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#avfc are launching a £14m bid for Leeds midfielder Kalvin Phillips. One of Dean Smith’s top targets for the summer via @telefootball.

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Leeds cannot get promoted without Kalvin Phillips. He’s the single most important player in this system. So selling him for any amount seems daft to me. Sell anyone else. Anyone..

reposting Melanie Phillips: We must call out the Muslims who hate Jews via @jewishchron @Campaign4T.

Maybe Villa want to sign Phillips so they can remove Grealish from his pocket? #lufc.

This is worse news than Villa looking at Phillips 😂😂.

If Phillips leaves, Bielsa walks and promotion will be over even before we start..

The one player #LUFC MUST keep this summer is Kalvin Phillips. The heartbeat of the team and instrumental last season. Build the team around him..

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Phillips has had one decent season so far. Mainly due to Bielsa. He needs to follow that up in 2019/20. Preferably at #lufc..

Phillips won’t go. If he does then Bielsa does and that is suicide for Radz really #lufc.

Kalvin Phillips Lovely lad Top player Gonna be an even better player getting his education from the master Loves the club Wants to stay at the club Please Leeds, don’t fuck this up #LUFC.

I hope Marcel Belsear takes £14m for Kelvin Phillips and we use the money to bring in a proven championship midfielder. Bradley Johnson would be my first choice. #LUFC #MOT.

«La emoción más antigua y más intensa de la humanidad es el miedo, y el más antiguo y más intenso de los miedos es el miedo a lo desconocido». • Howard Phillips Lovecraft Obra: La Muerte Liderando el Ejército del Infierno, Edward Dayes, 1800.

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Villa kept Grealish and they realised the dream together we must do the same with Phillips #lufc.

Kalvin Phillips. What a difference 12 months makes. Never thought he would be the one player I would not want to lose. #LUFC #YorkshirePirlo.

If @andrearadri has rejected investment but flogs Phillips his position will very quickly become untenable. #lufc.

“Phillips I know it’s you ,you ain’t fooling me”.

@LBC @NickFerrariLBC #lbc Nick, the reason this joke was allowed is because it was aimed at Nigel and Brexit. Look at the reaction to the joke about raping Jess Phillips or Danny Bakers joke. Its double standards from the Lefty #BBC..

Looking forward to chatting with a friend and mentor, Caryl Phillips on @BBCFreeThinking this morning. Here’s a portrait I took of him during our collaboration exploring the immigration and the river Thames back in 2012.

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@apopey Surely Bielsa wouldn’t let this happen, Phillips is integral to the team. Massive test for the club this summer to keep Phillips I can only imagine what the fanbase would do if he left.

Well well well McVey the disabled people and carers UK know you lie But your really outgoing yourself #Lgbt #ToryLeadershipContest Fiona Phillips lifts the lid on what really happened when Esther McVey and Lorraine Kelly worked together on GMTV.

@Tonylufc28 Radz isn’t stupid we won’t sell Phillips he’s integral to team and Bielsa will walk. If we are going to sell it will be Clarke £20m for a every raw young talent that’s hardly featured I’m sure we will cope.

Check out Lunch Break by Ashley Spencer-Phillips #indiegames.

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These #lufc fans in denial about the Phillips bid: “It will be rejected.” “We should be flattered that a prem club wants our top player.” Despite Radrizzani saying numerous times that we need to sell..

People saying they’re happy for Phillips to go for right price, have you learnt nothing in the last 20 years? Don’t get promoted selling our best players and the money won’t be reinvested. Keep at all costs. #lufc.

#avfc are launching a £14m bid for Leeds midfielder Kalvin Phillips. One of Dean Smith’s top targets for the summer via @telefootball.

“What is it with the pissant totalitarians in Colorado?” The Ongoing Persecution of a Christian Baker.

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