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#MUAcademy U18s: FT - Man City 1 #MUFC 2 The Reds win the Under-18 Premier League derby!.

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Top of the league 8 points clear No new injuries Fab and Salah were phenomenal Rival fans are still salty Happy Monday, up the reds! #YNWA #LFC.

Looking forward to watch the mighty Reds at Inver Park tonight live on @SkySports. Delighted to have 25 of my new team coming over to watch from Birmingham. Bring one more person with you tonight and let’s show how the @larnefc folk get behind their team. #settingstandards.

The midfield bossed it yesterday. Nice to see Henderson play well, the fume on here this morning is even better Hahahaha up the fuckin reds.

NEW: Bobby’s exuberance & Fabinho’s ‘rocket’ lauded as Reds roll into break on a high.

Fabinho mencetak gol pertama Liverpool saat bersua Manchester City. Ia menjadi jendral lapangan tengah The Reds menghadapi gempuran The Citizen. #Liverpool #Mancity.

Morning Reds. Just letting the UK contingent know I am 6 hours or so ahead of you on this hangover and it is horrendous. Read this and look at the table. It helps:.

@SteveMcRae_ @BartsBlack Also when he was demodded he went around implying and pishing narratives. Watch him in the rob reds debate on mdd in the side chat. Its not hidden.


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鹿島が処分するしないはどうでもいい。クラブが決めることだから。 問題は協会。 別に浦和が普段から処分されてないなら煽り合いは大歓迎。.

sound guy: the lights don’t change color, I can’t make them blue sound guy once the set starts: shoots lights to every shade of red imaginable and has them rotate reds the entire set, probably just to spite me.

[email protected]_Rugby stars will move in with regional Queensland host families in a landmark bid to reconnect the team with the rugby community. @GCB_Sport.

This is what the Reds are doing to these people. You absolutely positively love to see it..

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With Kyle Boddy, Eric Jagers, and others on board, the #Reds are no longer playing catch up; they’re ahead of the curve on the pitching side. This gives me optimism for the offensive side of things too..

#PremierLeague @LFC 3-1 @ManCity ➡ los Reds son líderes por ocho puntos de diferencia sobre sus perseguidores. Los goles de Fabinho, Salah y Mané le dieron el triunfo a los de Jürgen Klopp..

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Won’t be up until after the new year but making good progress on my #Reds Top 50 prospects for 2020. Halfway done!.

Despite Liverpool being on the second longest ever unbeaten home run in Premier League history (46 games), the Reds have conceded in each of their last 6 at Anfield. They last had a longer run without a clean sheet at home in October 2014 (7 games)..

Fin de la jornada. Se gano un partido importantísimo. Seguimos PUNTEROS E INVICTOS. Orgulloso por como jugó hoy el equipo. Ahora se viene la fecha FIFA. Gracias por el apoyo que siempre le dan a la cuenta reds. ❤ #SectorRed 🔴 YNWA.

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🎰 Liverpool vs Man City Gream ⚽ #LIVMCIً 🙌🏻 🔴 Lets go 🍻 Live Stream HD PL Computer Live Stream ➤ Mobile Live Stream ➤ Reds vs Red Devils.

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The Reds are looking devastating on the counter attack. Alexander Arnold and Firmino combining to create chance after chance. 👏👏👏 🔴 #LIVMCI.

37’ ⏱| ¡Lo tuvo el Liverpool otra vez! Salió Alisson, jugó bien TAA y asistió a Firmino, que remató, pero Bravo tapó lo que era el tercero para los Reds..

Liverpool absolutely flying on the attack. One attack ends with Firmino shooting after Trent brilliantly breaks from a superb Alisson pass out. 2-0, 38 mins..

@GlazersoutRed Ill summarise it for you: Owned by leeches (glazers) Managed by stooges (ed and judge) Coached by puppets (wolly + phelan) Propaganda by muppets (top reds).

Which was your favourite Reds goal from our 4-3 win against @ManCity in 2018? 🤔 #LIVMCI.

Liverpool are unbeaten in their last 45 Premier League games at Anfield, winning 35 and drawing 10 of those fixtures. The Reds have trailed for only 154 minutes in that time. 👏🏻🔴.

#MUAcademy U18s: FT - Man City 1 #MUFC 2 The Reds win the Under-18 Premier League derby!.

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