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JJ Smuts to Jason Roy -- Ball 1: 0⃣ Ball 2: 6⃣ Ball 3: 4⃣ Ball 4: 6⃣ Ball 5: 4⃣ Ball 6: 2⃣ 22 off the over. Okay, England are in a hurry .. #SAvENG

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Moon 🌙 ()

me: [reads five nomin smuts] me: there arent enough nomin smuts to satisfy my needs :/


@ayanda_tso @DravidMelan is my world cup team Smuts/Malan/bavuma Dekock Ab Faf Rassie Miller Morris Andile/Pretorius Rabada Steyn/Nortje/ngidi Tahir Andiles batting is way below be difficult fitting in so many white players because of requirements but this is best team I think

Fred du Plessis 🇪🇺🇿🇦🇬🇧🇦🇪🌍 ()

@kluwit Agree he should have got a move on, but he and QdK built a solid platform for the middle order to play MO was Smuts and VDD had to do a rescue lost partners too quickly

Tyron Jabu Barnard ()

Genuinely don’t understand the criticism of Bavuma last night, did a job while QDK was in the zone, maybe could have done better once he went out. JJ smuts scoring 13 off 12 while we needed 12 an over more costly surely???

𝖸𝗈𝗋𝗂. ()

» Now I waddle away to clean for a couple more hours uwu But for real I crave romantic roleplays like yeah smuts great but 🥺 those soft kisses and spooning afterwards/before is what really butters my biscuits

Fred du Plessis 🇪🇺🇿🇦🇬🇧🇦🇪🌍 ()

@ayanda_tso Bavuma and Qdk, both played superbly last runs ahead of England after 10 overs. The problem was performance which stilted VDD’s momentum, and the innings

Fred du Plessis 🇪🇺🇿🇦🇬🇧🇦🇪🌍 ()

@DesiganR @ayanda_tso Smuts has been poor with bat and ball. Limited batting ability against experienced international leg-side mow is his choice of shot for every

Phakimpi Du Bois ()

Miller failed, Smuts failed but the problem is Bavuma, okay, same guy who took us through the first 10 overs and 100 runs without losing a wicket isbto blame

Kiran ()

@smuts_johan @WineCellarRSA Since you insisted I’ll make some time to help you out 😬


@ayanda_tso Bowlers for SA were terrible last 6 overs. Definitely bavuma strike rate was low, but also Smuts and Andile just look clueless with the bat at international level. Their ability to consistently find the boundary is non existent. And batting Pretorious so low was astonishing by SA

Schoeman 1964 ()

@kluwit Hopefully it was Smuts last game he look totally out of his depth on the A field.

Rhuu ()

@Shalmeen24 Name a player that have performed. This is not right that the player performs and is blamed for the loss due to his height. Where were all the tall players during the batting innings? Why do we need jj smuts in the team? He is not fit like other players his not good with ball

Andrew Mortimer ()

@BlaqsInCricket Because Gibbs tweeted 🤦🏻‍♂️ We should really be looking at why Miller was promoted when it’s obvious that Rassie and Smuts need a bit of time to get going. Why Pretorius didn’t bowl all 4 of his overs. The balance of the side drop a bowler for a batsman.

Dave Nosworthy ()

Definitely some small things to address for @OfficialCSA like bowling plans/execution- but competing well & @QuinnyDeKock69 leading the way 👏🏻 Would prefer to keep batsmen in their normal positions/roles - DeK, Smuts, VanD, Bav, Mill, Pret, Pheh etc. BIG game Sunday! #SAvENG 💪🏻🏏

Thabiso WaseSkomplazi ()

@ayanda_tso Wena Ayanda just admit that you don’t like Temba I mean TF! 🤷🏾‍♂️ Smuts & Miller played kak but no you single out Temba.

𝑏𝑟𝑒; 🐝 ()

@notkaaah Ai amiga, amo os smuts do Aizen mas são tão pouquinhos 😔 sofro kkkkkkkkkkk

GUD ()

@KNordenstrand Vi ska bara städa upp allt smuts som de folkvalda förrädarna har ställt till Sen är du mer än välkommen att komma Och vara här så länge du Danskar är med i min

Mylo ()

@OfficialCSA @SuperSportPark PLEASE PLEASE drop JJ SMUTS and introduce REEZA HENDRICKS

Ghumman ()

@hershybru Bavuma played well in the last game and put up a good partnership today too it’s the guys in the middle order who need to finish the job, JJ Smuts has had back to back poor games you should have a go at him

Persona non grata ()

@clementmanoko 🙈😅 After such a fightback, @justproteas deserved something. That Jon Jon Smuts was a waste of a wicket, shouldn’t be selected for 20/20 format. Maybe one

Cricket South Africa ()

MILLER WALKS |🇿🇦 123-3 Pressure mounting from Stokes 😢 Miller try to clear the boundary Jordan ends up with the crucial catches🖐️ Smuts makes his way Come on JJ ...Keep at it #ProteaFire #SAvENG

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Ben Jones ()

@frankbutcher76 Moeen has hit IPL level spinners out of the attack. He can take down Smuts and Shamsi

Thati, ceo of wagner moura ()

- ppl read fanfics, smuts, AUs or whatever that say even more explicit stuff. - John and Daisy are incredible great friends so he knows what he can say and what he can’t. - it was never about daisy - some accounts do worse with real life people they admire

•Sudhanshu• ()

What a great game of Cricket, despite the poor two overs from Smuts and Hendricks. Lungi just lighten up the show😍😍. #ProteaFire

Lebza ()

It’s over fuck watching this fucken team is depressing once again miller and smuts fucked us over. #SAvENG

🎈 ()

Smuts never coming back eh. This guy can’t bat and bowl as well. Sa version of Dube.

Kieran ()

Roy will ‘probably’ face the likes of Chahal, Nabi & Rashid Khan in the groups at the next WT20, different gravy compared to Smuts & Shamsi. Pinch of salt with this innings, maybe?

చందుగాడు ()

@Jayasimha_07 @KLs_Pooja Avi pedda spinning pitches kaadu paiga aa smuts gaadu oka tuppasi bowler mana pitches completely different

Cricbuzz ()

JJ Smuts to Jason Roy -- Ball 1: 0⃣ Ball 2: 6⃣ Ball 3: 4⃣ Ball 4: 6⃣ Ball 5: 4⃣ Ball 6: 2⃣ 22 off the over. Okay, England are in a hurry .. #SAvENG

ESPNcricinfo ()

Roy takes off against Smuts! 🚀 22 runs off the over - 45/1 after 4 | #SAvENG

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☚ #checkpoint #askmonstax ☛
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