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We are taught to hate black people: Lady Skollie #POWERTalk with @AldrinSampear @LadySkollie.

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Listening to @CoruscaKhaya on #PowerTalk triggers a lot of questions that I’ve always had about FATE. Fate really confuses me at times ,however, I am still a strong believer of fate . @AldrinSampear.

COMING UP: On #TheProfile today, @AldrinSampear speaks to political commentator @CoruscaKhaya. #POWERTalk Not to be missed!.

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@AldrinSampear I think it is absolute bizarre to dispute or discourage that movement of #MenAreTrash. Those voices are needed. Men who hate being called that should work with women to put an end to this by teaching other men to stop the #PowerTalk @Powerfm987.

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I know a lot of guys who lost confidence in their entire lives because of how other men treat them or how social define Men Characteristics. You feel less of a Man because of the existence of other [email protected] #PowerTalk @Powerfm987.

On #TheProfile today, @AldrinSampear speaks to political commentator @CoruscaKhaya. #POWERTalk Not to be missed!.

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@AldrinSampear mina I always offer to go buy at our local spaza or liquor stores with my card knowing that their card machines are forever not working πŸ€­πŸ™ˆ then whoever is with me is going to pay cash πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ cc @BamboThulani πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ #PowerTalk.

What is Vusi talking about suggesting that Africans are not planners but narrators, is Jamnandas African, or maybe he must tell us what he means by AFRICAN @AldrinSampear #POWERTalk.

ANC killed are now the leading party. So people must get off their high horses. We are grateful that they fought for the Blacks. Remember Mandela said Should ANC behave like apartheid, we must dethrone them how we did. #PowerTalk.

@AldrinSampear who else speaks at DA, Cope, AIC etc pressers? You expect to every member of the top 6 to get an opportunity to read the statement? They must all get an opportunity to respond to questions asked? Is that practical? #powertalk.

But you are being funny now, of course he is the one who answers questions in EFF conferences because the questions are put to him directly @AldrinSampear #POWERTalk.

@AldrinSampear This current load shedding is just a plot to implement IPPs, its all man-made, and those who have eyes will see whats happening. #POWERTalk.

@AldrinSampear silili must swallow his pride and ask for help from abo Koko and Molefe and ask what they did because it was a 1000 times better than what the incumbents are doing. State capture allegations must be proven with facts and not pie charts and the like #powertalk.

@AldrinSampear Is DD Mabuza having the same oversight role over SOEs as Cyril had during Zuma years? If so, what is he doing? Or will he also visit boMedupi in 2024 for the 1st time? #powertalk.

[TOP PODCAST] We are taught to hate black people: @LadySkollie on #POWERTalk with @AldrinSampear.

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Join us this Friday for the Informatics Institute PowerTalk Seminar on #Bioinformatics! Dr. Ralph Zottola Asst. VP for Research Computing at #UAB will be discussing using research computing. More info here.

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We are taught to hate black people: Lady Skollie #POWERTalk with @AldrinSampear @LadySkollie.

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@AldrinSampear this is Tshepang Mamabolo, our trampoline gymnast king from Sosha. #powertalk.

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@AldrinSampear I for 1 am truly grateful 4 these topics about a sense of belonging, cause such things have led to youth joining gangs or cult like churches just to belong somewhere #powertalk.

Can we get an explanation from Ronald Lamola about this braai that took place. @powertalk @AldrinSampear.

@AldrinSampear Recognizing the injustices of the past, How long should it take for a black child to prove themselves when given an opportunity? I think @orlandopirates coach has been give enough chance but he failed. #powertalk.

@AldrinSampear #PowerTalk Good Universal Morning Mr like to Congradulate Our very Own Miss wait for the Nationwide crown Parade.

@AneleMda Her sister was being interviewed by @AldrinSampear the other day on #powertalk πŸ˜’πŸ’”.

@PereGrimmer Gervais Principle, fox-hedgehog-cactus-weasal, Saint-Guardian-Trader, gollum syndrome, Powertalk-Gametalk-Straighttalk.

@AldrinSampear What they guy has just said is so important and true Men do to other women what they would not want to be done on their sisters This means we are aware of the wrongs we do, we just play dumb when being confronted with them. #POWERTalk.

@AldrinSampear #PowerTalk These books critically address your topic on Black Academia in transforming their societiesπŸ‘‡πŸΏπŸ‘‡πŸΏπŸ‘‡πŸΏ.

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