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Thirty sharks captured in the Great Barrier Reef and exported to France all died in captivity:.

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@donholio Just call it fair, it’s all I want. Bad calls both ways, Sharks benefitted from one this time..

Impression sur la victoire des Sharks? Est-ce que la série Boston-Caroline se termine ce soir? Que pensez-vous de l’arbitrage dans les séries et votre solution pour régler ce problème? Selon-vous, quel a été la plus grosse erreur des officiels dans le monde du sport?.

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Sharks fans threw garbage on the ice when a call went in their favor (again) but ooooook.

3rd time the sharks have been handed a game this postseason.

good morning to everyone except the San Jose Sharks and the refs that screwed us over last night🙂😤.

100 million sharks are hunted every year just to make shark fin soup. Let that sit with you for a minute..

The San Jose Sharks scored an overtime goal Wednesday night to take a 2-1 series lead against the St. Louis Blues in the Western Conference final..

This is my favorite (and ⁦@BlindMike_⁩’s least favorite) episode of ⁦@TrashTalkBSN⁩ ever. -Mike vs. the moron on EAM -Mike’s meeting with the big guy -DEC & MHB takeover -Xmas tree shop bans sharks -debut of “How Much To” & more..

Panthers find one way to get it done. Defeating the Sharks 1-0. A Touch scoop seals the deal..

Sharks = kill 5 people per year. Cows = kill 22 people per year. People = kill 100 million sharks per year. Why are sharks the bad guys?.

Footballguys Players Championship Draft last night Wednesday 5/16/2019 Team 5 with 2 early QB , 2 early K, and 2 D seems inefficient when these early drafts are full of sharks, but who am I to Judge #JudgmentFreeZone #FBG2019.

Thirty sharks captured in the Great Barrier Reef and exported to France all died in captivity:.

I have taken a multi 7 games. No guessing what game I left out!! Storm Roosters Titans Cows Rabbits dragons sharks $22.

Controversy over possible illegal hand pass clouds Sharks’ OT win over Blues.

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Blues’ Dunn injured after taking puck to face in Game 3 vs. Sharks.

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mermaids arent usually my thing but i just saw this and went ham.

Up to 100 sharks wash up DEAD on beach sparking fears their fins were ripped off - Mirror Online:.

A Queensland exporter sent 30 sharks to a French aquarium. They all died.

@AdrianPerss0n Men ser givetvis helst sharks som vinnare av hela stanley iår jag med. Sålänge inte Boston vinner.

@NickClarke01 Congratulations Nick. Honestly this great organization is flat out better with you in it. You treated us with such class when we Canadians invaded Santa Clara in Nov ‘18. We will be back and we look forward to connecting with you yet again as we all #QuestForSix ps Go Sharks 🦈.

@NHLPR So Bruins vs Sharks Final? Refs appear all apparently NHL too. Just award them respective series wins now, what next Blues and or Canes have to play without goalies? Disgraceful officiating overall affecting all teams, some more and a select few.

Blues try to keep their cool despite losing on a hand pass that went #SJSharks.

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Blues try to keep their cool despite losing on a hand pass that #SanJoseSharks.

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Sharks beat Blues in overtime to take 2-1 series lead in West Final.

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Permanent teal: San Jose Sharks fans get logo tattoos via @mercnews Division of labor.

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