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[email protected] drops new album So Much Fun..

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1ère écoute de So Much Fun terminée , l’avis va un peu changer au fil des écoutes bien évidement mais me concernant ce n’est ni une déception ni une grosse claque non plus. C’est un bon album, de très bons bangers et belle mélodies par contre une petite poignée de sons inutiles.

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EXCLUSIVE: Atlanta’s greatest rapper “Young Thug hospitalized once again after yet another intense back injury due to carrying the entire hip hop industry with the release of So Much Fun.

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@chanceml_ damn cuz you ain’t even tell my So Much Fun dropped you suppose to be the music man 😂.

Nitro is having so much fun at the #FOX59OntheRoad show at the Greenwood Amphitheater! Stop by and say hi before 10! 🤗 #FOX59Morning.

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[email protected] drops new album So Much Fun..

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Wow. Snoop really took 50s lambo just like that, these people are having so much fun with money 😭😭😭.

@youngthug Happy birthday 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂 More awards🏆🏆🎧 So much fun.

@BTS_twt Oh my— Namjoon 😍 thaaat black haaaair, those clotheees, your look amazing!! I hope you are having fun! Love you so much💜.

Just woke up after passing out from the huge super Mario charity stream. I had so much fun making this happen. Wish I could have gone longer but surgery pain returned. I plan to continue the charitt stream in the near future but super thanks to everyone who watched and donated..


Yellow team 💛 Even though we were disqualified early Hahaha but we had so much fun!! Nice meeting everyone, very.

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@juneshannon @danigodteo Passed the test (second try) at 38. It gets better. And driving is now so much fun ❤️.

How do you guys have so much fun and shit. I just feel depressed and tired all the time.

|| Being a tourist in a city I’ve frequented. Definitely having so much fun wandering and I’m so ready for KCON this weekend! #kcon2019 #la.

WAs so much fun on cam today will record some of my Lovense toy fun and put.

I’m such an asshole 😂 but I’m having so much fun with content and the #karnagerc and I can’t thank y’all enough for the support. Make sure to go follow my mixer if you haven’t already to watch me live daily.

It’s pretty fun making the new oc. I’m doing it with my mom, she said I should name her Atziri. She says I should do more characters like this cause it’s my culture. It’s really cool just talking about it cause she knows so much about the Aztec.

Today was amazing. planned to stream for 4-5 hours and went 8. I had so much fun, even tho i was exhausted by the end of it and my voice was nearly gone xD very happy to be back doing this. I’ll be trying my best to improve and get better at this, can’t wait for the future. gn ❤️.

So far my D&D campaign has 2 towns named after Blands towns and two Vespi references, and a RWBY reference,,, what more can i throw in here lmao its too much Fun.

@gihs_sherra — has so much fun. Papa nggak mau kamu nantinya menyesal Netranya melirik sang gadis, ingin tahu ekspresi apa yang ditampilkan wajah Aline. Nggak adil kalau cuma papa yang berkali-kali ngasih alasan. Memangnya kenapa kamu mau home-schooling —.

@Erulasse_ @Alo_SSB i just want her to have better normals so she isnt attached to phantom at the hip. She can only be played a very specific way, and she would be so much more fun if she had more options.

u named 3 out of 19 lol his flow is just too similar on a lot of the songs. listen to 1017 Thug 2 for example and you can see the variety in that vs So Much Fun..

@selangelic Most definitely. Until they get to obsessive with me being so much younger than them. Then the fun be ruined.

boi really acting like he’s better than me bc he’s 17 and never had a sip of alcohol and swears he will never smoke for like ur having so much fun there buddy.

18/19 because OF COURSE that bum nigga Nav would ruin a song. So Much Fun is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.

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