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Poch: I feel very disappointed. To be honest, first half I wasn’t happy with our performance. From the beginning we had a plan. We didn’t respect the plan. I told the players at half-time..

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@MuzakirAhmed Poch to Real, taking Kane with him, Hazard living his best life and being able to like Kane, who will also be able to get a rest and recuperate from injury properly with Jovic on the bench.

we beat a top half premier league side 4-0 and poch decides to change plans going into a cl game smh.

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@jesus_perez pls tell poch to stop switching the back 4 every Liverpool’s fullbacks play every game.

@thfcmahfuz I mean it’s not an awful result for you. Other teams have slipped up. But I feel like Poch has been making some weird decisions lately. No Rose, Aurier, Walker-Peters only on bench too..

Scrolling through my timeline and I see a lot of ppl with the same opinion as me when it comes to Poch & his team selections & in game tactics. Surely we can’t all be wrong?? Whatever happened to ‘ two minds are better than one’ Have we abandoned that on twitter?.

ok are people really poch out? i know i’ve made comments on it in the last but fuck where is this going?.

@footybrasileiro Mourinho had his chance and nearly destroyed the dressing room in his 3rd season at Real. But his first two seasons were excellent so if Perez learns that lessons it would be ideal for botb parties. Plus it gives Poch time to rub down his contract at Spurs.

@In_Poch_WeTrust Its fine, only the normies have to play by Communist rules. The leaders are filthy rich!.

@Spurs19821 We can agree or differ on individual players,however Poch hasn’t a tactical clue, we used to just outrun teams but the pack has caught up and Poch has no plan B, Levy remains the core of the problem though.

YES!! Expose these bottlers Poch, no body disrespects the plan..

@In_Poch_WeTrust Best national anthem of all time. CommunismSZN LETS GOOOOOOOOOO.

And then Poch lost in the finals, came back and blew a 2-0 lead in the first match of the CL. Full circle..

Por primera vez en dos generaciones los jóvenes de Hong Kong no vislumbran un porvenir prometedor. Al revés, constatan incertidumbre y decadencia mesurables en salarios, costos de vivienda y perspectivas de futuro. Rafael Pocho, para CTXT.

Ole won away in Paris which let us keep Poch, then Real chose their toxic ex over Poch who got rinsed away in Paris. Full circle..

Gon Jwé ki rele Gueye misye bouyi andan teren an, Li pran Casemiro, Kroos ak Tt James li mete Yo nan Poch li.

Just for the record I ain’t saying poch out I actually believe he’s the greatest spurs manager in my lifetime because I noticed with spurs fans on here you say one thing and the wet wipes come out and I’ll say it ... majority of you that get upset don’t go to games.

@Winksology Eriksen has been very poor many of our last games though, but poch i understand.

Spend all season trying to get in the CL then drop Son Sissoko Rose Aurier and Lamela. Poch world is an Oddworld sometimes. #COYS ..

@BenPearceSpurs @YidoDave Poch is tinkering around a little too much for my liking. Why was Serge and Danny left at home? When did we last have a settled defence? Baffling..

@Spurs19821 I be more worried if he played Aurier Rose and Son Sissocko and we drawn. Poch is is own worse enemy taking chances at the Back look at changes over ladt fre years Davies CH Foyth CH RB KWP Aurier Rose close season Georgiuo Marsh White our Youth same defending White full back.

We need good fullbacks. Serge can maybe be good if Poch actually plays him often but ours LBs simply aren’t good enough..

@Broggybroggs Dreadful mate, shouldn’t be on the pitch. Poch shouldn’t be asking a young player that hasn’t even mastered his trusted position, to play in a foreign position. Especially when there are trusted Right backs ready & waiting. It’s ridiculous to be honest mate, I’m done with him.

@AlasdairGold Zidane will be gone from Madrid within a few months, Poch will replace him. Game over!.

Poch: We scored two goals, but if you only analyse the performance it wasn’t great. We conceded a lot of chances and the way we conceded the first was so painful. We didn’t translate from Saturday that aggression these type of level of games demand..

Poch: I feel very disappointed. To be honest, first half I wasn’t happy with our performance. From the beginning we had a plan. We didn’t respect the plan. I told the players at half-time..

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