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Kupata jezi ya Simba (One Team, One Dream, BUNJU 2019) wasiliana na wahusika kwa namba 0764-033284. #NguvuMoja.

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@Monikafelizz Lmao she’ll be tight if i tell her ima take her and don’t pull up.

Now thats called a SIMBA style encounter. Well done Police. 🇮🇳 #Encounter.

guess we all in India just saw the climax scene of Simba play again in front of our eyes .only this time in real life .....

[email protected] talks about her pet Simba in this chapter of pet-time stories.

A huge respect for Hyderabad police. Real life simba!! 👌 #Encounter #PriyankaReddy.

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@IsabelBittar Simba poderia ter se tornado um Leão bem mais forte se ele tivesse vivo, mas ele não conheceria o Timão e Pumba.

@JesseHa83720945 They are. The look on Simba’s face cracks me up. Dom’s bro is at the vet and Dom being a little dude just decided he would get a cuddle from Simba, who is not amused. There was hissing about 3 minutes later when Dom tried to groom Simba. That was a step too far. 😻#CatsOfTwitter.

@ANI Ala ala Simba ala! Now Delhi Nirbhaya case require a conclusion exactly like Hind!.

असली #simba movie heroes हैदराबाद पुलिस दिल से salute.

@KapilMishra_IND @hydcitypolice you are real life Simba. Hats off to you sir 🙏🏼.

@GabeKunda The Lion King is supposed to be based off Hamlet or the anime Simba but the Epic of Sundiata, a traditional tale of Mali fits much closer, but instead of making an animated movie about a royal Malinke family in the 13th century they replaced them with lions..

@TimesNow Thats Simba thats the way to deal with these salute to you Hyd police.

@Taiya001 @BriannaCherry And other protagonists always get forgiven for their mistakes - Aladdin lied to Jasmine, repeatedly, but she still forgave him immediately. Simba abandoned his home for YEARS, even after he knew that his people needed him, but they still forgave him immediately..

इससे अच्छी सुबह आजतक मेरे जीवन में कभी नहीं हुई।।आज विश्वास हो गया कि खाखी ज़िंदा है।।बहुत ही शानदार काम किया है @TelanganaDGP मिल गया हमारी बहन को इंसाफ। कब तक यू बस तारीख पर तारीख देखते अब सीधा encounter का समय है।। Simba असली है।♥️♥️ #IsupportHyderabadPolice #Encounter.

@greatbong Exact same thoughts. Maybe somebody watched Temper (Simba) last night..

J. Cole & Friends - Return Of Simba click & play.

No matter how the world gets me down, so grateful for my sweet lionhead Simba..

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@Batty_Simba manuod ka Sis? nice dm ka sa mga admin sis LouYanong ForCareFree.

Singham-Simba are Just Movies Hyderabad Police is ✅Real✅ #NewIndia🇮🇳 #JusticetoPriyankareddy.

हैद्राबाद बलात्कार प्रकरण पोलीस आरोपींना घटनास्थळी तपासासाठी घेऊन गेले असता चारही आरोपी पळून जाण्याचा प्रयत्न करत होते. त्यानंतर घडलेल्या चकमकीत पोलीसांनी केलेल्या गोळीबारात चारही आरोपी मृत्यूमुखी पडले. अचानक रणवीर सिंगच्या #Simba चित्रपटाची आठवण आली. पोलिसांना एक कडक सॅल्युट 🇮🇳.

Who called him cp sajjanar sir and not #Encounter.

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Never knew Simba was 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 #Encounter.

@Batty_Simba Blocked nya din ako d ko tuloy mabasa twit nya sayang wala tuloy papansin sa kanya LouYanong ForCareFree.

Lion King: Deleted scene Deadlift training montage as Simba prepares for battle with Scar..

Kupata jezi ya Simba (One Team, One Dream, BUNJU 2019) wasiliana na wahusika kwa namba 0764-033284. #NguvuMoja.

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