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So Zondo want South Africans to believe that all ANC people who worked under president Jacob Zuma were corrupt except Cyril Ramaphosa #StateCaptureReport.

After reading # 🇿🇦 is safe with this kind of consciousness.

#StateCaptureReport Photo,#StateCaptureReport Photo by Thuso™ 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦,Thuso™ 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦 on twitter tweets #StateCaptureReport Photo

Imagine the trees that lost their lives just to have that crap they call “statecapturereport” written. @MYANC @CyrilRamaphosa.

Cyril and Raymond don’t take us serious, what’s the delay for?#StateCaptureReport.

By 22:00 tonite we would have people arrested over this choreographed #StateCaptureReport.

Cyril Ramaphosa has increased his salary and that of his cabal by 3% that is over R60 000 per person. This includes backpays. They justify it by international standards. Earlier on he increased salaries of judges. Any questions 😂 Back to #PhalaPhalaFarmGate #StateCaptureReport.

People who are distorting this beautiful country is politicians irrespective of which political party. But these people are the source of our problems #StateCaptureReport.

Live and direct, @SABCNews Politics Editor @mzwaimbeje crossing live from the Union Buildings ahead of the handover of the much anticipated final instalment of the #StateCaptureReport. Bukela i-#SABCNews channel Manje!.

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Politicians will always be politicians, especially when it comes to delivering on TIME!!... 🤔 #StateCaptureReport.

Buddy buddy between Executive and Judiciary Not good for democracy.#StateCaptureReport.

#StateCaptureReport, captured in the presidency,lot of editing I assume. Will it be credible?.

If a journalist says he saw boxes which might contain the report,why is there a delay?#StateCaptureReport.

# menu at Manenzhe Trading Enterprise.

#StateCaptureReport Photo,#StateCaptureReport Photo by Samuel Manenzhe,Samuel Manenzhe on twitter tweets #StateCaptureReport Photo

State capture was a darkest period in our democracy i hope appropriate action will be taken against the culprits #StateCaptureReport.

Something I love and admire about @karynmaughan is that she is not afraid asking the right questions 🙌 #StateCaptureReport.

The moment we have been waiting for!!! I guess politicians, lawyers, Journalist, Academics are not going to sleep tonight #StateCaptureReport.

Ntate Mondli, please maaaan! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭 #StateCaptureReport.

So the CJ ⚖ recommends to the President to take disciplinary action against @LindiweSisuluSA on her opinion piece she dotted. The CJ confirms now that there was no investigation done into the alleged Jucidial wonder what informed his decision #StateCaptureReport.

I don’t know why they kept on laughing and giggling like it was a celebratory event. #StateCaptureReport.

The totality of the chapter on Prasa reveals what at best can be read as a general disinterest in the well running of the rail agency from the President (past and present), ministers, parliament, the board and the executive. #StateCaptureReport.

Athur Fraser will now understand-who runs this country, his time with JZ has elapsed. He has himself to blame from this point defended the man so hard that he even failed to see when he dug himself this hole. #StateCaptureReport.


Bleak waking up to SA Twitter defending corruption and criminality #StateCaptureReport.

I am going straight to the evidence of Vuyisile Ndzeku. Leadership that one #StateCaptureReport.

The twerking there by #StateCaptureReport🙊🙊🙊🙊. There are two opposing groups slugging it out contest the truths according to them. It is bloody hilarious..

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Poor @Oliver_Speaking u really believe a further commission will make a difference, agg shame. Its nt going to happen bro, anc will not commit that suicide. Lets all put resources together to get anc below 50%. Then we can rationalize being hopeful #StateCaptureReport @SAfmRadio.


The TRC commission [1995-2002] lasted longer and cost a similar amount (once you correct for the value of money today) ✌️ #StateCaptureReport.

@MYANC @Judaeda3 My #ANC is very busy issuing statements responding to political opponents about how they run their organizations. Instead of responding on current issues affecting the whole of South Africa that is #StateCaptureReport..

Ghost companies. That series call shell companies. Comrades are elite in looting. #StateCaptureReport..

So President Jacob Zuma was a corrupt president? And he is so good that there no way to trace the monies he stole nor evidence that he stole money from the state? Nimjwayela kabi ubaba nina #StateCaptureReport.

Did we just spend a billion rand to introduce neo-liberal policies through the back door?? You have to admire the system - they make YOU pay for polict change that will screw u even further n enrich themselves. Zondo #StateCaptureReport.

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