🙄🙄🙄.

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Are you came with KFC and ask if I want a piece! This family needs serious intervention #Papgeld.

Veder mum and dad are rocking Adidas and Nike. These parents themselves were young parents too.#Papgeld.

Uthi ningangivuseli idlozi 😂😂😂 yeyi 👏🏾😳😳 we should learn to count our blessings. Kunzima langaphandle #Papgeld.

Moss and his unsolicited comments. There is NO rubbish bin for children you no longer want to take care of!!!! irrespective of the circumstances!!!! #Papgeld.

Hlengiwe is so all she wants is for her sister to get a better life😩 not once did she mention her needs💔 #Papgeld.

So if ur child is 21, she is no longer ur responsibility yooo some parents #Papgeld.

@RaRa__ @Rambi_Sechoaro 😂😂😂😂 legoa le tlo go bolaya 😂😂😂 ga se type key monna o patala Papgeld ya bana ba 4😂😂😂😂.

@RebaMokgoko @MojaLoveTv In my opinion #Papgeld needs to be sponsored and featured on more channels as this programme is addressing serious issues which are usually taken lightly by people. It gives hope to single mothers in a country with a majority of single mothers..

@queen_dracula You will see it when PapGeld goes on commercial break 😂😂Legendary. I need to watch that show. I think you will be able to summarize it nicely and conclude it for us all 😂😂💀.

So if ubaba nomama bengasathandani, ingane ingene ngaphi?? #papgeld.

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@_WendyHouse_ I am so so sad for her. I can imagine how as a young mom she never got/gets a chance to cry for Thrust into motherhood so young and left to fend for her kids alone. Who is there for her I 😢 #Papgeld.

@issueblock They must be fired. Why don’t they pay child support? What’s the use of protecting them? #Papgeld.

They praise Ronaldo (a rapist, who admitted it himself) on Tuesday but are up in arms over the #papgeld revelations tsa statutory rape Your MCMs ladies, your MCMs!.

Sometimes these man show us who they are and yet we still reproduce for them💔😭#Papgeld.

This guy probably believes that he’s “untouchable” because he’s a policeman. #Papgeld.

Will we ever live in a society where men take responsibility for their kids? #Papgeld.

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