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This might be a dumber idea then putting nipples on the bat suit!?.

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#RobertPattinson als #Batman kommt euch komisch vor? Wir beweisen das Gegenteil.:.

Pra galera chata pra caralho que só liga o cara à crepúsculo. E eu vou sempre dar o exemplo do Heath Ledger, que fazia só filmes românticos antes do Coringa..

#Cine. #RobertPattinson, ¿De vampiro a Batman?..

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Remember when we thought it couldn’t get any worse than Ben Affleck?.

No han tardado en abrir una petición en para que no le contraten, pero ¿tienen razón? Juzga tú mismo..

... Ya valió vrga x2😷 Ya pongan al que quieran, puras señoritas..

@Ovi_Master Depende de la foto. El maquillaje y el peinado pueden cambiar mucho. En esta foto por ejemplo.

Qué??? Bale te echamos taaaaaanto de menos. #BatmanNoVuelve.

#RobertPattinson is Your New #Batman (Report) -.

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While sources say it’s not yet a done deal, Pattinson is the top choice and it’s expected to close shortly. Warner Bros. had no comment..

Just like Heath Ledger proves everyone wrong that he was the best joker. 2/2.

According to THR (the WB’s favorite trade to “leak” sensitive information apparently) #RobertPattinson is the Frontrunner (aka NOT 100% Confirmed yet) to Play #Batman. Others in the shortlist are also the ones ⁦@I_Am_MFR⁩ told us first, long.

Stars: Who Is Playing Batman In the New Superhero Film? Rober => #celebrity.

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This might be a dumber idea then putting nipples on the bat suit!?.

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