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Former PIC CEO Dr Dan Matjila takes the stand to continue with his testimony at #PICInquiry #sabcnews.

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This Expat Zim guys employed 2 further their masters wishes r the guys who r specifically hired 2 do the dirty tricks in organizations @CommissionPic #PICInquiry. We citizens of this r hardpressed by Expats, Apartheid beneficiaries & those who hv interests.

[NEXT]: The #PICInquiry got more information today that former CEO Dr Dan Matjila may have abused his authority by asking businesses to fund political activities. @ronderby is joined by Business Assignments Editor @mbanjwax for an update. #POWERBusiness.

So Dan Matjila is just going to say sorry about the R9 billion that disappeared with Steinhoff? Is that it? #PICInquiry.

#PICInquiry - #Matjila: Were you satisfied in respect of governance? Matjila: We were satified because the PIC was represented by 2 directors on Lancaster 101..

#PICInquiry Matjila says Magula could’ve warned the PIC on the failure of VBS to help save the bank and poor peoples hard earned monies. Matjila says Magula was caught with his hands in the till there. #eNCA.

Matjila dealing with VBS saga Magula was caught with his hand in the till #PICInquiry.

Marcus and Matjila sparring now over value of buying shares for influence on board of #Steinhoff over return on investment #PICInquiry.

If you want to make everyone happy, you must sell ice-cream - Matjila #PICInquiry.

I am not saying that she (Zulu) influenced the transaction, it went through appropriate channels - Matjila #PICInquiry.

Ronnie Mamoepa, Titus Mafulu and Sizwe Shezi were among the politically exposed persons involved in the Acendis deal - Matjila #PICInquiry.

The #PICInquiry has adjourned and will resume tomorrow with #Matjila on the stand..

#PICInquiry Matjila says no due diligence was required because the PIC already had information on both companies before the deal.

Mulaudzi described the merger with Sakumnotho as painful when he appeared before the commission #PICInquiry #sabcnews.

#PICInquiry The email has been given to Matjila. Evidence leader reads the email before asking Matjila some questions.

#PICInquiry - #Matjila: Former PIC CEO Dr Dan Matjila is back on the stand this afternoon to conclude his testimony from last week..

#PICInquiry Remember when Lawerence Mulaudzi testified he said Matjila told him he is forced to join Sipho Mseleku of Sakhumnotho to get funding to buy shares into Total SA. Matjila says he denies this allegation & says it was coincidence the two were @ PIC at same time. #eNCA.

#PICInquiry Matjila says even though he got Christmas greetings from Mulaudzi he isn’t friends with him. Adv Lubbe asks him if he forced Muladzi & Sipho Mseleku to join to receive funding to buy shares in Total SA. Matjila says he never forced anyone to join teams. #eNCA.

#PICInquiry Matjila is asked if he is friends with Lawerence Mulaudzi (who benefited from PIC funding and gave Pretty Louw a R300 000 loan on behalf of Matjila) Matjila says he is not friends with Mulaudzi. Matjila is asked about whats app messages of Christmas greetings. #eNCA.

Former PIC CEO Dr Dan Matjila takes the stand to continue with his testimony at #PICInquiry #sabcnews.

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Different people have different views on investments and valuations - its not a strange thing - Sithole #PICInquiry.

The PIC said it did not inform the GEPF because it considered the Ayo deal under listed but Sithole says that according to him the deal did not meet the definition of listed investment and the PIC should have involved them #PICInquiry.

Sithole said that the GEPF was not involved in the decision to invest in Ayo Technology, however, he said that investments in other companies in the Sekunjalo group such as Independent Media, the GEPF was consulted. #PICInquiry.

Board has taken a decision to review current status subject to agreement between principles - Sithole #PICInquiry.

Sithole : 92% of GEPF its investments are in SA. However there is a need to diversify our investments to reduce risk #PICInquiry.

Sithole taking Inquiry through processes of coordination between PIC and GEPF #PICInquiry.

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