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You fam been asking me to have my own cooking well to u

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Tru® ()

Nothing abnormal about people working hard to put bread on the table. No one is stopping you from exhausting all your abilities, capabilities, talents, ideas and plans to make money and be famous while at it. I am proud of Somizi for working this hard. I am inspired by him

Luthando DataLu
Luthando DataLu ()

Killing #HOSH by @PrinceKaybee_SA ,dont we just derseve a whooooh shameeeee @somizi

Ndo 🔥 Fire 🇿🇦
Ndo 🔥 Fire 🇿🇦 ()

The only good thing about 2020 is my friend (@somizi) winning it! 🙌🏽 #UpwardsandForwards

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Times LIVE
Times LIVE ()

Somizi officially announces his cook show but not everyone is thrilled about it

Q. ()

@oh_ngu she purposely misgendered somizi, even after people pointed it out she kept the tweet up for about 5 hours lol.

Kgopolo ()

CASTING NEWS: Somizi hosts cooking show Somizi hosts a new cooking and chat show, where he has fun & candid chat with celebrities while they prepare a meal. The show is called Dinner At Somizi’s. Starts July 10th at 7PM on 1Magic. #PhilReports #DinnerAtSomizis

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MOHALE is a Teacher and SOMIZI is now a Chef 🎉🎉🎉🎉... Couple goals of you ask me 😂😂😂

Sipho Ndakisa
Sipho Ndakisa ()

Please follow me @Siphondakisa on istagram for more content ❤️ #lockdownextension #Somizi

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Mother Hen
Mother Hen ()

Not only will this help his followers feel connected with him, but it helps him gain insight on what his audience likes about him. That’s what #Somizi has mastered and again congratulations to him🎊🍾 @somizi

Zolile Sibiya
Zolile Sibiya ()

I can’t believe Somizi is expected to give up his opportunities so they can be given to someone else. He is not a chef but he can cook, people are always asking for his recipes on IG. People are acting like they would give up their jobs for other people!

GodsVeryOwn ()

@NolwaziMbongwe @Nokseezy Also, somizi did use his social media to push his cooking content for a whileeeee. The numbers alone there were crazy, he is an entertainer on top of it all so the numbers are gonna speak for themselves.

432 Hz
432 Hz ()

@Yourgirllarrie @Nokseezy Also not to say Somizi is the only person who can do that . But I can imagine there’s a lot to be considered

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#Somizi Female owned site offices rental service company. Iam based in Soshanguve Pretoria Kindly contact me at [email protected] 0838728477 Mimi

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Mchumane...uNozulu ()

@SomieVili @somizi Ask your new faces to pitch ideas to Tv stations like Somizi your new faces convince them they can bring in numbers. Tv stations are all about viewership ratings not charity. Now stop with this negativity you will bring up vile kids.

Mind_it ()

@PopPulseSA @1MagicTV We can have 100 cooking shows on TV seriously. Why are people acting like Somizi took up all the spaces. Those chefs can push to have their own cooking shows. Leave Somizi alone

Chief Hating Officer
Chief Hating Officer ()

Somizi doing a cooking show? Is the industry closed again? They never opened it up? Who has the keys to the industry?

Mphosssibleℹ🍒 ()

Please follow my page on Instagram for recipes with a flair🙃 #Somizi #kamo

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Mphosssibleℹ🍒 ()

@somizi Do you only feature well known people on the show? If not can I put myself to feature? My cooking page is Taste_with_mpho on Instagram

Thakhani ()

Happy birthday to her 💕🔥🔥🔥 retweet #HappyBirthdayMakhadzi somizi🔥🔥 she give us good music and performance

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Prada_boiii ()

#lockdownextension Somizi Kamo #imtiredofpraying Don’t damage yourself

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Lihle ()

TV is about ratings & Somizi brings them. SAns have to be begged to subscribe to YT channels, so I don’t think the “open up the industry” chat is really about that. I’m hoping the show has all favs as guests more than once if need be. Congratulations to Somizi.

Mhlongo Malusi
Mhlongo Malusi ()

@1Time_Pantsula @somizi Hlomla Dandala once said, find your star and the heavens shall open to you, that words in relation to our entertainment industry

Proudtobecoloured producer,writer,reporter
Proudtobecoloured producer,writer,reporter ()

@Josline_M @lekwetse_lulu Hayi we can asked for a cooking show. Somizi kook kak

GRBite sales 🗯
GRBite sales 🗯 ()

So those commenting against Somizi s new show, you think they will take your new ideas and remodel the show just suit your opinions? Either watch or don’t!

OB ()

@BlvckAsh_ Lol you guys!!!Somizi has spent years to get his relevance within the entertainment industry. A qualification alone isn’t enough and we as SAns need to understand that! Hard work and often times, endless hours to reach your goal. We go to school for 4 years and want it all!?!?

Zhou ()

@NiceTshimitYou Lol. There are better people who could do more with that opportunity. And Somizi doesn’t need it.

Oratile Mogoje
Oratile Mogoje ()

A cooking show would mean the focus is on the actual food, and the ingredients, nutritional values and and this is a talk show. It just happens to be in the kitchen. Somizi is a tv personality. Your chefs must create the cooking shows.

somizi somGAGA
Somizi somGAGA ()

You fam been asking me to have my own cooking well to u

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La_Tondè ()

I really thought he was holding a Chicken lickin Wing🤦🏻‍♂️

somizi somGAGA
Somizi somGAGA ()

Shoot went well in my home ......new tv show loading [email protected] @DJZinhle

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☚ #julybabies #GautengCOVID19 ☛
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