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Trump imposing sanctions for the thing he gave Turkey the green light to do which chiefly benefits Russia is about as incoherent as it gets..

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Oh Saying Welcome to the country of freedom. Crimean people decided to return Russia and Donbass decided to stop supporting Bandera Regime and follow their own self-determination. Stop lying Volodymyr de Trump..

Cyberwar of Russia against Ukraine and the West. What is the difference between the Kremlin’s methods now as opposed to the past? How does Moscow use these methods against Ukraine and the West? See in the video, prepared for you by Promote Ukraine..

@realDonaldTrump @seanspicer Crazy that we have a President acting in the interest of Russia in Syria and pushing people to vote for former staffers on a TV show. Meanwhile his obscenely shorted sighted action in the Middle East is killing thousands… but we should all watch Dancing with the Stars. Shameful..

Hey @jchristensen_32 Does working for a failed state depress you?.

@realDonaldTrump @marklevinshow You are hated, Trump. How does it feel? Think about you will be hated until the day you die. Tell was having Russia win the election for you, worth it. Imagine what the history books will say about you - THE WORSE PRESIDENT EVER!.

The White House has become known around the world as Little Russia. We have to defend the integrity of the US. We have never been a supporter of Putin, who is pulling the strings on the puppet Trump ! Dump Trump.

Takket være Donald får Putin det akkurat som han vil i Syria - uten å løfte en finger..

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@MaxBoot Not to mention the losing term consequences. Syria divided into zones of influence by Russia,Iran and Turkey. Autocracies filling the vacuum left America’s withdrawal from the Middle East. Autocrats emboldened. Allies unable to trust America’s.

So get this: the forced its own ally to make a deal with Russia to protect them from Turkey, who was given a green light to slaughter them. We did this while we allowed Turkey to attack not just.

@marcorubio So how are the sanctions on Turkey and Russia coming along this morning?.

#Dubai external trade with Russia grows 67% in 2 years and makes AED in 2018..

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Collision with Collusion: Partisan Reaction to the Trump-Russia Scandal via @circleboom.

@realdonaldtrump makes the stupidest decisions, bad for US and world. Only good for Russia..

Sponsored: Russia Culture and Society Study Abroad Information Session October 14 from 2:00-3:00 pm; 160 Enarson Classroom Building. Additional program info can be found at.

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@MAGLARod You want some good conspiracy theories go down the rabbit hole of Trump is controlled by Russia and China through his Zionist handlers.

@doctoruwatson @ac2971 In America Pooh is yellow bear. In Soviet Russia Pooh is brown bear..

@ChipzNgiggles Left to his own devices he’ll end NATO, get rid of sanctions on Russia & get them in to the G8..

@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse And RUSSIA IS BUYING UP OUR FARMS. Thanks to you, America will have to buy their food from Russia you are a Traitor and the GOP is responsible..

@realDonaldTrump Sanctions, Really! You are letting Kurds die , ISIS terrorists being released and Russia rolling in! Sanctions REALLY!!.

55 лет назад к власти в стране пришли Леонид Ильич Брежнев и Алексей Николаевич Косыгин. Газета «Правда», 14 октября 1964 года. @ Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Syrian and Russian troops are heading to the border to help the Kurds repel advancing Turkish forces. Kurdish troops have turned to the Syrian government and Russia as forces move out of the region..

@EvaKBartlett If #Russia had not intervened on behalf of secular sovereign Syria, this scene could not exist..

@Willowresists Russia is the world instigator and here we are being their bffs because our installed president wants to be a dictator.

Trump imposing sanctions for the thing he gave Turkey the green light to do which chiefly benefits Russia is about as incoherent as it gets..

The @nytimes obtained thousands of previously unheard Russian Air Force communications in Syria. Our investigation shows how Russia bombed four hospitals in just 12 hours..

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