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If Werner doesn’t score I’ll deactivate. That’s how confident I am 😁

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announcer bfdi quote bot (wip)
Announcer bfdi quote bot (wip) ()

@loserspartner I guess since Pin has the highest score with her flower cake, she gets her second win token.

Mat Leslie
Mat Leslie ()

@StGeorge1967 Shut up. People are dying. Stop trying to score points when they are trying to save lives

Jarkko Hårdh
Jarkko Hårdh ()

Now Leeds playing their typical counter game. Have to adapt and learn quick or they score a couple more.

Robert "Willie" Mays ()

@MattFontana83 Jaromir Jagr is still scoring goals over in Russia at the age of 48. I think Lemieux and Gretzky could still score a goal or two on power play duty. Olajuwon still looks like he could get 10/10

Ibrahim Carab
Ibrahim Carab ()

@OfficialFPL He even had to readjust himself and make a perfect run in behind to score & give us points. Thanks Bamforddd. Captain material.

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🛠 Dale Chips 🧱
🛠 Dale Chips 🧱 ()

I just told affirm to note that I can pay my bill when @POTUS sends 2k. It’s between y’all now. Idgaf about a credit score. I have covid and am going back to bed.

Mochi ()

@robertfcbmV2 @kingsleygoalman Facts though. They hype up a 17 year old and if they dont score 3 scorpion kicks against the champions by half time they just abuse them.

N ()

If Werner doesn’t score I’ll deactivate. That’s how confident I am 😁

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ThatCrypto ()

@PeterMcCormack @molina4b You have been into #bitcoin long enough to know this is exactly what is happening. Also, calling people names is not an effective strategy to figure out the truth.

Luminous Writers
Luminous Writers ()

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Julián Haramboure
Julián Haramboure ()

La app de ATP/WTA no era un simple live score, por eso se extraña. Los draw oficiales y el schedule con cada cancha detallada eran muy cómodos de usar.

{ 실시간 광고문의 카톡 SNSKing2 }
{ 실시간 광고문의 카톡 SNSKing2 } ()

(실시간 광고문의 카톡 SNSKing2 ) score 핸드폰 소액결제 industry 휴대폰소액결제 정책 since 구글정보이용료 president 카드깡 profound Lg소액결제 nation 소액결제 미납 motive Kt소액결제

Matt Garlick
Matt Garlick ()

@NQNTFC Correct Score: 2-1 1st Scorer: Edmondson Anytime Scorer: Watson Anytime Assist: Marshall Anytime Yellow: McWilliams

Ana Clara
Ana Clara ()

📌 Restauração de SCORE ✅ 📌 Blindagem de CPF/CNPJ ✅ 📌 Limpeza de nome 100% Jurídico ✅ 📌 Exclusão de apontamentos SERASA, SPC, SCPC ✅ 📲 (61)98577-9573 📨 @

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finn | they / them
Finn | they / them ()

@_Elldorado_ you have to be 15 1/2 at least and you just take a quiz and if you get above a certain score then you get a permit

ShadowSpark ()

@AR12_Nick its a beast. Also, it almost made my highest drift zone score at the donut.

Scott Drinkwater
Scott Drinkwater ()

@NQNTFC Taking your #NTFCSCORES entries for Rochdale at home. Entries by 7pm Tues please. #ntfc Correct Score: 1st Scorer: Edmond Anytime Scorer:Watson Anytime Assist: Marshall Anytime Yellow: Watson

Gabe perkins
Gabe perkins ()

@Lakers Kuzma mia when needed to score with AD nothing but a role I don’t want to hear any talk about him being more than that

Dylan Waguespack
Dylan Waguespack ()

NEW REPORT: Iowa earns a critically low score on the 2020 State Index, measure of 50 states’ and DC’s response to youth homelessness. Iowa law fails to provide basic supports to young people in need of housing. #iapol #iapolitics READ:

@clinton_wealth ()

Been following this match odd #ATMCHE ... This Shows ATM to score

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Eman ()

@palan57 As universities finally withdraw from standardized test in mass, public schools should too. Universities used Covid as the launching point to get rid of both SAT and ACT for entrance. Seems rich kids were hiring tutoring and test centers to have test score that didn’t represent

Cleo👑💙 ()

@ChelseaFC Dont joke around Athletico are like burnely ,they score from first shot on target


Ain’t nobody lamping on uhh opp for 5 miles then upping it seem like alotta random, ima catch one to add to the score going on.

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