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Updated: July 24th, 2021 03:42 PM IST

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A reminder that as he was dying of pancreatic cancer, the late TV playwright Dennis Potter named his tumor “Rupert” to give himself something tangible to fight

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@Mrlonelybuddy @rupertnotholmes Hoy totoo yan ha! Haha! Maniniwala ako bilang kaibigan ka ni Rupert! 😆

@MbalulaFikile @karynmaughan Futsek lerete. Go tlof tlof young boys if you have nothing better to de. Sefebe sa Rupert

All this land is mine for as far as the ball shall travel … Logan O’Hoppe with home run No. 10 on the year for Jersey Shore, BlueClaws have hit four tanks tonight … Jonathan Guzman, Cole Stobbe and Jhailyn Ortiz also have one

He just missed a few games with an injury, hopefully he didn’t re-aggravate anything

My goodness, Darick Hall, that baseball had a family … Sixth homer of the year for the Lehigh Valley first baseman

Mickey Moniak’s hitting streak was snapped last night, but he opened up tonight’s game with an RBI triple for Lehigh Valley

@Demonlighter Her outfits alone we’re telling a story this episode. This was one of my favorites, especially how it was complemented by Rupert’s suit. 🥺💖

Federal prosecutors in Minnesota are asking a judge to punish a Galesburg man with nearly a decade in prison for burning down a Sprint store amid last year’s rioting in Minneapolis before turning his sights on Chicago.

UPS sent a notification that I was getting a package from “Rupert, Gibbon & Spider.” As my parents said they were sending early birthday presents I didn’t Google the company. So imagine my surprise when my 3 pounds of ferric ammonium citrate arrived from @JacquardProduct 🍾🥂

Rupert Photo,Rupert Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

This is abuse😭 the fact that it’s a Friday and I can’t have a glass of wine after a stressful week. Kwaze kwanzima ezweni lika Rupert

@laguggis @seanhannity We live in a snowflake will only get worse When a few men want to cry and scream with outrage that they want and feel the need to piss in the womens people over

Hunter Caudelle is the 10th Cutter this year to either be drafted or sign a free agent contract to play pro ball

@rachelbaxendale Can we put #NewsCorpse liars, thugs and goons straight in there and throw away the keys. At least they’ll be able to bask in the glory of @ScottMorrisonMP and pray 3 times daily to Rupert. Can also do a revision course on journalistic ethics #MurdochFreeWorld

@Top_Kicker83 @Hlabirwa_Bro Comprehension is very important!! I was responding to a statement that portrays Guptas as people who never created employment opportunities. I never compared them to Rupert.

@StuartCNunn @alexandermillen Every time the plane banked too sharply on take-off or landing, I prayed for a crash, or a mid-air collision -- anything. Life insurance pays off triple if you die on a business trip.

FUN FACT: on all natives’ birth certificates there’s a fine print at the bottom that reads “PROPERTY OF RUPERT” Don’t believe me go check… 🤓

サイズが合わず手放しました(*´ω`*) #ラクマでつないだ思い出のモノ

Rupert Photo,Rupert Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@dwmw2 About politics, David. I’m happy to concede I may be wrong. I don’t have the moral certitude that enables you to behave as you do. #bigot

@rupert_lescott Did you lack a soul and a conscience when you were born, or did you lose them later?

They are that very thing of which they accuse others 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤣

Rupert Photo,Rupert Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

So I could probably be Rupert’s child qha andazi 😭😭😭😭free me

Najbardziej znany przypadek użycia fałszywych spadochroniarzy to operacja „Titanic” w trakcie lądowania aliantów w Normandii w czerwcu 1944 roku.

Lekker to see @properties_easy CEO @rupert_f presenting to the Eastern Cape insurance institute members. Could the mass adoption of a fintech product like EP affect the industry? What are the opportunities that this can create for those insurers keeping up fintech?

Rupert Photo,Rupert Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@Kelebogile_M2 Ngiyabuyeka vele, I would be a billionaire by now, rubbish shoulders nabo Rupert, instead ngi busy nge gin 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤣🤣

@GregClinker @helenmcollins1 I think they gave him large amounts of money and told him to ' destroy Corbyn and all his radical ideas about helping people and being green' Then the Labour party will finally get the green light from Uncle Rupert. They must be disappointed and still terrified of Jeremy.

Peta C and Libs do not understand that she is too clever by half. Her cleverness just arms the hate of the left. Her mere success builds the hate against Rupert. A focus of destruction when they get power. Justifying a muzzle.

@Renata_Grochal Wezwać, to Rudy może swoją starą, żeby mu ogórkową ugotował

UK’Guardian’ Michael Wolff: Murdoch hates Trump but loves Fox News money  Should read’The UK Guardian hates Murdoch but hates Trump even more’ (But is still pefectly prepared to print any dreck about Trump to sell newspapers)

@rupert_pearse @fact_covid It’s just their anxiety 🤭 manifesting itself: as soon as someone is really unwell with COVID they can’t help but immediately try and reassure themselves that *they* aren’t at risk, and that it won’t happen to *them*.

A reminder that as he was dying of pancreatic cancer, the late TV playwright Dennis Potter named his tumor “Rupert” to give himself something tangible to fight

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