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COMING UP: @ShoMadjozi is in studio and is ready to bring you a jam-packed #POWERTalk. Here’s what you can expect 🔥. #987Woman.

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The best thing I can do with my life is teaching,” Angie Motshegka @DBE_SA minister on #POWERTalk with @aldrinsampear..

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#POWERTalk @AldrinSampear wow the way Minister Angie replied to say 2 boys out of many, she is not confronted with these situation on the ground next thing when you react violently to these situation then you are.

ON AIR: @DBE_SA minister Motshekga explains why some subjects cannot be introduced at a basic education level. #POWERTalk with @AldrinSampear..

ON AIR: @DBE_SA minister Angie Motshegka talks about the language barriers in schools across the country. #POWERTalk with @aldrinsampear..

May Business studies be made compulsory from primary school so that we can all be able to create jobs and not rely on government and may Religious Education be reintegrated into school curriculum. Kids nowadays no longer have conscious at all. @AldrinSampear #PowerTalk.

Lol I dont expect Motshekga to agree with the clip u played of a teacher who spoke to is our kids are being taught nonsense and its even worse when they are expected to pass ka only 30% thats absolute bollocks. @AldrinSampear #PowerTalk.

I agree with your caller (I did not get his name) - who says he talks to his son 2 or 3 times, then he gives him a hiding & he tells him why he is getting a hiding. @AldrinSampear #powerTalk.

@AldrinSampear SAfricans voted 4 a president with rape allegations, GBV is rife in society, parliament is full of violence, our schools are reflection of the state of our country, lawlessness is a value in SA #Powertalk.

@AldrinSampear I feel very uncomfortable with unisex restrooms. My friends and I always accompany each other when we go to the restrooms. #PowerTalk.

Tune in tomorrow to #POWERTalk as @AldrinSampear interviews @DBE_SA Minister Angie Motshekga. Stream it here from 10am:.

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THERE SHE @Thuli_Bhuda How Incredible. That Knowledge and Passion 😍 I LOVE MY JOB #POWERTalk.

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Such an interesting discussion @AldrinSampear - so informative! I am learning. I love it! 💕🙂 Thank you #PowerTalk.

She is such an inspiration. And has always been. I met her in 2015 as a first year at NWU. And from then to date she has always pushed me to achieve. Today am a Treasury employee and completing my masters. Power and love to her ❤️💪♥️ #PowerTalk.

#PowerTalk @AldrinSampear the journalism is industry is in a peculiar position. The fight the journalism industry is distilling fake news peddled in society and Ramaphosa emails are misused is used to mask the fight against fake news..

@AldrinSampear the issue of media bias has its roots in racism. Think about, media houses are owned by whites who are opposed to transformation in all its facets. Anything that seeks to advance black interests is opposed, even if it poses no threat to white people. #PowerTalk.

@AldrinSampear dnt u think maybe, just maybe that guy who wrote The President Keepers should come and write a 2nd version abt the keepers that paid for elections and are now getting returns on thier investments? #PowerTalk.

We are dealing with the President, abanye sizobabona, people mustnt try to protect him #leaks @AldrinSampear @Powerfm987 #powertalk.

@AldrinSampear I will give simple example. VBS scandal was on media for long time and people talked about it as EFF was the one looted money as some journalists reported it with claim of reliable source. Election results was based on VBS scandal. #powertalk.

@AldrinSampear @Powerfm987 #powertalk If there is no one who can take over from Cyril in the ANC, how are trusting any of the ANC members in very critical positions such as Minister of Finance, Minister of Police, Minister of State Security etc?.

Hi @AldrinSampear, email leaks are not a new thing. The only difference is how we suddenly want to argue people’s privacy when the #GuptaLeaks didn’t enjoy the same argument. #PowerTalk.

#POWERTalk Let us all ask ourselves the Difference between funding an Individual and funding A Political Party..

The state capture often missed is the revolving door between government and private sector executive posts. Last caller was on point. This is problematic issue in countries like the US where regulators havejobs in industries they regulate. @AldrinSampear @Powerfm987 #powertalk.

@AldrinSampear are you saying we must close one eye on Cyril lying to parliament and only open one eye on unemployment? Obsession with unemployment should not suspend our love for accountability. #POWERTalk.

True this Thuma mina or new dawn is dissapointing alot of his cheerleaders lol @AldrinSampear #powertalk @Powerfm987.

COMING UP: @ShoMadjozi is in studio and is ready to bring you a jam-packed #POWERTalk. Here’s what you can expect 🔥. #987Woman.

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