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Updated: July 30th, 2021 05:41 PM IST

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Between Tatjana 🏊🏻‍♀️ and Rassie 🏉 this is a much better week than the last couple of weeks!🇿🇦

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Rugby Australia takes exception with South Africa Director of Rugby Rassie Erasmus’ VERY public criticism of Aussie referee Nic Berry. “... the attack on Nic’s integrity, character and reputation is unacceptable.” - RA CEO Andy Marinos

Rassie Photo,Rassie Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Breaking: “Rugby Australia has noted with dismay and concern the recent public commentary by South African Director of Rugby Rassie Erasmus, regarding Australian referee Nic Berry and other match officials.”

This is happening in NZ rugby and yet we say Rassie is bringing the game into disrepute? Get some perspective.

“He is not rattled; he is rattling sabres at the Lions using the same tactics they employed in the lead-up to the first Test.” #Rassie #LionsTour2021 Erasmus exposes rugby’s consistency and law

Between Tatjana 🏊🏻‍♀️ and Rassie 🏉 this is a much better week than the last couple of weeks!🇿🇦

Rassie Erasmus doing a great job shielding his players from scrutiny after a loss. Burner accounts, media circus and then publicly losing the plot .... and all at the cheap price of alienating the entire refereeing community.

Rassie going where few have gone before. To use the word ‘cheat’ regarding a referee is remarkable at this level. Of course some of his examples were true, but the same could be said going the other way. Horrible to criticize refereeing after the fact; win, lose or draw. 🏉🏉👍👍

Imagine Nick Berry does an an hour long video pointing out all the times South Africa tried to push the boundaries of the laws. Imagine he says that Rassie Erasmus is a cheat that can’t win a game fairly. Imagine this situation in reverse.

@brianmoore666 Rassie should have all the books thrown at him for acting the doodlewang. Completely unacceptable.

A lot of stone throwing at Rassie today… don’t get it myself, he’s looking after his team. And doing a good job of it.

Brilliantly sarcastic here from Rassie ‘If that’s allowed and you can do it by all means just tell us, we would have loved to know this on Sunday night.’

Who is referee for the 2nd test for Lions v Boks 🦁 Poor bloke 🙄 Rassie is like the mrs after you come home at 4 am in the morning after a Saturday night out with the lads. She still reminds you of it until Thursday afternoon 👍

Can’t believe Rassie created a fake Alun-Wyn Jones account :-(

@Oom_Rugby South Africa appears to have a shortage of people who can carry water and do video clips. Poor Rassie has to do it all himself.

So obsessed were we that Rassie might be Jaco, we didn’t consider that he might be Rugby Onslaught

The SA Rugby director of rugby is strongly suspected of having set up a fake profile.

‘Reckless and dangerous’: South Africa’s Erasmus posts footage criticising Lions

Four possibilities here: 1) Rassie has seriously improved his screen recording skills since the South Africa A match. 2) Jaco Johan has now been commissioned by Rassie. 3) Jaco Johan is Rassie Erasmus. 4) Jaco Johan and Rassie both like yellow ovals.

South Africa chief Rassie Erasmus accused of Twitter ‘burner account’ after @lionsofficial loss #LionsTour2021

Rassie Photo,Rassie Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

This is. . . weird. . .and good fun 🤯🙈 South Africa boss Rassie Erasmus under suspicion for running fake Twitter account to put pressure on #lionsrugby ⁦@SunSport⁩

My mother has been on a phone call with some guy for over an hour now … Even my mother is making more moves than me 💀

Rassie appears to be taking the second half far better than a lot of South African Twitter. Which is not surprising, really.

@jwcoetzee @brianmoore666 No, we mad that the players feel they must wait for the (super) coach to come tell them what to do. A proper coach trusts his senior players to make decisions for themselves on the field. Rassie undermines their confidence. End of story.

But the Boks were some crucial First Front row was actually better than Bomb squad . Terrible call by Rassie yes Rassie to make the call that early. The second front row actually made no impact whatsoever ..Came on to early.

Itoje catching the ball while on the floor is the most appropriate way for this game to finish. Call me bitter but that was shocking by the officials. Hope to see Rassie in the media about the officials being horrendous.

I don’t care what the most passionate @Springboks supporter may say Kwagga is no Duane … worst pick of Rassie & Jacques

So strange to see Rassie Erasmus as the water boy. It’s like the time Blackadder and Prince George swapped roles.

Watching Rassie coach SA every time he steps onto the pitch has to be against the spirit of the game #LionsRugby

does the South Africa coaching box know that Rassie has turned their communication channel off and is now in charge?

Its Rassie working harder than the actual ‘coach’ for me. The greatest water boy of all time. ❤️🙏🏽👏🏽🔥#RSAvBIL

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