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Oprah wears Raptors jacket for stop in Montreal.

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I just hope he doesn’t even ask #NBAChampion2019 @Raptors to come! 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🏀🏀🏀❤️❤️❤️.

@Raptors i was waiting for @MarcGasol to speak!! looking forward to more games and no trade-offs. this team is just perfect!.

4 people shot at Raptors rally in downtown Toronto - CBC Canada is dangerous now !.

@italgina2019 @Raptors not bad considering there were probably 3 million people there!.

Toronto Raptors Championship Parade is a parade of Ford F-150 Raptors. I see what you did there 👀.

So, when does @seanspicer break the attendance numbers for the @Raptors parade today?.

Oprah wears Raptors jacket for stop in Montreal.

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So four people were shot at the Raptors parade. Not two..

the raptors parade was the straight parade yall were asking for. i better not hear any more complaints.

Reportan dos heridos graves por tiroteo durante celebraciones por el anillo de los Toronto Raptors.

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In a stunning display of how little Canadians care whether Justin Trudeau lives or dies, security permitted him to remain on stage even though shots were fired in the crowd at the Toronto Raptor celebration, today:.

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Thank you @Raptors and @cityoftoronto for an absolutely epic parade. A day I will never forget..

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Two injured in shooting incident during Raptors parade.

@mikaokosmos there was a parade to celebrate the raptors winning and there was a shooting at the parade :((.

I was at the parade with plant guy / the imposter, check it.

@TheoFleury14 @Raptors Would you even be able to see any of those objects behind your beer goggles Brett Theo Fleury.

@Matt__Devlin Matt was outstanding today in what could have been a bad situation. He got people’s attention and kept talking to avoid panic spreading. A stampede of people was a real possibility if nobody filled that void, he took charge. Extremely well done. #Raptors.

I want to be happy for #raptors fans but they are trapping me at work and it is getting harder. #wethestuck.

¡FONDO, FONDO! 🍾 😂 El alocado festejo de Gasol y de todo el equipo de los Toronto Raptors, tras adquirir su primer anillo de la NBA. 🏀🏆 📽️@djlateknight.

Woman Shot At Toronto Raptors Championship Rally | Zero Hedge.

LATEST: 2 injured in shooting at Toronto Raptors NBA Championship parade..

@AtchSean @Raptors He was mocking himself and his bad laugh during an interview that has been replayed about a million times over the year on Canadian sports shows..

Raptors winning got a global impact. If the leafs win it won’t have that same impact. You can’t argue that..

Aha aha aha hahahahahah Zenco aştın kendini :) 🖐🏿🖐🏿 (Kawhi genelde gülmez ve bundan dolayı onunla dalga geçerler. Adam da kendiyle dalga geçiyor) #WeTheNorthDay.

Please this stop. This phoney needs to.

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