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Next up is Tshepo Mahloele. He is the chairman of Lebashe and CEO of Harith. #eNCA #PICInquiry.

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One of my badges of honor. He blocked me because I exposed his lies at #PICInquiry..

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#PICInquiry Now on the stand is Tshepo Mahloele. He did not finish last week. He is being questioned on how he was chosen to set up the Pan African Infrastructure Development Fund. He is asked if any other person was considered for the position. #eNCA.

Tshepo Mahloele, CEO of Harrith General Partners returns to the stand to complete cross examination by Adv. Jan Lubbe #PICInquiry #sabcnews.

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#PICInquiry - Wheatley: The PIC has assets worth over R2 trillion with R147 billion invested in 119 private companies. The PIC funded Lebashe for billion, which constitutes of PIC investments, excluding listed invests by the PIC..

#PICInquiry The PIC got paid back R935,3m which was capital and interest from the funding it gave Lebashe, for the Capitec shares. The interest PIC earned due to the share price increase was R215m. #eNCA.

#PICInquiry - Moleketi: Basically, if unions were to sit on PIC board, how could they, sitting on the GEPF board, hold the PIC accountable when they sit there as well? I hope I have more friends when I leave here..

#PICInquiry Moleketi says they value the partnership with the PIC. He says the role that the PIC has played is very significant. He says the role it’s played in black investors is huge and has been felt. #eNCA.

#PICInquiry Moleketi says he denies the allegations made by Holomisa that an empire has been created on the back of PIC funds. #eNCA.

Mahloele says the establishment of PAIDF was a risk. President Mbeki wanted to attract private sector investment to advance African infrastructure and & create wealth through in the continent. The point was to have PAIDF to be independent of government control. #eNCA #PICInquiry.

Mahloele says he was planning on leaving the PIC anyway to set up his own private investment business. He says it was a risky and unprecedented challenge. #eNCA #PICInquiry.

Mahloele explains how in 2005 the PIC requested a manadage from GEPF to invest and amount of $250m () in the Pan-African Infrastructure Development Fund (PAIDF) #eNCA #PICInquiry.

Mahloele says he will explain the history & the PIC’s involvement. And the origination of both companies. #eNCA #PICInquiry.

Mahloele starts off by speaking about all the allegations against Lebashe & Harith. He says he will try and restrict himself from speaking about all the hurtful & defamatory things Holomisa said & stick to his statement. #eNCA #PICInquiry.

Mr Tshepo Mahloele has just taken the stand, he is the CEO of Harith General Partners and he is the Chairman of Lebashe. #PICInquiry.

Next up is Tshepo Mahloele. He is the chairman of Lebashe and CEO of Harith. #eNCA #PICInquiry.

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Berger says he is done cross examining Holomisa. There is an adjournment for 5 minutes. Holomisa’s Legal team Ngcukaitobi says they will wait for evidence leader Adv Lubbe to cross examine Lebashe directors before they decide to apply for cross examination. #eNCA #PICInquiry.

Berger asks if Holomisa is saying the two companies Lebashe & Harith got involved in a looting spree when they changed their names? Holomisa says the #PICInquiry will have to establish that. #eNCA.

Berger: Holomisa what is the problem with PetroTouch changing it’s name Lebashe? Holomisa says it’s the same case with Bosassa changing it’s name but it’s still the same company doing the same thing trying to hide in a new name. #eNCA #PICInquiry.

After lunch Berger continues to cross examine Holomisa. But much to his frustration. Holomisa does not give factual answers because he makes it clear he has no evidence to do so. He has asked to #PICInquiry to dig deeper. #eNCA.

Berger asks the #PICInquiry to call Holomisa to order. He says that he has been insulting him & his client all morning & he has tried to be polite to Holomisa. Judge Mpati asks Holimisa to stick to just answering. #eNCA.

Judge Mpati says he doesn’t want to tell Berger how to cross examine, but Holomisa has made it clear he has no evidence or facts and perhaps the questions should be phrased differently. Such as “Are you aware, do you know?” #eNCA #PICInquiry.

Gill Marcus interrupts the cross examination and says Holomisa has not ever mentioned PIADF Loan that Berger keeps questioning Holomisa on. Marcus says Holomisa was more concerned about GEPF. #eNCA #PICInquiry.

Cross examination now continues. Berger tells Holomisa to listen to the questions and try and answer the questions directly so that it goes by faster than it did last Wednesday. #eNCA #PICInquiry.

Ngcukaitobi says Holomisa is being put in a very difficult place, because he will be answering in a vacuum due to not having access to the documents. #eNCA #PICInquiry.

Hardy and Nodwele resigned the day after they were asked to declare a conflict of interest at a board meeting and were informed that there would be a forensic enquiry into their involvement in acquisitions with inflated values; #PICInquiry.

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