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Qiniso’s personality is 🔥. Whether she gets the guy or not in the end, she’s already winning in life by being herself. #TheBachelorSA

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AvoidekaPleaseMeiSkat💕 ()

Mulesa drives me crazy. This is the only babes that deserves Marc no petty high school behaviour she trusts herself. Qiniso though? My babe too, a queen.

Perfect little snickerdoodle ()

okay i just started. and tbh i love Qiniso but she gets so weird around Mark so she gtg

Abigail Madonsela ()

Qiniso’s personality is 🔥. Whether she gets the guy or not in the end, she’s already winning in life by being herself. #TheBachelorSA

Sineh Msibi ()

I just hope Qiniso just becomes more real and vulnerable with Marc. I know she’s bubbly and all but I just hope she can have moments where she’s calm and serious when need be #TheBachelorSA

None-Rose 🌻 ()

The way Qiniso kept saying “Jessica is gone guys”. You’d think she died 😂😂😂 #TheBachelorSA

Potato Boss ()

Carefree black women are unnecessarily picked on and Qiniso is a prime example. She’s done nothing but be happy. It’s rude and stupid. I’m glad she got the rose, I hate that she had to cry for it. #TheBachelorSA

Miss Jessica Day 👩🏽‍🏫 ()

@mikharasingh_ I love her but them as a couple? No ways. Also, the way Qiniso told them that he sent Jess home made it sound as if she passed on. I couldn’t stop laughing

Rosey irwin ()

Qiniso 🌹🤍 Rooting for you with everything I got 🤞🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️

Qiniso Mak ()

Ngifuna ube Rude! Must be nice to be Fikile,getting asked to be rude by her boyfriend 😭😹😹 #Uzalo @stainedglasstv_ @Uzalo_SABC1

Naledi ()

These girls look like tannies except for Qiniso. Kana magowa age quicker than rona 🤷‍♀️ #TheBachelorSA

Sumaya. ()

THIS IS THE STUPIDEST EPISODE OF THE BACHELOR EVER. Why did Marc have to choose between Jess C and Qiniso. Make it make sense. And that hugging thing was a mess #TheBachelorSA


Not going to lie, I respect every woman who says Qiniso instead of Q more #TheBachelorSA

; ()

Uzonya futhi , kuncono uyolanda uhle waphuma kini anina qiniso.

Tasliha Bokhari ()

Got really put off by Qiniso tonight, Marc is right, her actress side comes out - she overdoes it #TheBachelorSA

Qiniso Mbili ()

00:00, 27 March 2020, #SouthAfricaLockdown is now in effect. This morning we wake up to a whole new South Africa. A lot of lives will be changed during this unprecedented period; things will never be the same again.

Ling Hottentot Dior ()

Im just at the point in my life where I need Qiniso to spit in my bek

INtombi ka DJ 💕 ()

Haha, I always feel like I legit grew up with my moms 🥰 May Daddy’s soul RIP ❤️😊

Nicole ✨🌙 ()

why does it look like Qiniso is going home next week first lockdown and now this? #TheBachelorSA

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꧁ʜ.ᴏ.ᴇ꧂ ()

I literally shout at my scream for Marc to give Qiniso a rose at every rose ceremony #TheBachelorSA

Sassy Sally ()

@Niamhhhhhh_ She can respond to this one as well when she learns how to spell Qiniso 👀

Dynamite. ()

So who’s your favorite lady so far ? #TheBachelorSA Mine is Qiniso, how about you ?

On Lockdown ()

Why is Marc talking to Jess and not Qiniso? Interrupt the whole thing Pasha. 😻 #TheBachelorSA

Aunty shubs ()

Qiniso is drrrriving home this chat about no one having a rose🤣🤣🤣 #TheBachelorSA

Papago Matwins ()

And you know that Qiniso will slay😭😭🔥🔥 #TheBachelorSA

Sibongile Mafu ()

Qiniso: It’s the first time we’re going into a rose ceremony tabula rasa. No roses have been handed out yet.’ Arg I love my academic kween #TheBachelorSA

💕 ()

I truly love all of the melanin queens in the house. Qiniso is obviously still my favourite. 😍😍😍😍 #TheBachelorSA

Nana & Emotional ❤️ ()

I really can’t get over how gorgeous Qiniso her face arg man 😍😍 #TheBachelorSA

Motakabawo ()

The girlies are really intimidated by Pasha and Qiniso hey 😂😭 Delhi #TheBachelorSA

George Beats ()

I think Qiniso lowkey intimidates Marc . She’s smart, beautiful, & mature. She’s out of his league. #TheBachelorSA #JustSaying

🌻bathong honey ()

People need to decide whether Qiniso is intimidating or are they just intimidated by her. #TheBachelorSA

☚ #CaringForLife #AskNastyC ☛
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