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Not to mention the other marine animals who die in fishing nets, like turtles, dolphins, and sharks.

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The last time the Hudson Cobras (1-0) scored 40+ points in a game was 2017. The Cobras defeated the Anclote Sharks 40-23 Friday night. They travel to play the Fivay Falcons (0-1) this Friday night, their rival, in the Backyard Brawl.

Sale Sharks🦈
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41 | Sale win the free kick at the scrum after Bath still fail to allow the Sharks room to scrum. Sale knock on twice and gift Bath 70 meters. #SALvBAT [7-17] | #SharkTime | @GreystoneWealth

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@iyadabumoghli We cannot let the next 50 years be worse. Humans just keep spreading and taking land without a thought and keep eating everything like sharks, whales, pangolin and rhinos for medicine. The #SDGS need to raise this issue to all the governments. Children need educating & govs too

Vip12 🇺🇲
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@NHL @DallasStars Pavelski has single handedly dismantled Vegas since Vegas got owned by pavelski and the sharks

Sale Sharks🦈
Sale Sharks🦈 ()

40 | Sale win a scrum after Jono Ross and Akker wrap up Josh Matevesi after the kick off. Sharks scrum just outside the 22. #SALvBAT [7-17] | #SharkTime | @GreystoneWealth

Jeremy Herbert West: Reanimator
Jeremy Herbert West: Reanimator ()

I love bagels, but they never last long enough when I eat them. Sharks, this is the Bigger Bagel.

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@kthalps Katie, Maybe you have a useful set of foot soldiers (or maybe fin soldiers) in your crusade against sharks?

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@standupbath Slow start, but grew into it. A couple of standout performances so far. Rolling Maul is causing Sharks no end of trouble! Love to see it!

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最高つよP更に更新( ー̀֊ー́ )✧ ポセがとりあえず強すぎるから下方間違いなく来るよな😢 先にキメラアビの下方待ったナシやけど

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The Sharks
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In this month’s edition of Sharks Uncaged we catch up with Aphelele Fassi, assistant coach David Williams talks about training after lockdown, we celebrate Women’s Month and speak to the Group Head of Finance Minal Patel. Link: #OurSharksForever

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We Are Living In A Parallel Universe 😱
We Are Living In A Parallel Universe 😱 ()

@VpMd4 @Lori31803773 My life has been turned upside down. I look at this and think: No masks Beware of sharks Beware of jelly fish Watch out for plastic garbage Are they wearing enough sun screen I want my normal life back 😊

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LIKELIHOOD of hippos, sharks and crocs in the same body of water is really low. That said. Build fires & wait till they feed on each other. Build a fire trap and eat smoked leopard. When ready to go, toss the crocs, sharks and hippos a snack. Climb logs and go other way.

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SHARKS ON TO THE FINAL. 🇹🇴 Sione Katoa scored his 15th try for the season. He currently #2 on most try scorer in 2020.

Essence of Lursa is Voting for Joe Biden🐾☂️🦎🌊
Essence of Lursa is Voting for Joe Biden🐾☂️🦎🌊 ()

Some female sharks store sperm after mating, potentially holding on to it for years before they’re ready to reproduce.

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The Coaches Site
The Coaches Site ()

“Your best players, your leadership have to be your most honest, gritty guys and physically willing to put it on the line to win a game.” @GoldenKnights head coach Pete DeBoer breaks down Game 7: San Jose vs Vegas at the #2019HCC

Periodismo Rugby
Periodismo Rugby ()

Ruaridh McConnochie es una de las grandes figuras de la Premiership en esta vuelta del rugby. 6 tries en 5 partidos, hoy sacándose de encima a Manu Tuilagi. No por nada Eddie Jones lo incluyó entre los 31 de la RWC 2019. Bath se va arriba en un PT parejísimo frente a Sale Sharks.

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Not to mention the other marine animals who die in fishing nets, like turtles, dolphins, and sharks.

☚ #ItsAllAboutSound Heritage Day ☛
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