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Too many private equity firms are failing to provide basic levels of care to residents and leeching millions out of the British taxpayer and the pockets of care home residents. Labour will force out those who are providing a shoddy service. More here 👇🏻.

Guess what’s back… back again? Sharks Hockey is back… Tell a friend 👀🏒 #SharksCamp.

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Thresher #sharks have totally fin-tastic tails! 🦈 Learn more about these stunning sharks with our Marine Life Encyclopedia:.

Sharks, Predators told by Czech government Russian NHL players aren’t welcome in Prague for two-game series.

Team Teal is going green ♻️ The #SJSharks announce a strategic collaboration with @VoltaCharging to install EV charging stations at both SAP Center and Sharks Ice San Jose..

全日本実業団ご声援ありがとうございました! 明日はSHARKSからは200mに細谷と5000mに飯島が登場してきます! 腰がぎっくりさんということもあり明日の5000m欠場することになりました🙇‍♂️ 5000mは来週のデンカに持ち越しです🫡 引き続きお楽しみに🦈.


Thoughts on the Sharks all-teals now that we’ve seen them in live action? 🦈 (📸: @SanJoseSharks).

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The door is open for a possible Jumbo Joe return to the Sharks (via @Sheng_Peng).


Live college football kicks off right now in Japan! St. Andrews Thundering Legion Lions vs Wakayama Blind Sharks (KCAFL ) Free official, stream:.

Worlds thinnest floor award goes to @KotaroSharks - the poker tables are packed while the listed amount of sharks on ME is getting very smol, LFG.

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These folks have a really cool app for tracking marine life. Tonight they’re keeping an eye on North Atlantic sharks. In a hurricane. Strange times. #Fiona.

Watch the second match of the New Zealand U19 tour of South Africa when they take on the Sharks in Durban..

(Been watching ‘When Sharks attack’ and am amazed at everyone talking like they are so surprised sharks are in the ocean. My brother in Christ, they live there).


@StarTribune Scott Jensen thinks more guns will stop gun violence. By that logic, adding more sharks to shark-infested water will definitely protect all of us from shark attacks. /s.

Recuerdo haber contado que a los militares en GTA VC, el juego los toma como la banda de los streetwannabes (o sharks), acá de casualidad se buguearon y en vez de aparecer militares salieron los otros lol.

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Sterling is being gamed by speculators; sharks in a feeding frenzy, betting that tomorrow is worse than today. Big money is being made at the expense of those watching the public sector finances getting leached by the mates of those self-same speculators. It’s obscene..

Some ugly sharks wanted to control a cat, the cat was rebellious, fearless, free, the cat followed no one, sharks hated the cat, sold the cat to the devils, but the ever fearless rebellious cat fought bravely with dignity, cat won freedom and hearts, sharks lost everything..

@RLewisReports Completely disproportionate, tbh. I hate Tat* as much as anyone else, but all of this was a really exagerated reaction from a community starved for drama. They just jumped on to this thing because it was the only meat in the water the sharks could bite..

2x Lecturer posts at UWA in Perth, where there are stunning beaches where you can even swim with wild dolphins. Also very big sharks. Very big..

In this week’s episode, we check off not 1, not 2 but THREE @YOLO_TX firsts when visiting @VisitCCTexas. 🧘🏻‍♀️Floating Yoga ✅ 🛶Glow in the Dark Kayaking ✅ 🦈Snorkel w/ Sharks ✅ #CorpusChristi is loaded with unique experiences & we can’t wait to share them with you. #yolotx.

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Thoughts after reading the article. Very impressed with the sharks org calling him out. However, the sharks discussing this with him was the first sign that he realized it wasn’t okay. The fact he couldn’t use his judgement to figure it out himself is a huge red flag. (1/3).

3 habilidades que todo creador debe tener: ✅ Copywriting ✅ Storytelling ✅ Data Analisis By @weplash.

Was anybody going to tell me James Reimer unironically put himself kneeling at the cross with a SWORD next to the literal baby sharks on the back of his helmet for this season or was I just supposed to find out on Instagram I am losing my goddamn mind.

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“Financial giants that suck out taxpayers cash as profits by saddling care homes with huge amounts of debt while being based in tax havens abroad will be forced out.” @CICTAR_Tax.

Yes, this is so chilling about today: relentless pressure piled on poor families. What kind of world are these sharks creating? #nastyparty.


Do you know about ARPA-E’s SHARKS? SHARKS seeks to develop new technical pathways to design economically competitive Hydrokinetic Turbines for tidal and riverine currents. Hydrokinetic energy is an abundant renewable energy source. Learn about SHARKS:.

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The Lost City of Atlantis Habitat is cleaned regularly by the Long Island Aquarium’s aquarist staff, who swim amongst the sharks! 🦈.

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this is all theater and commercials for the sharks and their new product. that i all this is now thanks but no thanks . #SharkTankLive.

“Good evening sharks, tonight I would like to sell you on my Twitter. I follow people who make memes that are oddly pro trans but could also be racist, I am just as confused as you but it boosts my followers, now ”.

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🌟 Ximena trae un emprendimiento de esos que llegan de una al corazón de Samy. 🍃 ¿Cuáles Sharks cerrarán trato con Ree Made? Te leemos. 🦈 #SharkTankCol.

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