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Parker has been referring to himself as “The Birthday Boy” all day. Now that Kathryn is over for dinner, he is calling her “The Birthday Queen.”.

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Parker has been referring to himself as “The Birthday Boy” all day. Now that Kathryn is over for dinner, he is calling her “The Birthday Queen.”.

This is just sad, David. Using the Institute for Family Studies to prove your point is like if I cited a study from the Parker Molloy’s Mom Institute of Data Sciences to prove I was the greatest writer on the planet..

1人の接客する店員が1時間に何円の売上を生んだかを、店舗視察でよく見ます。クラフトサラダとか製造機能とサービス両方持つ業態は、とても面白いです。Warby Parker はお店だけ見ると、そもそも店員の稼働が低く、あれ全然ペイしてなくない?どういう合理性があるの?と色々考えてみた次第。.

@SomeEvertonFan @EddieHearn Aj has fought takam Martin Parker Whyte povetkin klitchsko what the actual fuck are you on about ..

just cried because i wasn’t at parker’s sold out show at billy bob’s tonight.

His 100-point system is now considered a standard across the industry..

@canonmarvelurl @sgekubo home actually standard distance. spiders parker, who is a child with no car to drive home, is an outlier and should not be counted.

Lots of Runners for a Reason out and about in central Perth today. And the odd @SydneyFC supporter too..

@annie_parker @Asher_Wolf Haha that’s an incredibly flattering association, AP- thank you☺️.

カナンのヘッダーです( ◜௰◝ ) ご自由にどうぞ( ◜௰◝ ).

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Flight 22 17U Elite UA Rise 69 Jordan McNeill 18 pts Jadyn Parker 11 pts 11 reb Phillip Martin 13 pts Team Wall 16U 52 #BeDifferent.

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can anyone explain how on earth warby parker can be so cheap?? like half the price of what I was quoted for lenses ALONE?? this isn’t an ad I’m just like how why what horrible thing makes this possible!!.

The Grand Finale Black Swan Auction by Louis Parker and Eleonora Brizi is lotsa fun @RareArtFest @BushXGenerator.

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Really looking forward to seeing Origin hopefuls Aaron Gray and Brad Parker go head to head today..

Bongs, pipes and ashtrays—but for the high-fashion world.

Here we stan : mcu mcu cast steve wanda NAT t’challa avengers bucky PETER PARKER tony stark BLACK PANTHER tom holland the women of the mcu clint.

how I sleep at night knowing penny parker is continuing to be the only youtuber ever.

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Parker Street, Liverpool, May 2019 #Liverpool #Photography.

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#RombkLove ANY of the Lucy Parker London Celebrity series .. all feature career focused heroines. I will put Pretty Face as my fave as May-Dec romance featuring Luc, grumpy director, and Lily, his leading lady. The open discussions of consent, Misogyny, power imbalance ..*swoon*.

@Browntable_Ent Imo Into The Spider-Verse is the best Spider-Man movie, Spider-Man 2 is the best Peter Parker movie.

The motaungs did this to themselves hw can u terminate Henrik contract and keep Parker.

Imagine getting rid of Ekrsten and keep Parker,Castro,Zulu,Zuma & that back four.

Holy @Twins Bullpen! Blake Parker ERA (12Ks) Taylor Rogers ERA (25Ks) Ryne Harper ERA (14Ks) Mike Morin ERA (5Ks) Matt Magill ERA (12Ks) Trevor May ERA (15Ks) Those 6 relievers have posted a ERA! #MNTwins are 27-1 when leading after 6 innings..

It’s crazy how much people under value “knowing how to win” GSW role players know how to make plays and the plays that so everyone in the middle of the season complaining about Iggy and 🤷🏽‍♀️ what now?😂.

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