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I need to see everybody’s contracts at Universal and Sony I’m not gonna watch my people be enslaved I’m putting my life on the line for my people The music industry and the NBA are modern day slave ships I’m the new Moses

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VideoTech ()

A little look of PlayStation 5 UI from a recently released Sony Interactive Entertainment patent. It looks amazing! More here:

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JakeyonceTV #FreeBritney 🚨
JakeyonceTV #FreeBritney 🚨 ()

I knew I made the right decision getting the LG OLED tv instead of the Sony one dkdkkdjdjdjdjfjfjfj

Stray Kids Japan Official
Stray Kids Japan Official ()

Stray Kids JAPAN 1st Mini Album 発売記念 Sony Music Shop限定特典、ビデオ通話会の2次募集が本日12時よりスタートしました!この機会にぜひご応募ください♪ 詳細はこちら #StrayKids #スキズ

Laycon #Bbnaija ❼
Laycon #Bbnaija ❼ ()

I am so happy for T-classic , Finally People are Getting to love his craft, before Sony Music can sign you as an artiste you must be at your peak like Wizkid and co. Listening to his new project #ALIRAT he just dropped, baba made magic on that 😍❤️😍❤️

Ibai ()

Por cierto, la play 5 tiene gotelé, enorme el guiño al 80% de las casas españolas por parte de Sony, se agradece el detalle

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Geoff Keighley
Geoff Keighley ()

Per Sony, #PlayStation5 pre-orders will be available starting TOMORROW at select retailers.

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Ye ()

No one from Universal or Sony has responded so it’s Go time

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Ye ()

I need to see everybody’s contracts at Universal and Sony I’m not gonna watch my people be enslaved I’m putting my life on the line for my people The music industry and the NBA are modern day slave ships I’m the new Moses

Daniel Ahmad
Daniel Ahmad ()

Sony are using air freight to ensure that PS5 can meet demand / supply enough units The company has booked 60 flights from October (Delta 747) to ship consoles to retailers. This supply is expected to last through the quarter Air freight is faster than sea, but more expensive.

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藤原ヒロシの手がける THE CONVENI が2020年9月末で閉店

Sony India
Sony India ()

Get ready to elevate your listening. The #BestOfNoiseCancellation revealing soon! Stay tuned for more:

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Walls LT Promo, Info, Activism ◟̽◞̽
Walls LT Promo, Info, Activism ◟̽◞̽ ()

We are not sure if this is <new>, but Louis is no longer listed on the Syco Music or the Sony Music UK websites.

Axtwa Min
Axtwa Min ()

¿Por qué Sony no da los precios de las consolas? 1. Están preparando un evento para anunciarlo junto a lanzamientos. 2. Xbox les ha descolocado y tienen que consultar a Japón si bajan o se mantienen. 3. Siguen un plan de ruta que no piensan cambiar. 4. Es todo una mierda.

that one EZ gintama fanboy
That one EZ gintama fanboy ()

@ChibiReviews Sony becoming the disney of anime and look where disney is creatively bankrupted.

Timdog ()

Sony trolls thank you. Sony would of waited two weeks before launch. They care less. Xbox waited too, but said F it, lets go

Invictos ()

Hoy hace exactamente 25 años, Sony lanzaba el PlayStation en Norteamérica. El primero. El mítico. El mágico. Una consola que marcó la infancia de muchos de nosotros. GLORIA ETERNA.

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Sony ()

25 years ago today #PlayStation launched in North America. First game that comes to mind?

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PS5 Only
PS5 Only ()

“We Believe in Generations” #PS5  - Sony PlayStation’s Jim Ryan

The Onion
The Onion ()

Sony Reveals PS5 Fully Customizable With Different Little Hats

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Fazenda Chernobyl
Fazenda Chernobyl ()

@BarnzJesse Tá mais fácil aparecer o corpo do Ulysses Guimarães do que a Sony mostrar o falecido PS5

The Onion
The Onion ()

In Major Blow To Sony’s Upcoming PlayStation 5, Microsoft Announces PlayStation 6

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MBG ()

Not only that but it does encourage further competition against Sony by offering such an aggressive price point.

Cool Box Art
Cool Box Art ()

Graphic Kit for Sony PlayStation / Print ad / Meerkats Interactive / 2000

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DougMad4K ❁
DougMad4K ❁ ()

Microsoft vai surrar a Sony com essa estratégia Criador de God of War.

MAX Television
MAX Television ()

Kya ‘Bhairava’ akele ek gangster se lad payega? Pata chalega kal raat 9 baje, sirf Sony MAX par. @actorvijay #BhairavaOnSonyMAX

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Omni ☕️
Omni ☕️ ()

As someone who hated the Xbox One, I have to admit the $299 price tag on the Xbox Series S is insane for a next gen console. Microsoft coming at Sony’s throat.

Daily Express
Daily Express ()

It looks like the rumours are true! Sony tipped to reveal the PS5 price, release date and pre-order details on September 9:

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IGN Japan
IGN Japan ()

PS Storeで『Bloodborne』や『STAR WARS バトルフロント II』など名作やクラシックタイトルが1500円以下で購入できるセールが実施中。『Bloodborne』はおよそ1000円で購入可能

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UberFacts ()

The PlayStation 2 had such great popularity; Sony continued to make them until the month before the PlayStation 4 was announced.

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