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Dude YOU JUST AGED me in one tweet. The sincerity was there but you could have left age 10 out 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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Parker Boudreaux
Parker Boudreaux ()

Not the next I’m THE FIRST Parker Boudreaux 😈😈😈

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Candace Parker
Candace Parker ()

Dude YOU JUST AGED me in one tweet. The sincerity was there but you could have left age 10 out 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

NASA Goddard
NASA Goddard ()

Sound up! 🔉 NASA’s Parker Solar Probe discovered a natural radio signal in Venus’ upper atmosphere during its closest-ever flyby of the planet! The data — sonified here — is helping scientists study the atmosphere of Earth’s less hospitable twin:

NASA Solar System
NASA Solar System ()

Listen to natural radio emission from Venus’ atmosphere. 🎧 In July 2020, #ParkerSolarProbe flew by Venus. Skimming through the planet’s upper atmosphere, it discovered a natural radio signal that shines new light on Venus’ atmospheric changes.


Ruiz needs to avenge his loss against Parker next. That’s a good fight. Ruiz ain’t ready for King Kong yet let alone Wilder or Fury smh

Boxeo Plus
Boxeo Plus ()

Parker ganó con ayuda de los jueces #Boxeo #ParkerChisora -

Rusinsky ()

@LaloB_Parker es que es diferente hacerte pendejo y decir que no sabes dónde está y que no le digas a la autoridad cuándo lo pueden encontrar pa emplazarlo pq no sabes, a que te hagas pasar por tu familiar para que no se lo chinguen a él, según yo en ese supuesto sí procede el delito jajajaj

Liam Stack
Liam Stack ()

As a gay kid in the 90s, there was always the expectation that someday you would grow up to meet and befriend Mary-Louise Parker

Reddit Boxing Streams
Reddit Boxing Streams ()

Chisora vs Parker Full-Fight live streaming online free link 1 Live link 2 Chisora vs Parker live stream Chisora tonight returns to the ring as he finally takes on Joseph Parker in the heavyweight main event #ChisoraParker

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Clara Pereira
Clara Pereira ()

Mistakes are proof that you are trying . Derek Chisora vs. Joseph Parker WATCH 1 : WATCH 2 : #boxing W A T C H [ #ChisoraParker ] N O W

Elliot ()

I really don’t get everyone saying Parker has done a bad job. Either you blame the DoF or the manager. Think Tony Khan has left us unequipped without a goalscorer? Then how is Scott to blame? When the problem is that we can’t score goals to actually win games

Pyonkichi ()

A Woman Needs Love(JUST LIKE YOU DO)- Ray Parker Jr. & Raydio sweetまったり🎶 引越し後未開封段ボールを片付けました👌 全然まったりしてませんね😂 も少し頑張ります😤🛠 ゆっくり伺います🙏🏻 明日も良い一日でありますように🕊 まだ寝ないけど おやすみなさ〜い😽💤🌖 #今日の音活pyon🍀

【公式】サタデーナイトオルギア ()

 Matilda Parker // マチルダ・パーカー ☪︎ ∥ #サタオル3_CS ∥ ☪︎ ∥ @ruri_1012 ∥

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♥️ 𝑯𝒆𝒕𝒕𝒊𝒆 ⚢ ♥️
♥️ 𝑯𝒆𝒕𝒕𝒊𝒆 ⚢ ♥️ ()

@happy_foxx That’s nothing compared to the utter shame & embarrassment I put on myself the day after my 35th birthday. Having woken still half pissed & jelly headed I went downstairs to source clean underwear from the dryer, only to then forget I was naked & answer the door to the postman 🤦🏻‍♀️

Gareth Parker
Gareth Parker ()

Criminal penalties for returning to Australia is a disgrace. This country has lost the plot.

Arizona Beach Volleyball
Arizona Beach Volleyball ()

Parker and Noble equalize the match with final scores of 21-12, 21-17 😼🤝😼 #3 Arizona 2, #5 Cal 2

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Zurku #SeibaDay
Zurku #SeibaDay ()

Peak Spider-Man design that isn’t Peter Parker or his clones

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Alex Parker
Alex Parker ()

I also at one point cold-called the front desk of @SPIEtweets (they were local!) to see if they sold telescope making supplies. A confused representative told me “ we sell ... books?”

Christian Guevara
Christian Guevara ()

Los mismos periódicos que veo que están muy activos exigiendo justicia por El Mozote, los veo muy calladitos exigiendo justicia en el Caso Jesuitas, mas ahora que a @rodolfo_parker se le termina su fuero.

Jonathan McDowell
Jonathan McDowell ()

The Parker Solar Probe passed through Perihelion 8 at 0846 UTC Apr 29, a record small distance of from the Sun at a record heliocentric velocity of km/s ( c )

NASA Sun & Space
NASA Sun & Space ()

#ParkerSolarProbe’s April 29 flyby of the Sun will set new records for distance from the Sun (just million miles) and spacecraft speed (more than 330,000 mph)! 🏆 Parker performed a Venus gravity assist in February to draw its orbit closer to the Sun:

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Marcus R. Fuller
Marcus R. Fuller ()

The other signed newcomers for the #Gophers are Northern State forward Parker Fox, New Hampshire wing Sean Sutherlin, Lafayette guard Stephens, William & Mary guard Luke Loewe and Charleston guard Payton Willis.

Watfordgapkennels ()

🥇Supreme Parker ran well to win his A8 in After some crowding on the run up he had to work hard to get into a good pitch. He made up some good ground along the back straight & showed good track craft to go inside T3 at the 3rd bend & then outside of T1 to win by 2 lengths

Geek Zone ︾⍟︾ #SamMyCap
Geek Zone ︾⍟︾ #SamMyCap ()

Peter va a comprar un bocadillo. El de la tienda hace un comentario feo sobre su tía en italiano. Peter le responde en italiano sobre su hija. ¿Es algo guay? Nop, la suerte Parker. Peter, no eres así, te toca pagar más caro el bocadillo.

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Rosana Hermann
Rosana Hermann ()

Qdo alguém mede a influência de uma pessoa por suas métricas tenho vontade de perguntar : - E quantos seguidores tinha Rosa Parker quando ela se recusou a ceder se lugar no ônibus para um branco? Influência vem de caráter e atitude, ñ d qtos likes deram na sua foto filtrada.

The Independent
The Independent ()

Chisora vs Parker date, time and how to watch on TV in the UK

Durham Green Party
Durham Green Party ()

Promoted by Hannah Parker-Fuller on behalf of Hannah Parker Fuller, both C/O,The Garth, Mill Road, Langley Moor, , DH8 8HF

TrashTalk ()

Nombre de matchs terminé avec minimum 20 points lors de leur saison Rookie. Rodrigue Beaubois : 3 Tariq Abdul-Wahad : 2 Tony Parker : 2 Mickael Pietrus Timothé Luwawu-Cabarrot : 2 Evan Fournier : 1 Nicolas Batum : 1 Sekou Doumbouya : 1 Yakhouba Diawara : 1 Théo Maledon : 5

Longhorn Network
Longhorn Network ()

Dogs are great. Dogs that fetch their owner’s home run are 1 in a million. Can we get some @dog_rates on Bo Parker?

Equal Justice Initiative
Equal Justice Initiative ()

On this day in 1959, a Black man named Mack Charles Parker was killed by a white mob in Mississippi. No one was ever prosecuted. To overcome racial inequality, we must confront our history.

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