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#SONADebate When it was difficult, you wrote to the [apartheid] special branch that we put communist ideas in your the special branch rewarded you and they sent you home and we headed to Robben Island..

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@karynmaughan More! More! Robben island can be turned into a jail again! We will vote to forego museum.

VIDEO | Parejas se casan en Robben Island para homenajear a Nelson Mandela:.

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Parejas se casan en Robben Island para homenajear a Mandela #AFP.

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Robben Island #alwayslearning #GlobalCitizen 👍🏼💕.

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When political prisoners finished serving their sentence they were released & went home. When Sobukwe finished serving his, a new law was made to keep him prisoner indefinitely alone in a house on Robben Island. And an ignorant Solly Mapaila calls that preferential treatment?.

Bill Cosby now says he is like Nelson Mandela imprisoned on Robben.

#Ramaphosa: And I persisted in refusing to give evidence. And they said you are going to be like Nelson Mandela, you are going to break rocks on Robben Island. I said in the end, I would rather go and break rocks, I will never betray my people..

@AnnikaLarsen1 @eNCA But he did not go to Robben Island, he eventually sold out..

Ramaphosa says notwithstanding that his father was a police sergeant, he supported his says he was arrested again in 1976 and he said he would rather break rocks on Robben Island” like Mandela than betray his comrades. #SONAReply.

If we are all detained at the same time, at the same place for a common purpose & one is sent back home while the rest is sent to Robben Island prison, what does that mean politically? Does it not warrant a further investigation? #RamaphosaSoldOut.

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After his 3yr sentence, #RobertSobukwe was kept on Robben Island for a further 6 yrs, was released, and banished to Kimberley, only when the regime realized he had cancer. Restrictions imposed on him made it difficult for him to get proper medical care. He died on Feb 27 1978.

Marcia Jumat and Rozeana Julius yelled: Thank you Nelson Mandela, as the ferry set sail from the V&A Waterfront, carrying them and 10 other couples to the Robben Island’s annual #ValentinesDay mass wedding..

If indeed Ramaphosa was detained with Mosiuoa ‘Terror’ Lekota and other comrades, why and how did Ramaphosa escape Robben Island. Mandela recalled that Mosioua was highly agitated by sellouts when he first arrived at the Island. He wasn’t sure why #RamaphosaSoldOut.

we all stop moaning for 10 minutes and just celebrate these on Robben Island today. ❤💙💚💛💜💕.

Today love is in the air! Our first couples have arrived to get married on the Island. #RobbenIslandWeddings #ValentinesDay.

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Good morning South Africa. @HomeAffairsSA in partnership with @robben_island is hosting Valentine’s Day mass marriages in Cape Town Happy #ValentinesDay2019 to everyone and the newlyweds..

DA hold W54 in Cape Town (Sea Point Camps Bay) DA 89% (94%) CAPE Party 9% ANC 2% (4%)-PROVISIONAL. This excludes the results from Robben Island, a voting district which tends to go ANC. It is a tiny VD which accounts for less than a half a percent of the ward. 25% (62%) Turnout.

[email protected] retained Ward 54 in Sea Point: PROVISIONAL RESULTS* DA – VOTES 3630 ANC – VOTES 66 CAPE – VOTES 374 DIP VOTES 20 % Poll – *Please note the above excludes the VD from Robben Island – result only obtained today*.

If you think about it, a Vermont summer home is kind of like Robben Island..

Nelson Mandela while imprisoned on Robben Island 1974 by J rgen Schadeberg. More images:.

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which had been kept washed and ready for him during those twenty seven years on Robben Island. Cyril described the moment when his car headlights swept round a corner in Soweto at pm, picking out hundreds and hundreds of children standing waiting,.

@chestermissing Modern sellouts accused others of selling out, long years in Robben Island .. strange, how Cyril was allowed to lead the CODESA negotiations, whilst all this was with his terrible politics of.

He described how he had been told that he was being moved to Robben Island, but then, two days later, his cell door opened and, instead, he was pushed out into the road..

#SONADebate When it was difficult, you wrote to the [apartheid] special branch that we put communist ideas in your the special branch rewarded you and they sent you home and we headed to Robben Island..

Someone called in @DanCorderOnAir show & said that they should move #SONA to Robben Island. I fully agree. It would be like having Fyre Festival but for our politicians..

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