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Breaking: Victoria reintroducing stage 3 COVID restrictions (stay home order, unless shopping or exercising or giving care or going to work/school) from tomorrow night “for every home” in postcodes 3012, 3021, 3032, 3038, 3042, 3046, 3047, 3055, 3060, 3064 - for next four weeks

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Barbara Monaco
Barbara Monaco ()

@BobA1959 Here Covid was well controlled from March until early June with excellent compliance re masks/social distancing. By Memorial Day some stage 3 reopenings were moved up. Then many people seemed to feel that Covid was gone. Compliance fell and virus numbers rose. Sad. Frustrating.

Du ()

@oliviercantin @ScottStemple3 Instead of having blocks of text that you read from, have general “themes” written down Example 1. Small talk 2. Set the stage 3. Ask questions and listen 4. Repeat pain points back to them Etc. Helps you believe you’re just giving advice to a friend vs. selling stuff

Wendy Brasil
Wendy Brasil ()

A performance sem palavras teria sido sua no primeiro ano e o special stage de 2016 + sua primeira colaboração com colegas idols, mesmo tendo stages vocais no Gayo. Lembra quando SM enviou PCY para tocar com Rosé e Jihyo, em vez de seu vocal principal da 3° geração?

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Andrew - Fortnite Leaks
Andrew - Fortnite Leaks ()

Final Stage of the Season 3 Map with colors and more! #Fortnite via @VollMitBotox

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College Lefty Gaming
College Lefty Gaming ()

Skipping to the Final Boss in Stage 3 Showdown! #MLBTheShow20

CJ Blansett
CJ Blansett ()

Am I the only one that thinks that it is dumb as fuck making stage 3 affinity’s sellable? Need everyone’s thoughts


#brexit so far Stage 1: Jan 31st 2020 - 11pm Left the #EU - Stage 2: -June 30th 2020 transition period extension deadline day 11pm no extension - Stage 3: - December 31st 2020 - 11pm we are 100% free from EU dictorship - Then we end 2020 on a positive note - Which we need!

⚾️ Gomes ⚾️
⚾️ Gomes ⚾️ ()

Couple things I know for sure: DO NOT buy these Stage 3 diamonds on the market, doing exchanges are much cheaper. That being said, if you can con some sad saps to fall into the trap, SELL. Only goes down from here

ރ ()

Sinon j’ai déjà préparé mon CV pour mon stage de 3 mois de l’année pro mdrrrrr avec mon expérience pro de mtn manque plus que le nom de l’université de l’année pro et mes résultats 😭

Colin NOT Collins
Colin NOT Collins ()

Nigeria midfielder Ogenyi Onazi on the verge of signing for Serbian champions Red Star Belgrade. Negotiations at advanced stage on a potential 3-year deal, sources tell me #SuperEaglesInsider #Team9jaStrong

Richard Steel
Richard Steel ()

UK Lockdown Stage 3 Easing Day 99 Image - Our eyes met on the mountain slope and it was love at first sight.

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PlussyFan69! (Sponsored)
PlussyFan69! (Sponsored) ()

Let’s get it! Arena time baby. (Stage hazards on, no items for now at least, 3 stock)

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Falcon 5
Falcon 5 ()

There is also already almost all of the hardware for the next 3 SLS flights ready, including the core stage CURRENTLY BEING TESTED! It would be a HUGE waste of time, resources, money, and energy to cancel SLS now.

Leanne 🌄🌑
Leanne 🌄🌑 ()

@AnnieHH1987 Bournemouth & Brighton were good (for the no B Stage reason) but no HSN and I thought it had been permanently removed from the set list so LOST MY SHIT in Sheffield when they played it. Dublin night 3 was a very united front row. And I wish I had been at Aberdeen (no seat stage)

Taku ()

@bamiyan_stage お仕事お持ち帰りはしてないですけど、疲れてて何のやる気も起きません(:3_ヽ)_

mav is crying over hsw
Mav is crying over hsw ()


‏ً ()

He came across really intellectual and when we went on the date he was more so key stage 3 learning level - that was the end of that

ArgenSCORE ()

VARC 3: NEW STANDARDIZED DEFINITIONS OF STRUCTURAL VALVE DETERIORATION AND BVD @PPibarot #PCReCourse #TVTConnect Definition of SVD must include: Leaflet (or stent) structural changes (STAGE 1) And Irreversible Hemodinamic Valve Deterioration (STAGE 2 o 3) At Follow Up Echo.

