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Pogba bought NBA-style championship rings for the World Cup-winning France team and they are incredible 💎 (via @jasonofbh).

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Pogba mandou fazer anéis de campeão da Copa do Mundo ao estilo NBA para seus companheiros de seleção. Cada anel custou 10 mil dólares. 🇫🇷.

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Mi FIFA 1) Primer FIFA: FIFA10, UT:16. 2) Mejor FIFA: 18. 3) Jugador Favorito: Pogba. 4)Carta OP: el mismo Son morado 5) Peor FIFA: 19 6) Primer YouTuber y Streamer: Mariio.

Pogba on Raheem Sterling: “What I’ve been seeing is him criticised for his houses. What I hear is things about that, but nobody talks about what he’s been doing on the pitch - maybe if it was somebody else, it would be different.”.

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Manchester United’s Paul Pogba believes City star Raheem Sterling is sometimes treated differently.

Al estilo de la NBA y NFL, Pogba le regaló un anillo especial a todos los jugadores de la Selección de Francia que lograron ser campeones del mundo en Rusia 2018. Cada pieza incluye los colores de Francia, el escudo FFF, la Copa y los marcadores en los partidos KO. DETALLAZO..

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Pogba bought NBA-style championship rings for the World Cup-winning France team and they are incredible 💎 (via @jasonofbh).

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Alô, torcida carioca! Se liga nessa brincadeira aqui. Comente seu jogador preferido de cada país: 🇺🇾:cavani 🇭🇷:rakitić 🇨🇴:James rodriquez 🇧🇷:Marcelo 🇧🇪:lukaku 🇪🇸:Asensio 🇮🇹:Balotelli 🇵🇹:nani 🇩🇪:Boateng 🇫🇷:Pogba 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿:Dele Alli 🇦🇷:Messi 🇳🇱:Robben.

@Thiss_Henri Martial needs to get his priorities straight and be fecking pass the fecking !!! I no wan even talk abt ’t even cover dey run like scare crow wey breeze dey.

Pogba left the Molineux in a taxi. 👀 rumours around the ground saying he had a bust up with Solskjaer in the dressing room..

Mau valverde nonton, mou nonton, bahkan sampe jin ifrid nonton pun. Kalo emang layak kalah yooo kalah wae. Passing salah, pogba kakehan muter2, transisi menyerang bertahan elek. Opo meneh ?.

@GlazersOutMUFC Exactly. De Gea Meunier-Koulibaly-Lindelof-Shaw Ndombele-Matic-Pogba Bale-Icardi-Martial Had enough of teams filled with nice guys like Mata and lightweight twigs like Lingard..

While we are thrashing Pogba, the team should not be left They all messed.

3. Com o ano chegando na reta final, o que pensar para o futuro? Continuar nessa linha tênue entre o risco e as vitórias na hierarquia individual (Pogba, De Gea, atacantes) ou olhar para um novo modo de trabalho em 2019/20? Seja com ou sem Solskjaer, algo precisa ser priorizado.

@ManUtd Lingard was the best player why not remove lazy martial and selfish pogba.

If d Premier League Player of d Year was announced tomorrow,who should win it n why? 🏆 Sergio Agüero 🏆 Declan Rice 🏆 Virgil van Dijk 🏆 Paul Pogba 🏆 Raheem Sterling 🏆 Sadio Mané 🏆 Eden Hazard 🏆 Pierre-Emerick Auba 🏆 Harry Kane 🏆 Someone else?.

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@OasisUtd Remember Pogba telling Jose to attack, attack attack.

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4231 with Pogba at 10 was why did ole change it? Every time we’ve played 41212 is sucked bar vs arsenal.

Beside our poor performance tonight. I domt take away anything from are in such such a formidable form. But however I think we have seen that magic, pogba and ander are still not clinical enough for the lesson learnt in the wrong game. #WOLMUN.

Absolutely pathetic 😂 Pogba a virus after losing today, still the target hahaha. When Ole was winning games and Pogba was on it I wonder what you said. Useless numpty.

Pogba was too casual and did not up the tempo even at the end. Holding the ball doing tricks n turns. Damn disappointing this #mufc.

@PepTalk1894 If only you could win trophies with “handshakes” “dabbing” and “dances” imagine Fergie seeing this!!! No wonder he got rid of Pogba.

@zakyZR mendingan kaya lawan PSG, ga ada pogba malahan cair kalo lg ngehe mah pogba mendingan ga dimaenin..

Is 90th mins here what a through pass from pogba to Rashford,and Rasford cross in the ball to lukaku can he make it ooooh he head the ball inside the net, what a lovely header from the Belgium strike,!!man u 2 Barça 7 😂 😂.

Happy 26th birthday to Manchester United and France star @paulpogba 🎈 What is the best thing that Paul Pogba has ever done on a football pitch? 🤔.

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