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Nonku Williams is honestly in denial like Mihlali’s fanbase when you tell them that she’s a febinist 😭, she still wanna be with Sfiso. Thembi and Papa Action kinda situation too if you ask me 😩😭….

@AdvoBarryRoux Sfiso deserves a statue in all provinces. A true legend indeed 🍾🥂.

@AdvoBarryRoux Sfiso have been planning along to leave her and he got an opportunity to, anyway akusndaba zam.

Sfiso Photo,Sfiso Photo by Zide,Zide on twitter tweets Sfiso Photo

@AdvoBarryRoux Sfiso has a new girlfriend but he did not know how to dump his current girlfriend. Finally the trash game came along and he grabbed it to dump her..

@AdvoBarryRoux 🤣🤣🤣🤣Sfiso has been waiting for this so he could leave the girl..

@AdvoBarryRoux Plot twist scenario 1: Sfiso has a new girlfriend but he did not know how to dump his current girlfriend. Finally the trash game came along and he grabbed it to dump her..

@The_Zondo @AdvoBarryRoux Besides you trying to play the better man Sfiso has a point. People need to stop acting brand new on social media for likes.

@Songeze_ @AdvoBarryRoux An hide it behind the statement I was jus talking/I was playing. While be khuluma inyongo sfiso wenze kahle islima le ntombazane.


This is back when the entrance was free 🤣🤣🤣 . . . . . . Fourways Betway Lil Keed Pharrell Sfiso #SenzoMeyiwatrial MacG #PowerBall.

Wayaka Sfiso he was looking for a reason to slaiza tsotsi😂😂😂 got it now using it 😭.

@AdvoBarryRoux Sfiso is like me, he parted ways long time with this girl and he only waited for this opportunity to make it official 😆. Keep it up Sifiso, never tell them the main reason for your departure !.

@Arthur_Cebo @AdvoBarryRoux Exactly what im thinking. There is a story behind. Sfiso used that as scape goat. We arent kids, we not gonna believe this nonsense❤.

@AdvoBarryRoux Yo Sfiso was seated on the first row ku men s conference ngiyakhumbula wafika ehappy.

Sfiso Photo,Sfiso Photo by Sir kaMhayise,Sir kaMhayise on twitter tweets Sfiso Photo

@Arthur_Cebo @AdvoBarryRoux Haai only Sfiso knows,but ke doing everything for someone and call you trash after is hurting..

@t_tspi @_MoYaSelabe You totally chose to misread and I’m misinterpret the message I was trying to convey. For Sfiso to tell Nonku all of that means that at some point and time, they were talking. I’m just saying, her demise was her believing Sfiso that he wanted to be with her and not Ayanda..

Sfiso nashlole a mo nyaka lekgale, he was just waiting nje. 🚮.

@AdvoBarryRoux I’m Sfiso Women that think men are trash have issues. They’re not emotionally ready to be in a relationship, not with an emotionally healthy person anyway. Also, it’s stupid to be saying things like that about your fathers and lovers. Why are you with them🤷🏿‍♂️.

@Arthur_Cebo @AdvoBarryRoux Exactly!! Sfiso thinks we are idiots born under his trashiness is showing..

Aaiii Sfiso just wanted to dump her all 😂😂 angeke.

@AdvoBarryRoux Lol Sfiso was just looking for a way out of the relationship & found it 😂🤣.

Bloemfontein never disappoints shamee!!!!!! Getting Down at Monday . MacG| Sfiso | Minnie.

@AdvoBarryRoux Nah Sfiso is childish I see social media as pure entertainment nothing more.

@south_prescott Ntombazana ushishiliza ngendunu phansi hoping for happiness.

Sfiso Photo,Sfiso Photo by The King Sfiso Menziwa,The King Sfiso Menziwa on twitter tweets Sfiso Photo

@AdvoBarryRoux Sfiso was planning to leave her and needed a stupid reason and he found one.😬😬💯.

@AdvoBarryRoux @Kevin_Amukelani boi!!! Nangu u President Boss Sfiso.

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👨‍🦱 Say My Name 👩‍🦰Sfiso 👨‍🦱U Smart,U Loyal ,U Grateful, I Appreciate That, Go Buy Panties, Go Buy Your Mama A House, Go Buy Your Family a House, Put This Money into your Savings Account, Go And Spend For No Reason & Come Back & Ask For More, Say My Name 👩‍🦰 Sfiso abo Zinhle.

Sfiso Photo,Sfiso Photo by TMSA. 💙,TMSA. 💙 on twitter tweets Sfiso Photo

@AdvoBarryRoux We need more men of men like Sfiso. Practice what you preach was it Barry White who sang that song yeah I think so..

List of Top Highest Earning Athletes in the World 2022. Wizkid Steff Igbo and Shayo Atiku Isreal #powerball Sfiso Accra North Luna #TowelChallenge.

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@AdvoBarryRoux Sfiso for leadership sfiso for president at mens conference.

Sfiso Photo,Sfiso Photo by Honourable Makalela,Honourable Makalela on twitter tweets Sfiso Photo

@TheeJ1M @AdvoBarryRoux Why is Sfiso feeling so belittled by something not said directly to him? Why is he so fragile?.

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