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#RamaphosaSoldOut: Read the speech Lekota was supposed to deliver at the #SONADebate.

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These SASO activists were arrested under Terrorism Act in 1974. 3) Went to Robben Island Prison 4) Exile 7) Assassinated 9) Robben Island 17) Robben Island 21) Robben Island 23) Exile *Where did (28) go to? #RamaphosaSoldOut.

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This is a list of people that were questioned by the apartheid police in October 1974 They either had to sellout out other comrades by telling the police or be arrested if they refused. Ramaphosa was let go (sent home) and sent not to Robben Island. #RamaphosaSoldOut.

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@nazomagenge Ramaphosa was a member of some Christian movement at tertiary together with Rev Kenneth Meshoe. He was never a politician. Hence he still sees no shame that he sold out #RamaphosaSoldOut.

@HloniNyetanyane @KhandaniM Coz lekota nd company ddnt do all that and were jailed y not him #RamaphosaSoldOut.

I personally will never forgive nor forget. Clive derby Lewis. Murderer of Chris Hani. #EFFRedFriday #RamaphosaSoldOut.

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ANC youth league has reached the greatest low. The whole President of the liberation movement is accused of being an apartheid sell-out & #ANCYL pulls No comment stunt. #RamaphosaSoldOut.

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So if you only have four arrested with your comrades 2- cooperate 3-be an Askari and 4-be a paid did they give you the non existent 5th option of walking scot free?????? #RamaphosaSoldOut.

#Ramaphosa said Special Branch wanted comrades 1) Give Evidence 2) Become askari/paid agent 3) Rot on Robben Island or die None of the 3 happened to him. Instead he went home to become a billionaire, yet Cyril never sold out!! #RamaphosaSoldOut.

Mosiuoa ‘Terror’ Lekota needs a bigger platform to ventilate this Ramampimpi story. The more you listen to the response yesterday, the more you realize there’s more to it than meets the eye #RamaphosaSoldOut.

....he can deny all he wants okusalayo #RamaphosaSoldOut.

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Lol so Silili destroyed the #RamaphosaSoldOut trend just like that 😂 #SONAReply.

Question is: why were the police asking Ramaphosa to testify? Surely they can’t say testify unless you said something incriminating during interrogation against comrades. #RamaphosaSoldOut.

An impimpi & a spy are very different, it’s like comparing someone who is a CIA agent to a confidential informer. It’s all in the wording. These are vastly different things. #RamaphosaSoldOut.

Ramaphosisa’s long incoherent story strangely reminded me of “I looked at it and examined it at close range”. I don’t know why #RamaphosaSoldOut.

Shem, you can see Ramaphosa is shattered. His speech is lame dead. When you are traitor you live with it. Shem #RamaphosaSoldOut #Sonareply.

The allegations against Ramaphosa, made by COPE leader and former ANC national chair Mosiuoa Lekota in parliament on Wednesday, were on Thursday described by the ANC as baseless. #RamaphosaSoldOut.

Dr. Saths Cooper, who was arrested alongside Mosiuoa Lekota in 1974, says he has no recollection of Lekota’s claims that President #RamaphosaSoldOut.

ICYMI: #RamaphosaSoldOut: Lekota shocks with accusation against Ramaphosa.

We are close to getting the minutes of the codesa meetings. I hope Jacob Zuma becomes jealous of Lekota and reveal some Skelotonyana just to steal the show. Also who killed Chris Hani, and left us with these pseudo communists?Bunch of sellouts #RamaphosaSoldOut.

The fact that some want Mbeki or Zuma or Brian back is testament to how low the bar is. Leaders are chosen on the point of familiarity rather than on objective ability to effectively utilise the power that is BORROWED. #RamaphosaSoldOut.

Now I understand the meaning of Thumamina. #RamaphosaSoldOut.

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@CyrilRamaphosa book title suggestion : How to Sellout your Friends and Sleep with the Enemy #RamaphosaSoldOut.

White people trying to defend CR are actually not helping him but rather making it worse #RamaphosaSoldOut.

The hand that feeds you, controls you! #RamaphosaSoldOut.

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#RamaphosaSoldOut: Read the speech Lekota was supposed to deliver at the #SONADebate.

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