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Tonight on #SkeemSaam Kenny reveals a well-kept secret to Clement @Official_SABC1

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PrinCEE Nkwana
PrinCEE Nkwana ()

#SkeemSaam you see i stopping to watch skeem saam because charles do not having is the wife, he is getting salt to 10 years now, dying soon that one

Gugulethu Imbali Yamantungwa Mphazima
Gugulethu Imbali Yamantungwa Mphazima ()

#SkeemSaam No matter where live stay active and connected with Supersonic Home Broadband LTE a month to month or contact me for more information 🙏🤗🙏

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𝓛𝓾𝓼𝓱 𝓑𝓮𝓪𝓾𝓽𝔂🌼
𝓛𝓾𝓼𝓱 𝓑𝓮𝓪𝓾𝓽𝔂🌼 ()

Here’s three reasons why you’ll love Epoch Baobab Body Butter… INCREASES: skin’s moisture, natural barrier functions and appearance PROMOTES: smoother and more toned-looking skin AND ENHANCES: resilience over time #SkeemSaam

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Smashforthehunnies⚡🏆 ()

#SkeemSaam Unfortunately time is unapologetically in constant motion, even when we slumber - WALLET PETER

Yummy mommy
Yummy mommy ()

You join with one chicken🐓 after two weeks you get a cow🐄. Inbox me for Details 🤣 #SkeemSaam

Phofolo ka Matsobane
Phofolo ka Matsobane ()

#SkeemSaam Guys asimxoleleni ngeke isono phela manje @Babeswodumo ...aibo nge wololo Queen

Pheello Sehloho🇿🇦⛶
Pheello Sehloho🇿🇦⛶ ()

#Skeemsaam This place is not Turfloop but Thokozani Cinema in katlehong .....

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J_Comfort Mocheko👑😇
J_Comfort Mocheko👑😇 ()

When you trying to get right and straight for a niggah and he fucks you up all over again #SkeemSaam

IG: makwela_obrian
IG: makwela_obrian ()

We gonna miss KOKO MANTSHA hle 😭😭🙏❤️ She gave us a great character and acting skills personally i appreciate her #SkeemSaam @SkeemSaam3

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Mošomiši Wa Twitta
Mošomiši Wa Twitta ()

Can koko Mantšha take kat with, that guy can’t act for shit #SkeemSaam

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Mapitsi will be embarrassed when she found out that Glenda was not sick, but pregnant #SkeemSaam

Avon Barksdale
Avon Barksdale ()

Rachel is gone, Lehasa just killed Lelo. So #SkeemSaam is gonna be without a woman villian?

Newton Wa Vhuthu
Newton Wa Vhuthu ()

Comments using ❤️ and follow everyone that likes your comment!! 😮 - - Vusi #SkeemSaam #witchcraft

Hlabirwa Mametja🇿🇦
Hlabirwa Mametja🇿🇦 ()

If I may ask: Lelo when have you started to be so weak. What are you doing with guns🔫 cause fire🔥 and bags👜 are your things #SkeemSaam

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JustNje ()

Skeem Saam: Lelo conspires with Marothi to take down Lehasa #SkeemSaam

Ambani 🤙
Ambani 🤙 ()

My gut is telling me that Lehasa mistakenly shot ntate Wallet .. Nooo! #SkeemSaam

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Karabo Rithuri 🐐
Karabo Rithuri 🐐 ()

Guess who was present at the strike. (Wrong answers only) 😂😂#SkeemSaam

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Motsichake ()

Ish whos gonna solve mantuli for us cause Bigboy is no more 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️#SkeemSaam

OfentseTheOne ()

I thought Babaile was gonna walk in with Lehasa holding the gun in his #SkeemSaam

#SchoolIsEssential ()

Are we going to ignore that Noah said what if she died and she was shot ??🤔#SkeemSaam

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Sabelo Bhengu eColenso🏅
Sabelo Bhengu eColenso🏅 ()

#SkeemSaam I thought I will see Ntate Wallet holding Lelo on hostage for stealing his She Is No More💔😪

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Riri/theQueen ()

Can cpt Malebane & Babeile do their job yoh there’s nothing that they solve, Kele went missing dololo; factory burned down still nixs #SkeemSaam

Mogwanti wa Pitoria
Mogwanti wa Pitoria ()

But I need that kinda toxity iny next relationship. Kill or be killed kinda vibes #SkeemSaam

Quanaty🇸🇿🇿🇦 ()

If you enjoyed today follow me for a follow back will follow back all the rts #SkeemSaam

OFFICIAL Skeem Saam 8
OFFICIAL Skeem Saam 8 ()

Tonight on #SkeemSaam Kenny reveals a well-kept secret to Clement @Official_SABC1

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☚ Joburg #GautengCOVID19 ☛
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