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Got a feeling Reece James will have a big influence on todays game. 💙.

Reece James Photo,Reece James Photo by Frank Khalid,Frank Khalid on twitter tweets Reece James Photo

Reece James is an absolutely world class footballer. It isn’t even a debate. It’s simply facts. World class..

literally every time trent has come across reece on the pitch he has sonned him, how are reece james fans still talking on their daddy’s name?.

Luiz Diaz is really consequential the balling of the finished Reece James. Truth be told..


Trent has the CAFU and DANI ALVES approval but some man still claim Reece James, I’m afraid we have the streets.

En la Carabao Cup, Luis Díaz hizo pedazos a Cesar Azpilicueta, hoy Klopp le está repitiendo la dosis a Tuchel, tampoco Reece James lo está pudiendo controlar..

When I talk about Reece James arguably being thee best RB right now in Prem y’all think I’m tripping. Look at this guy play. Built different 🔥🔥. I’m so jealous Chelsea have him..

@santicalvicidad Un dia tendriamos que hablar del pedazo de jugador que es Reece James. Jugadorazo y ojala en un futuro fichaje de Floren.

Trent, tonight was the best defender on the park. He played several IMPECABLE balls. If I ever see this nonsense Reece James in the same breath as Trent, honestly, I dunno what you people need to see..

Nobody: Absolutely no one: Reece James in a penalty shoot out which his team is about to fumble: 🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫.

Reece James is an incredibly talented footballer. Did not deserve to be on the losing team today… need to find a way of getting both him and TAA in the England team.


@virgil4dijk @10menwenttomow_ It’s a shame we can recognise reece James as a great rb but Trent doesn’t get the same level of respect, agendas agend.

@nickoIfc Reece James, Kyle Walker, wan bissaka,cancelo you guys are not similar to annold its confirmed by the beast of full backs dani alves 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣.

Something very soft twat/annoying spoilt kid,about Reece James that irritates the tits off me!!.

20 minutes in and Reece James and Chalobah are getting stripped by Luis Diaz. Could never be my right side of defence.

Reece James Photo,Reece James Photo by Aizen 🇵🇸,Aizen 🇵🇸 on twitter tweets Reece James Photo

also cant wait for captain reece james to lead us that day will make me sob for hours.

Completed club football at 23 Reece James is your son. He worships you.

CAMPUS CRUSH 😻 SERIES Reece James Man U Mbappe.

Reece James Photo,Reece James Photo by KUMASI KING PROMISE🇬🇭🇨🇦,KUMASI KING PROMISE🇬🇭🇨🇦 on twitter tweets Reece James Photo

Reece James is no match with Alexander Arnold. brilliancy is different from strength..

‘The grand robbery called Agyapa is still being cooked. Every Bandit will be resisted’ – Kofi Bentil unke Akindele Messi Mbappe Juliet Ibrahim Odunlade Sabinus Osas Nigeria Reece James Kwesi Arthur Make Chelsea Penalty Erica Werner Man U.

@clinicalkai Mason Mount is not growing professionally. Phil Foden is better than he was last season, Saka is better than the way he was Last season. Reece James is better than the way he was last season, Tammy Abraham is better than the way he was last season..

@starwart1 Reece James is a better defender though. Englands genius manager thinks so haha.

Que en verano lleguen… Kylian Mbappé, Antonio Rüdiger, Aurélien Tchouameni, Fran García y Reece James… Amén🙏.

@LFCDunc Reece James getting called obece is the biggest myth.

Reece James Photo,Reece James Photo by Cfc.tekkers,Cfc.tekkers on twitter tweets Reece James Photo

Reece James was 🔥 yesterday sha. But he needs to be more adventurous or he should focus on being a RCB.

Matty Cash albo Reece James przychodzą do nas, albo przestaje kibicować Ancelottiemu.

Btw Trent and Reece James are absolutely INSANE. we told everyone Trent could defend man….

El Chelsea no está sabiendo aprovechar la baja de Fabinho. Henderson puede estar muy superado si Mount y Pulisic empezan a moverse entre líneas, pero por ahora los blues solo llegan al área rival mediante centros de Reece James #LasCopasEnDAZN.


That Reece James and Mount partnership is up there you know play it nice together them two.

Great Chelsea chance as Reece James and Mason Mount open play up down the right. Christian Pulisic unable to hit the target however. #cfc.

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