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Lions have spoken with “multiple teams” about trading CB Darius Slay, per @AdamSchefter

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Arrista ()

@tbitsko90 I love slay. The lions need to extend that man and take Okudah. But they won’t because that’s smart

💜𝓣𝓻𝓲𝓷𝓲𝓽𝔂⁷ 🌈 ()

He’s my bitch he can slay me all he wants🥵 (and no that’s not an insult cause I call all my biases my bitch cause they can freakin slay me🙌🏽) #JIMIN #BTS

SNY ()

Should the Giants make a move for Darius Slay? The CB is reportedly on the trading block

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Toni-Leigh 😜 ()

@_GorgeousxoJay @FlawlesslyHer Girl 😒 get two ponytails like pig tails w a swoop bang. Lemme slay you period

Barcheddy ()

@mike_e_kaye Such is life in free agency. Slay will also cost a ton for one year of control. Sadly they’re incapable of evaluating outside corners in the draft

Celeste Abdal-Aziz ()

@ColourPopCo Y’all definitely deserve a nap after all the good you’ve done Today. I’d love a blush crush pallete so I can Slay. Thanks for making this Monday fun, this was all just a pun 🤣😁😍

Maestro Jonez ()

@slay__z Melody definitely had a struggle. This is the only time I really remember her getting some shine vocally, and when they covered “Sway” for that movie Take the Lead.

Seahawklegion ()

Lions are shopping CB Darius Slay, Rumors are that they are looking for a 2nd-3rd round pick

Matthew allen loves cupcakes with jellybeans ()

@Kate_Chastain i hate all that happened to you--we watched a female get assaulted on tv and a production crew let it happen--makes me wince when i watch it--he has had ample time to apologize so im sure he will not slay many-i know i will not be

Lions Nation ()

Three teams who should look into acquiring Darius Slay from the #Lions.

Fadey_Fade ()

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Theodis G ()

If Darius Slay is really being shopped around, Most teams In the league should be trying to inquire about his services. Eagles should be throwing the kitchen sink to get him. I’d say my Raiders but I doubt we get in on the sweepstakes

Ryan Rademaker ()

@BigDrewandJim think Slay gets back to the big plays/interceptions/etc. if we get Chase Young? 🤔🤔🤔

Professional [redacted] ()

@youngttsunami You better dig up all my elementary school baggage with one image! Slay!

JonJon ()

@Detroit_Kenny @erikschlitt Yeah maybe something gets worked out still. Not even the new league year and so much starting to happen! I just want to see Lions have success next year will be happy if it’s with Slay or not.

Shaun Bulick ()

@daveydeagle414 @ErickTrickel Lol if Elway wouldn’t pay strap 12 per there is no way he will pay 15+ and give up a pick for slay, slay is no better than Harris when Harris was his age, and they are only 2 years apart

Jon-Don ()

@IcewaterOlson Darius slay wants 17 mill or more how the hell can we win now with a contract like that? We just paid flowers 18 mill. Unless you think Slay is the last piece to an elite defense paying him that much with the needs across the board is stupid. Not to mention when regression comes


Detroit Lions Rumors: Darius Slay Reportedly Being Shopped To ‘Multiple Teams’ #Football

PFF DET Lions ()

One of the biggest things when looking at the possible Darius Slay trade, finding a team that has enough capital in return and the cap space to be able to sign Slay to a big contract

Jimmy Dorda ()

@jonny_ghoulz Assuming we get at least a 2 for him and then aside from a dead cap hit, we clear the rest of his money which can then be used to sign someone younger to the big money we would have to sign Slay too.

³³sophie⁶⁶ ()

@odetoitzy Oh I thought of then but. others vibe better together u still slay tho

W ()

summoning circle: 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 Darius Slay 🕯 traded 🕯 to cardinals 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 I hope this works 😳

Abe Young ()

@BigDrewandJim Ding! YES! Lions D is worst BECAUSE OF SLAY. And yes I do propose that Slay has been the biggest problem. He is like having a checkers piece on a chess in Drew language that is lol

BoltStruck ()

@LakersNDChill @jon_huffine Offensive line is a bigger need for the Redskins. If you come away with slay and have the ability to take Wills or Thomas at 3, you do so.

Gen ()

mfs tweet “slay” and “omg” with a fancam once every three days and expect me to fb

Antwan Sr ()

Slay on the trading block now all of a sudden he’s regressing, man it’s sickening. I can’t wait for this off-season to be over

Matthew Needham ()

@BigDrewandJim you pay slay, worst defense gets lesser paid players which overall hurts defense. However, win this year could be financially worked around for a one year bandaid

Anthony ()

Chiefs gonna fuck around and trade a 4th & 5th and get Darius Slay

Shane W 🧢 ()

@BigDrewandJim With all of the Stafford drama and now Slay being talked about is showing one of two things. Either the Lions front office is truly scrambling for a magic answer, OR the Lions front office is faking chaos to manipulate other teams about our plan with the 3rd pick

B/R Gridiron ()

Lions have spoken with “multiple teams” about trading CB Darius Slay, per @AdamSchefter

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