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Updated: January 28th, 2022 10:41 AM IST

Pulisic has played as a winger, striker and wing-back under Thomas Tuchel 👀

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Although he was fairly quiet, the #USMNT is now 6-1-1 when Christian Pulisic wears the captain’s armband.

@watke_ you gonna break down the early collision from Robinson and Pulisic? Feel like that was the moment it was certain Pulisic wasn’t going to have a good game 😂

@RobUsry I imagine there’s an alternate universe where the US hires Tata and implements the Peachtree Press with literally anyone in Josef’s spot and Pulisic as Miggy. Dare to dream

Lastly, we still see Berhalter unable to get the best out of Pulisic. Pulisic had a bad game today. Not even debating that. But often times, we see the same tired story of Pulisic dropping deeper into the midfield spaces to receive the ball and do ineffective heroball

@UsmntEnjoyer Agreed, Pulisic playing inside in a formation where he’s supposed to be wide didn’t work. In a formation where he’s supposed to be inside I think is a horse of a different color.

@MaxBrunkeTweets With the talent we have, the scoring will eventually come. And I know everyone talks about how good pulisic is and rightfully so, but Adams is the most irreplaceable player on the field at all times. Nobody does his job as well as he does and it’s not even close

@StanUsmnt Watch the one time Pulisic is in a one on one in front of goal and Ferreira runs into the space. Prevented a goal in my mind

Best LW in CONCACAF rn: 1. Alexis Vega 🇲🇽 . . . 2. Christian Pulisic 🇺🇲

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Huge win for the USMNT tonight. Though I hope @BrandonBeam971 and Neighbor Eric are enjoying some beverages and plotting how Greggg can get more out of Pulisic on Sunday.

With all due respect to Davies and Bayern Munich, Bayern doesn’t have the same pull in Canada as Liverpool or another English club. Like Pulisic at Chelsea, a big Prem club would be huge for Canadian soccer. Arguably none bigger than Liverpool.

Can’t wait for the “replace Pulisic with Sargent” tweets - “who’s scored more recently? I haven’t seen Pulisic scoring freak backheel goals!”

Top 100 ics in the world: 1) Modric 2) Vidic 3) Ivanovic 4) Handanovic 5) Perisic 6) Mandzukic 7) Kovasic 8) Kramaric 9) Illic 10) Begovic . . . 99) Vlahovic 100) Honda Civic. Pulisic? Not top 1000 in my books.

Pulisic Photo,Pulisic Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@BLucareli I have this really bad feeling that USMNT is going to get absolutely _trucked_ by Canada this weekend. Loved to watch Pulisic dribble straight into half a dozen defenders every time he touched the ball tonight. 🙄

Thoughts on the game: Jordan Morris could have been a great fullback Kellyn Acosta is a hockey goon We missed way too many sitters Christian Pulisic might actually have a hamstring injury Matt Turner should just throw the ball AROB can’t cross for shit but is a good player

#USMNT felt pretty darn dominant to me. There is room for improvement in releasing passes sooner in quick transition. Also in crossing and set piece delivery. Jedi and Pulisic are not on the same page. Put Pulisic on the right, partnered with Dest?

@SaltySwetyHands Yeah I hope they are alright. If they got injured poorly that means we have now injured Pulisic, Reyna, Dest and McKennie on international break.

@scuffedpod @away_goals Pulisic has not been good for the USMNT for a LONG time. 8 games+

I’ll take the win, but my takeaway is that a Pulisic off-night is still a cut above other options #USMNT

- ARob dangerous this game but inconsistent w/ crossing. Pulisic and ARob dont really work well together IMO - Zimmerman is poor on passing. End of discussion. - You cant ask a CB and GK who cant play out of pressure to play in a high press, it stifles our midfield

Pulisic needs to stay wider. Pepi needs to come on for Ferreira. Everyone needs to get their thumbs out there asses.

@usmntonly Pepi for Ferreira, need that Attacking mindset. Would even consider Pulisic for Aaronson, he’s had a rough game

7) Pulisic continued to look pressed, uncomfortable and completely out of sync. It reminds me of a good Bball player forcing shots and not letting the game come to them. He was dropping way into MF to get the ball still and he didn’t need to!! PATIENCE

I wouldn’t say I’m team Pulisic off, but more like… team Puli what the hell was that #USMNT

@mef_57 The pace of play in possession is too slow. Too busy launching crosses into the box instead of trying to play through El Salvador. Pulisic has been non-existent. Other than that, it’s going well. Hopefully GGG has something up his sleeve 2nd half. 🇺🇸

@MenInBlazers Anyone for Ferreira. Can we just make Pulisic CF and bring in Aaronson

Pulisic has been non existent and I wouldn’t be mad if he were subbed off. He kills play, doesn’t stretch the field.

Christian Pulisic starts for USA against El Salvador in #WCQ2022

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Oh, and on behalf of @ChelseaFC best of luck to Christian Pulisic as he tackles duties with the USMNT tonight.

Sebentar lagi negara @cpulisic_10 akan bermain berhadapan dengan El Savador. Pulisic ditunjuk sebagai kapten hari ini Boleh lah skalian bujuk @sergino_dest 🤣

Pulisic Photo,Pulisic Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Pulisic has played as a winger, striker and wing-back under Thomas Tuchel 👀

Pulisic Photo,Pulisic Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
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