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Puleng’s mom: Don’t you go looking for that man! Puleng: 👀🧐🕵🏾‍♀️ #BloodandWater.

Get yourself a 2/4 Plates Gas Hob. Courier Available. Whatsapp: Unathi | Cyan | Sizwe | Pitso | Blood & Water | Zulus | Malema | Botswana | Lesedi Molapisi | Sane | Wade | Puleng | Lenasia South | Zimbabweans | Loadshedding | #XRepo | #Uyajola99.

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Wade and Puleng are fine as friends but she belongs to KB heyy #BloodAndWater.

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Buy any 2 fragrances and get one free. Follow this link to view our catalog on WhatsApp: this offer is valid only this weekend Big Nuz DBN Gogo Naledi pandor Drugs Jollofians malema #HouseOfZwide Puleng #SkeemSaam south Gate Karma Nike Chiefs lesedi ANC.

kb & puleng being added to my endgame ship list. #BloodAndWater.

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@Puleng_10 The Road to 3K, Follow Me🔙🔙💜Retweet🔁🔁💚Turn On Post Notification Button☑️☑️🆙🆗💜💙🤍🔥ifb🧡💜❤️😘😘🇿🇲🇿🇲💯💯.

What!? 😳😳😳 Natasha Thahane is NOT Natasha, her actual name, birth name is Nokuthula. Natasha is a name that she gave herself in the streets to appeal better or whatever? 🙆‍♂️ Musa Khawula said, yerrrr and I died 😭🤣 Lesedi Molapisi Puleng Malema Big Nuz Jollofinas Drugs.

Puleng knows damn well that Wade is Fragile and vulnerable, and yet she tells him she kissed with KB; was it to get him off her back so she can explore her thing with KB? So low! #BloodAndWater.

I wouldn’t be mad at Puleng and Wade remaining friends. They seem to not be compatible romantically and it’s not worth ruining their genuine friendship. Still say KB doesn’t deserve her tho #BloodAndWater.

serious things are happening in this series and shippers are just concerned about puleng and kb 🤣🤣 #BloodAndWater.

That moment when Puleng’s mom was hit with sudden grief at a soccer match. That was such a accurate description on how grief can just hit you on a random day. Life is okay and then suddenly you are spiraling again #BloodAndWater.

One important thing I’ve learned from Sizwe Dhlomo is that when you are at work record, record, record! Keep emails. So that you can back up your side of the story with solid evidence..

Personally if I were Puleng I’d seriously despise KB. I know none of this is his fault but not only did his parents kidnap Puleng they killed hey father!😭#BloodAndWater.

When Puleng told Wade “I want to be with you” she knows she was lying, I know she’s lying, Wade knew she didn’t mean that, hell even the writers know that’s a big fat lie but let’s all pretend she’s not KB’s wife and this relationship will work #BloodAndWater.

PULENG has been the one leading this investigation on an active TRAFFICKING syndicate for years now. Idc if y’all like her or not. RESPECT HER! #bloodandwaternetflix #BloodAndWater.

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I wanted KB and Puleng to be together so bad this season!😭 #BloodAndWater #BloodandWaterS3.

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Loafers R1200 dm for order 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Lesedi puleng Drugs Malema.

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My personal belief, one gotta find a person they are really compatible with & know its their birthright for God to bless and protect their union. And use spiritual discernment to confirm with your innerbeing; God💕 Miss Shozi #Djsumbody Puleng CONGRATULATION LIBO Nigerians.

In my head, my girlfriend is: Cute like Fikile, Sweet like Tahira, Stubborn like Puleng, Open-minded like Zama, and; Will age beautifully like Thandeka. #bloodandwaternetflix.

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In any form, any possible angle - Puleng and Wade are not a match. I hope Wade can leave for his own sanity #BloodAndWater.

I doubt I’m the only one that prefers puleng with kb & not wade 😩 #BloodAndWater.

I thought Wade and Puleng were cute but it’s giving awkward. And where is Zama?? #BloodAndWater.

I’m rooting for wade but honestly KB and Puleng just have crazy chemistry. #BloodAndWater.

Idk why Puleng keeps trying to force herself to like Wade when she knows she is not attracted to him like that. #BloodandWater.

Puleng is forever kidnapped even in Gomora she was kidnapped #BloodAndWater.

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Puleng does way too much and doesn’t know when to stop. It cost her her Dads life. #BloodAndWater.

I’m over Wade and Puleng. Let’s skip the whole pretence and get back to KBusiness #BloodAndWater.

Puleng is acting down. Sis Better be sweeping the Nollywood award shows. #BloodAndWater.

Wys? Whenever I feel like life is too soft, I watch Blood and Water so that Puleng can stress me..

@_lisacharity Oh Puleng and Kb broke up and she got with wade. And yeah that was end in summary(ish).

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