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WATCH: Something exciting is happening tonight. @Fifi_CM speaks to @Tlale_large about #DavidTlaleXAvon. #POWERDrive

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Maqoco Andile ()

@ThabisoTema #powerdrive JZ is definitely a strong personality, but a bad leader, he is imprudent. Ramaphosa is perceived as weak because he is seems indecisive, but to me he comes across as someone who has no command over the issues bedeviling our country.

Realeboga Mashiane®🇿🇦 ()

Rangwane phalwa ke Basotho - charging a high ranking political figure ka murder. Ga le iswabele. Eintlik, Why Basotho ba sa dira a commission of enquiry? When you get hold of your news correspondence ka daar, ask him why not a commission. @ThabisoTema #PowerDrive

Wallet ()

Listening to the callers @ThabisoTema , so all these concerns about GBV are raised all because Ramaphosa was accused? 🤔 Where were these concerns last week? Mamabolo repeating the accusations means Ramaphosa& so called activists were okay last week @Powerfm987 #powerdrive

@Alpheus_Mampane ()

Mr president was mature dealing with the answer abut GBV im happy he apologize to Mrs malema n family n dont condon mamabolo behavior @ThabisoTema @Powerfm987 #powerdrive

Sibusiso Mnguni ()

Were all these condemnations going to come if Julius did not retaliate? People were silent on Thursday .. it only matters when favorites are attacked. #powerdrive

POWER 98.7 ()

Welcome to the Thursday edition of #POWERDrive with @ThabisoTema making your drive home easier till 6pm. Call us: 0861 987 000 Whatsapp: 083 3003 7093


I am not surprised with Dominos, they used to sell us Ditlampesi @ThabisoTema @Powerfm987 # discussion with Ron

DoomMate ()

[Welcome to Korps Catgirl Slut training Simulator.] [Now enter the force of your thrust.] [I suggest. -Feather Touch-] [You have entered -POWERDRIVE-]

Mind the mind ()

@ThabisoTema #POWERDrive Comrades are hungry, they need to drive X5s and Ferraris. I mean, why do these security guards and cleaners think they deserve full time employment with benefits? They must be paid R3500 like normal security guards do.

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Ben Mathaila ()

@ThabisoTema @Powerfm987 #powerdrive, I have never been to Switzerland. My husband has never been to Switzerland. We went to Geneva and Newyork? The whole 4IR minister. Or is true that they read dram magazines and lightkhanya newspapers?🤣🤣

POWER 98.7 ()

Welcome to the Wednesday edition of #POWERDrive with @ThabisoTema keeping you company till 6pm. Call us: 0861 987 000 Whatsapp: 083 303 7093

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Kgomotso Ntu ()

@mabena_bob Bra Bob, please give Surprise any branded item as a caller of the day. His thoughts on Malema/Mamabolo disgrace are second to none. I found myself clapping for him! #Powerdrive

🇿🇦SA Minister of Love& Relationships 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 ()

@ThabisoTema Did the public forgot that Juliass tried this with Hope Ramaphosa (Ex-wife of President)and she categorically denied it in public and now he chose the late Nomazizi since she is not here to defend herself #powerdrive

Mlungisi ()

@ThabisoTema Mamabolo raised this in the SONA last week l everyone wanted @Julius_S_Malema to answer. No sympathy whatsoever for Mantwa. Today we talk of GBV political point scoring. #powerdrive #SONADebate

Realeboga Mashiane®🇿🇦 ()

Each time I hear the name ya Habib, this is the image that comes to my I wish him well with his new career ko mosetja. @ThabisoTema #PowerDrive

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POWER 98.7 ()

WATCH: Something exciting is happening tonight. @Fifi_CM speaks to @Tlale_large about #DavidTlaleXAvon. #POWERDrive

@ben5 ()

@ThabisoTema Malema said he was told by Zuma and Zuma is alive stop spreadind fake news like the previous call said @mabena_bob #powerdrive

#humanDignity ()

#PowerDrive glad that Julius didn’t respond to Boy Mamabolo because it involves the wife who was his why he trivialize serious issue of GBV?Did he lay charge at SAPS? Why some MPs involve family members for parly issues,I wonder how Mantwa feels🤔 @ThabisoTema

Zaki mathebula ()

@ThabisoTema #PowerDrive Boy Mmabolo will regret that day he becames personal on Malema as now the MP,s was looking for answers from Malema an he Given them answers with the witness which is JZ Yoo TT kushushu😂

Thapelo Malete ()

It seems @MYANC are willing to bend backwards to protect Apartheid apologists in their mission of National Unity and on the other hand they neglect the feelings of those who were direct victims of Apartheid. @ThabisoTema #powerdrive

Mkhacani Chavalala A Holofani ()

@ThabisoTema @Powerfm987 this apology from #FWDeKlerk foundation is fake he must apologise where he said apartheid was not crime against humanity #PowerDrive

Maqoco Andile ()

@ThabisoTema #powerdrive De Klerk and his foundation must stick to their convictions and maintain their stance on apartheid. I personally do not need an apology, they must just voluntarily give back the Nobel Peace

K-wick ()

@AlecWalworth I’m not dropping $250 on a hand vacuum haha. I got a Hoover PowerDrive.

Realeboga Mashiane®🇿🇦 ()

So this forgotten or conveniently placed 189 notice is stashed away like a get out of jail card ya a game of tactics by SAA?!🤷🏿‍♂️ @ThabisoTema #PowerDrive

Dr_TT_Tabea ()

@ThabisoTema I’m curios to know if de-Klerk was in attendance for February and June 2019 SONA cos I have just went through his speech of the times and Ramaphosa didn’t acknowledge his presence at all. Neither as a former pres or deputy. #powerdrive on @Powerfm987

Solly TLADI ()

@Powerfm987 @ThabisoTema #POWERDrive TT EFF are playing their Game Ba bapala Piano and retlare ke Dipitsi Rabona ka TLADI gae Ga Sekhukhune

#humanDignity ()

#PowerDrive #SONO2020 revealed issues that bothers some MPs. Mr Lekota complained to Speaker Mme Thandi Modise that she should rule on @EFFSouthAfrica for seating down when parts when singing National anthem 😂🤣😂 @ThabisoTema

Dee ()

Afternoon @ThabisoTema & of the opinion that de EFFs campaigning has a strategy they outplayed the ANC #POWERDrive

The Duke of Orlando.🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️ ()

Lol Thabiso Tema lies to Mathunjwa and says he never said he voted for ANC yet this is the same person who bragged in 2016 local elections to have voted to keep the status quo. And anyone with a thinking cap would know he meant he voted ANC @Powerfm987 #PowerDrive

POWER 98.7 ()

Welcome to the Friday edition of #POWERDrive with @ThabisoTema easing you into the weekend, Call us: 0861 987 000 Whatsapp: 083 303 7093

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