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when rihanna performs a 14-minute makeup tutorial at the halftime show instead.

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🏆 TOP 50 | MELHORES FEATS 39 • Nicki Minaj ft. Rihanna - Fly.

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streets saying they late cuz nicki ran into rihanna backstage. don’t worry yall she coming😭.

the audacity to come for THE RIHANNA when she already outsold your fav by miles 💀.

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“Four R’s, my friend: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rihanna.”.

a nicki minaj não é a rihanna mas é assim que funciona um festival. acha que tudo gira em torno do artista quando O TODO é culpabilizado por isso. fã paga p ouvir o artista também, não um microfone e uma passagem de som péssima. ou isso também deve ser cobrado da nicki minaj? KKK.

@YSLONIKA rihanna not leaving her makeup factory, britney not performing no time soon, and everyone else is undeserving, so nicki it is.

totebag kulit 💰: 🔗: tags: tasyi - army - bts - rihanna - 2024 - p’tay - instagram - mingi - one piece - aldi taher - live talk - congratulations jin - kak seto - depok - indra herlambang - celine - kaget - rcti - safe flight - want to buy.

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U miss 100% of the shots you dont take so here goes nothin😬 @rihanna @fentybeauty It would be this self taught makeup artists DREAM to be #THENEXTFENTYFACE Please tag them in the comments here and on TikTok❤️🙏.

but if i say that rihanna is a product of trends with a trash discography other than anti thats 50% covers/demos no talent or purpose in music and is just a pretty face to the point where her only impact is aesthetics and thats why she had to switch to makeup im the bad guy 😕.

When Rihanna makes Vawulence sound good. Title: shy Ronnie 2 - Ronnie & clyde.

@Lake_Is_Bored @colekssr It’s crazy to think Rihanna stopped making music when she was 4 😭.

Saudades de quando rihanna e bey eram pobres e tinham que trabalhar pra pagar os boletos.

britney spears christina aguilera and rihanna one of them should headline #HalfTimeShow.

Rapper Trina is Dominican n Bohemian, Lil Kim Trinidad, Biggie Smalls Jamaican!!! Foxy Brown is Afro Trinidad and Chinese Trinidad, Rihanna Barbados and Asap Rocky Barbados Busts Jamaican Fat Joe Puerto Rican!!!.

sério a Rihanna foi luz quando fez a versão de same ol’mistakes eu fico mto feliz pq ela não mudou nada apenas foi lá e cantou e conseguiu deixar a música melhor sendo q ela JÁ ERA BOA !!.

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@PopBase They can do us a favor and book Beyonce again. If not Beyonce they can try to persuade Rihanna to do it..

Déjà Rihanna elle est hors jeu . Les deux whitos de la pop on vire aussi. HARRY DEHORS. BP dehors ça va pas tenir un show. Bts très peu de chance et puis les fans de la nfl sont pas armys donc dehors aussi. Dua lipa est la mieux placé avec les deux latino. Lizzo et nicki mouais🤨.

@sergioopina_ No soy fan de Rihanna ni de Harris, pero me parece uno de los TEMAZOS de la década pasada..

Phil will reportedly wait until Rihanna replies to his insta DM saying if your ever in trafford hmu am we can do whatever ahaha.

@PopcornSimu +400 Nicki, Maria, Camí y Olivia +300 Måneskin, Blanco y Dua +200 Rihanna y Blackpink +100 Lil.

What if Rihanna got dressed to walk thru the back door of the recording studio and went back home to her baby LOL.

Giroud c est la version homme de Rihanna avec « No weapon formed against me shall prosper »..

@waityourtxrnn Need Rihanna on that album. She had so much fun during the 2014 WC in Brazil..

Rihanna flashes her tummy in a tank top as she is seen leaving her NYC hotel at 3AM.

#NowPlaying Umbrella by @Rihanna #listen at & @TuneIn Buy song.

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They cheated on Beyoncé, Rihanna, Kim K… what made yaw think Nia Long was safe 😭😭😂.

Now Playing on 234Radio, Rihanna (@Rihanna) Ft. Future (@1future) - Loveeeeeee Song. Listen live on Download 234Radio mobile app on iOS and Android..

Muito se fala sobre a gravidez de Cláudia Raia e Vitória Tube, mas a quem interessa o silêncio sobre a ex-cantora Rihanna que não lançou ě filhæ até hoje?? 🤨.

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