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CFB / BFC Halifax
CFB / BFC Halifax ()

June 30 Message from the Base Commander to the #CFBHalifax Community. Starting Thursday, July 2, we will be transitioning to Phase 3, Stage 3 of our Business Resumption Plan, which covers the resumption of additional training and institutional activities.

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さわもち ()

カオスの百年〜YouTube Super Chat〜セトリ 1 Psychopolis 2ハートに火をつけて  3インフェルノ  4太陽がほしいだけ 5 Talking Machine 6 Calm Down 7 ホワイトアウト 8 名もなきヒーロー 9 Everyone is fighting on this stage of Lonely 10 Black Market Blues 11 新しい光 抜けてたらすみません😢

葉月하즈키♡(*´д`*)항상근짱편 ()

外見も内面も健康な僕の姿をお見せする事が、僕の自分との約束でした。 うなぎにとってそれが1番嬉しいことなんだよぐんちゃん…゚゚(*´ `* )°゚♡ #タワシ様本日もコマウォ (コメント抜粋訳)#チャン・グンソク 2020 JKS Online STAGE 夢【2/3】 - showerinのブログ

Scream For The ひー
Scream For The ひー ()

2.ハートに火をつけて 3.インフェルノ 4.太陽が欲しいだけ Machine down 7.ホワイトアウト 8.名もなきヒーロー is fighting on this stage of Lonely Market Blues 11.新しい光

おすぎやん 🍓゚/9mmは延期
おすぎやん 🍓゚/9mmは延期 ()

6/30 9mm Parabellum Bullet カオスの百年~YouTube Super Chat~ セトリ 2.ハートに火をつけて 3.インフェルノ 4.太陽が欲しいだけ Machine Down(instrumental) 7.ホワイトアウト 8.名もなきヒーロー is fighting on this stage of Lonely

🍑 @ KURO RANK!! + ミリシタ 3rd!! + 3
🍑 @ KURO RANK!! + ミリシタ 3rd!! + 3 ()

for the 1st/2nd stage upc cards im going for 3 units + for los im ranking for kuros new card starting tmrw and im attempting top 1k for minako in ml anni wheeze

𝔦𝔫𝔡𝔦𝔞𝔥 ()

the way stage 3 restrictions are being put back in place and my work (aka the only thing making me feel sane) is shutting up again

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Jaala Pulford MP
Jaala Pulford MP ()

Latest: regrettably ten postcodes will return to Stage 3 - Stay At Home restrictions from 11:59 PM tomorrow night👇🏻 Please read and share.

Giselle Rosman
Giselle Rosman ()

@algo_anthill Bugger. If it’s any consolation I’m largely acting stage 3 regardless of postcode. I’d miss my one local cafe stop though 😒

Josh Butler
Josh Butler ()

Breaking: Victoria reintroducing stage 3 COVID restrictions (stay home order, unless shopping or exercising or giving care or going to work/school) from tomorrow night “for every home” in postcodes 3012, 3021, 3032, 3038, 3042, 3046, 3047, 3055, 3060, 3064 - for next four weeks

Bridget Rollason
Bridget Rollason ()

From tomorrow night 10 postcodes to go into lockdown Include -3038 -3064 -3047 -3060 -3012 -3032 -3055 -3042 -3021 -3046 Return to stage 3 restrictions until at least July 29. Only four reasons to go out @abcmelbourne #springst

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Namibian Presidency
Namibian Presidency ()

The next level of migration for Namibia: #Stage4 Tonight at 23:59, 13 regions with exception of the Erongo Region, will transition from STAGE 3 to STAGE 4 until 17 September 2020, for an extended 10-week period. #COVID19

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☚ #powertalk #level5 ☛
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