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Jammu and Kashmir | Romeo Force of Indian Army along with police in a joint operation busted a hideout in Surankot Sector near Sindara village in Poonch district and recovered 3 AK 47 rifles, 28 rounds, magazines, UBZL..

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Congratulations to the Romeo Force of the Indian Army and police for a successful joint operation in Surankot Sector near Sindara village in Poonch. Because of your effort, our Jammu and Kashmir is becoming a safe and terror-free haven. @BJP4JnK.

Winnipeg ➡️ Vancouver Former Valour FC centre-back Rocco Romeo is the latest player to sign for @vanfootballclub, joining them ahead of their inaugural season 🦅 📰 #CanPL.

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Qua troverete tutte le informazioni sugli spettacoli di Carola e i vari link per i biglietti di Giulietta e Romeo , Première e quando usciranno anche del Lago dei Cigni 🫶🏻 #carolapuddu 🔗.

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ドイツで半世紀近く製造されていたMAGNETO社のマグネティックドール。時代の波に押され会社は倒産してしましたがwalter&Prediger社が金型を買取り再生産をはじめました。「ドイツ MAGNETO マグネティックKISS ドール Romeo&Julia」.

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A native language is like a natural resource which cannot be replaced once it is removed from the earth - Romeo Labillos ஒரு பூர்வீக மொழி என்பதானது இயற்கை வளம் போன்றது. இப்புவியில் இருந்து அதை அப்புறப் படுத்தி விட்டால் மீண்டும் நிரப்ப இயலாது - ரோமியோ லேபிலோஸ்.

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@saving_romeo @TheAstuteGaloot I’m sorry, I’m not one to normally do this, but what is she wearing?? 🤦🏻‍♂️.

いつもお世話になっているので拡散させて頂きます( ◜ᴗ◝)✨.

Command can you confirm Romeo . Echo . November . Echo . Whiskey ……. SEALTeam007 ….. @paramountplus paramountplus @SEALTeam_pplus.

Closing WEDNESDAY on 13 GT-R 14 Range Rover Supercharged 99 750iL 98 Land Cruiser 23 Model X 03 540i Touring 10 G37S 97 Nissan Leopard XV 88 MR2 Supercharged 08 911 Targa 4S 00 Ranger 16 Golf R 12 X5 xDrive35d 23 M240i 06 A4 04 Alfa Romeo 147 GTA 22 R1S.

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A #Juventus, na tarde desta terça-feira, realizou a primeira reunião com a mãe e agente do meia Adrien #Rabiot (27 anos), para entender as demandas de uma possível renovação do atleta com a equipe de Turim. Segundo informações, a negociação é muito complexa. cit. Romeo Agresti.

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@Heart_0f_Romeo @q6c5Hw5puPqo1I5 お二人ともありがとうございました🙇‍♂️ また困ったら相談します👍 (俺も初めて中身見る🤣笑).

Nah bc this woman definitely thinks Romeo and Juliet is about beautiful young love ☠️.


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BTD - Producer/Director Mack Sennett - A TUGBOAT ROMEO - 1916.

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Watch Romeo Santos & Longtime Girlfriend Announce Her Pregnancy in Sultry ‘Solo Conmigo’ Music Video.


Literally quotes straight from romeo & juliet. It’s a love story baby just say yes..

Lady Gaga about to film Joker 2: Folie à Deux , as we know is set as juliet Joker 1 was set as Romeo.

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renovar el antiguo parque automovilístico de la guardia civil: Alfa Romeo Stelvio, entonces mi coche para ellos será de la prehistoria no?.

@SupriyaShrinate @RahulGandhi Jahan bulaya nahi jata wahan jana nahi chahiye. Ram Mandir ke dwar khule hai sabke agar sar nahi kate toh wahan ja sakte hai. Waise Supriya behan kabhi aap Ram Mandir gayi gai? 10 Janpath ko kahi aap sach mein Mandir na maan le,wahan inke jaise ROMEo milenge Ram nahi.

@JoseChrisW Danke Dir. Ich versuche auf jeden Fall das Twitter, Facebook, Insta, Romeo etc nicht zu meinem Lebensinhalt werden. Bin eh dabei Social-Media stark zu reduzieren. Vor allem Twitter. Zu viel tut mir nicht gut. Lieber Real-Life! Umso schöner dass wir Kontakt haben. 🫂.

@FFScout @FPLCruyff74 4️⃣ for sure and maybe Ōdegaard, if I bring him in replacement of Martinelli or Andreas.

Romeo and Duet! Are you ready to see love be made! Every Thursday on BBC Lifestyle ch174..

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ලෝකය වෙනුවෙන් දේවල් කරන්න.. ඒ එක්කම, ඔබ ඔබට ආදරය කරන්න.. ♥️🫶🏻🫂 - සෙහස් #romeo 🤍.

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@ESPNFC Maradona and Messi both are In the hearts of Every Argentine, no need to compare them.

@Denisyzr1 @Kore_1993_bis Appunto, a me lo hanno fatto passare 🤣🤣🤣. Ho avuto BMW Alfa Romeo e altre auto sportive ma adesso è il momento di fare l’anzianotto tranquillo 😅😅.


@Romeo_game0723 返信ありがとうございますm(_ _)m どのくらい課金されてますか?.

@Ebi_Matsuno09 怖いウワサで年賀消さなかったら来年の年賀扱いになる(届くのは来年)とかならないとか・・・.

@Romeos141 We totally understand, Romeo ✨. Wishing you a productive and prosperous new year. 💙 #HowAboutNow.

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