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Sancho is doing well but has to do more. Needs to take players on, commit full-backs, win free-kicks, and be more direct, instead of just doing the basics and playing safe passes. #mufc.

Sancho first turned heads at Carrington aged 16 and had already trained under Guardiola. At Carrington this season, he has started to embrace the responsibility of playing for #mufc.

Jadon Sancho has been giving tips on how to stop ex-Dortmund team-mate Erling Haaland, reveals Erik ten Hag.

#MUFC line-up v Man City 4-2-3-1 De Gea; Dalot, Varane, Martinez, Malacia; McTominay, Eriksen; Antony, Fernandes, Sancho; Rashford Same team as v Arsenal. Ten Hag showing again he likes to build consistency in relationships on pitch. Ronaldo on bench..

#LigaDelSur ⚽ 🥳 Hoy en cancha de Puerto Comercial con goles de Ivan Tello (penal) y José Parra, le ganamos 2 a 0 a Liniers. 📋 Los XI de Sancho: Sanhueza; Mayo, Palacios, Aguirre, Rossi; Vidal, Fernández, Parra, Torre; Tello y Carrozzi..

Sancho Photo,Sancho Photo by Club Olimpo,Club Olimpo on twitter tweets Sancho Photo

De todos os resultados desastrosos dessa eleição pro congresso o que mais me deixa indignado é o do Sancho Pança Pazuello. Ele é disparadamente a pessoa mais incompetente que existe e mesmo assim teve gente que saiu de casa e votou nesse lixo.

@Record_Portugal No primeiro minuto o Dalot viu um cartão amarelo; o Sancho e o Antony não contribuíram defensivamente.“ Isto é apontar o dedo ao Dalot, seus bois de merda? Por ter levado amarelo? Fosse aquele cornudo do Félix e era o melhor em campo. Jornalixo..

午前中は税務署で用事を済ませて、午後はApple Storeへ🚃 同じ区にある税務署より、他の区にあるApple Storeに行く方が、運賃も安いし、時間も早い。。。⁉️ なぜだぁぁぁーーー😵.

Sancho is one of the most useless Wingers in world football. What does he really contribute to a game or games? Another English flop..

El plato que deberían haber dado para la final de #MasterChefBolivia era un plato de la Edad de Oro Español, luego los tres chefs vestirse de don Qujote, Sancho Panza y Dulcinea. Hubiera sido de fábula, viejo. #PorqueNoLoPensaronAntes.

@dadidahaswings 오 좋아요!! 교환교환!! 산초네 우비는 베이지색이에요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ.

@NachoRgz Miedo el que sientes cuando llegas a casa y el sancho todavía no se va. Jajajaja.

To be honest, Jadon Sancho needs to wake up if he is sleepin. He needs to fix himself and get back to where he belongs..


Rashford, Martial, Antony. That should be the frontline against Everton. Sancho is way to timid for an winger. No speed in execution. No risks. No diversity in actions. Sancho is an #10/#8 in my book, way better in central spaces/scenario’s and less eyes for his flaws..


“Sábete, Sancho, que todas estas borrascas que nos suceden son señales de que presto ha de serenar el tiempo y han de sucedernos bien las cosas DQDLM.

Sancho Photo,Sancho Photo by Roberto Laurencio,Roberto Laurencio on twitter tweets Sancho Photo

@sancho_puppy 와! 저랑 커플되네요 🥰 깨끗하게 손빨래 해두겠습니다! 산초 핑크 🥰.

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@Nozi_Michelle And the irony is that, in spite of him scoring goals, Rashford has been dogshite nd nor bothered all season. Sancho was shocking nd Bruno again allowed hos frustrations to ruin his game. It was overall the worst performance after the 0-5 from Liverpool.

@AddistudentJack @UtdFaithfuls It is obvious that saka is light years ahead of sancho. Over rated player IMO.

@markgoldbridge But they say ronaldo is old he can’t press . Sancho and rashford are the laziest players in that team . They never help and they are on more than 500k in wages . How the hell did Manchester United pay sancho an average player 350k a week ?????.

@samuelluckhurst Ye not surprised sancho doesn’t want to defend, he can’t even put an attack on.

Players like Sancho Saka Bellingham Rashford etc are so overhyped by the British media..

Manchester United 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Pelu gbogbo Anthony, palmgroove, Onipanu- ari nkan nkan Pelu gbogbo Fred, med, bed- ari nkan nkan Sancho, Nacho, bacho- ari nkan nkan.

Antony attack is dangerous than Sancho’s attack. Put away the lose, Antony goal is massive.🎖.

This is actually frightening. Scary Hours 🥶 - Jadon Sancho.

@Amonmrk @utdHarryy Sancho was actually terrible today. Genuinely terrible… but yeah i am also confident Antony will get better though yeah.

I was drunk asf in bed last weekend contemplating buying Sancho’s jersey😭 glad I left it in the cart.


Sancho has a few flaws and I’m sure he’ll work on them but one he needs to overcome is panicking when a player his standing him up, just goes backwards everytime but his old self would’ve skinned 3 defenders and put a cross in He’ll be back, i know it.

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@phillo07 100 per cent pal , youth team players now before any of them till eric can get 5 more in. Sancho as well can sling it, had enough of him. Grealish took dalot on more times today than sancho has taken on a full back since he signed. He will be mint in training in a rondo i bet..

Don’t see the need for sweeping changes vs Everton - City are ridiculously good and whilst many of our players were poor, they’ve played well other than today. I’d bring Martial in, push Rashy onto the left and bench Sancho for now. Then bring Casemiro in as well..

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