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Have you ever attended a 6 to 6 event and went home in the morning? #Sphithiphithi.

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Listening to Sebenzela #samthingsoweto #Sphithiphithi this song makes my hustle easier.

Saw #Sphithiphithi trending and thought it had something to do with Samthing Soweto kanti wehhh..

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Why is Dumisa #Sphithiphithi Ngobe trending. All I know he was good at his long range shots at goal..

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The only #Sphithiphithi i can think of kwa manje 🔥🔥🔥.

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Eco pencil First in South Africa!!!!! Non-toxic ingredients No wood Recycled materials (Branding also available) #Sphithiphithi.

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Why are we still on 11 followers? #Sphithiphithi sodwa🤔 Follow. Retweet. Tag us. You might just get samthing samthing.

I bought this guy I was dating at the time, a 21st key for his birthday. He spent the birthday and the rest of the relationship years cheating on me #Sphithiphithi.

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When I saw this hash tag #Sphithiphithi I thought of #Zuma.

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Never had one, I asked my parents for the money instead, funny thing is I don’t remember getting it 🤔 #Sphithiphithi.

First female celebrity on the show? Haibo, Fifi Cooper was there mos? 😬 #Sphithiphithi.

Ngincoma amagalelo ka-Lady D. Khoza esebenzela umsakazo wakwa-SABC njengoba esekwazile ukwenza incwadi ekhuluma ngohambo lwakhe, uyisibonelo esihle nakwabanye abasakazi halala Sphithiphithi soKhoziFM @busie_mkhize @ladydwabantu.

Itsoseng potential unlocked, if ke etsa list ya di celebrity tse tlileng kasi yaaka le ka se dumele, ke bloma kasi ya batho ba slim ! #Sphithiphithi.

Can we talk about how so many Black men as boys lost their virginity to a grown ass woman and why it was swept under the rug in our community? Boys are abused sexually too but society either turns a blind eye or thinks they should enjoy the abuse! #Sphithiphithi #LetterToTacha.

SOUTH AFRICA will regret holding hand with whites to march against a Black sitting president. Now we are stuck with a White apologist puppets president who is illegitimate. #Sphithiphithi.

President Zuma is the only 1st black president who said let the economy be shared among all. He didnt say whites must be excluded. WHITES are so greedy that they do not want to share anything with anyone, especial Blacks!!Zuma was one of a #sphithiphithi.

By the time yall wake up you will realize that Zuma was not your enemy nor was he trying to crook you. They removed all black CEOs from top SOEs to make sure their sale is well facilitated. President Zuma was saying Black excellency, your Thuma yena is Pro white. #Sphithiphithi.

They are selling your SOEs and you are busy screaming Nyunity Nyunity with the whites who won the so called Rugby world cup. SIES #Sphithiphithi.

They are selling your SOEs and all you are worried about is if Zuma should or should not go to the rural ngabo December!!! #Sphithiphithi.

Hi, We are photographers in MABONENG we take visitors/tourists beautiful photos while they explore the place🍔🍧💃 If u planning to come to maboneng BOOK us via DM, Thank you. 🙏 #Mampintsha #sphithiphithi.

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@Spha_TheBase @ladydwabantu Sphithiphithi soKhozi ubizelwe kulento yokuba ngumsakazi😍.

#sphithiphithi guyzen itsoseng is not Mafikeng is itsoseng is itsoseng.

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#sphithiphithi #PerksOfBeingSingle Its G-Washington Mbube.

Mafikeng showing off that they too are on a national key point (underline) Amapiano 🔥👌🏿 #Sphithiphithi.

Those “the aim is not to sweat” people lied to us. #sphithiphithi.

Have you ever attended a 6 to 6 event and went home in the morning? #Sphithiphithi.

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