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Jodhpur main aaj bhi 114 positive aaye hai ghar main raho bahar na nikalo #StayAtHome

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Matt ()

Me answering the door to wave to the delivery driver so they don’t realize we have ordered Panera 5 times this week. #StayAtHome

Court Hinton
Court Hinton ()

I know, Baby Girl. I hate it here too. Meanwhile #StayAtHome #BeWell

Alison Haddock, MD
Alison Haddock, MD ()

Congratulations @annezinkmd and Houston, we have gotta do better. #WearAMask #StayAtHome

Eric Rivera
Eric Rivera ()

Oh our Amazing Primo is back for a few days. Enjoy 5% off your entire purchase across my site by using the discount code fuckgoya. I got you, primo. - Jefe Besos @addoseattle

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VinoVidoVico ()

@urcurrysoup Thank you. You too. Besok present online saja, harus membatasi diri keluar2 #stayAtHome

SleepyStoic ()

@KHOU @BillBishopKHOU Abbott is an authority on disappointing people. But great, now he has some thin political cover for issuing #StayAtHome orders by Monday. “I really did not want to do this and we shouldn’t be in a place where we have to, unfortunately due to the actions of ”

Dayana Sosa
Dayana Sosa ()

Roughly 57,000 new cases reported yesterday in the US. Consistent days with that many new cases each day. Insane. #StayAtHome

Universidad Politécnica de Cuautitlán Izcalli
Universidad Politécnica de Cuautitlán Izcalli ()

👉 Comunidad Fénix, les compartimos este gran talento de nuestra universidad. Les recordamos que la Convocatoria de UPCIs Got Talent, Summer 2020 sigue abierta, participa y envíanos tu video a [email protected] #WeAreFenix 🦅📚 #StayAtHome 🏠

Police Sewak
Police Sewak ()

Jodhpur main aaj bhi 114 positive aaye hai ghar main raho bahar na nikalo #StayAtHome


#AdoreMeAndChill #StayAtHome Staying at home is always better when you are comfortably chillin in your fave bralet 🖤

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Prof. Briony Horgan 😷
Prof. Briony Horgan 😷 ()

I’m proud that @LifeAtPurdue is on this list, ICE has no place regulating which classes intl students should take and who can and cannot #StayAtHome

NCI Emergency Management
NCI Emergency Management ()

Check out the @CDC covid data tracker here => to get up to date information about how the virus is spreading in your community. #StayAtHome #InThisTogether

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あひる🇺🇸 ()

@MirucoSato そう、StayAtHome 始まってから勤務場所からお菓子棚と冷蔵庫まで大股三歩なんですよね…

Stacey Garratt
Stacey Garratt ()

@bennettleigh 100+ days of #StayAtHome, being a good girl, in the zone, and definitely missing the days of touching road.

Lynn Jones
Lynn Jones ()

@Sali1368 @VonnieCalland Happy Birthday to her. Keep our loved ones safe. #StayAtHome #WearADamnMask

Mollie Miller
Mollie Miller ()

Yep and then comes begging for help once he realizes he can’t walk. #StayAtHome #MaskUp

Stephgem🔮 ()

@MayorOfLA & @GavinNewsom can you please reimplement the #StayAtHome order in LA. Thanks✨

Author & Life Coach
Author & Life Coach ()

a diet that works for us can make a profound difference in our health - will you complete your mission and achieve dieting success? - find Life Transformation info at #StayatHome

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Shannon Siewert
Shannon Siewert ()

Tanned, toned, curves in the right places and that small waist…lips, hair, eyes all packaged up like a siren. If she’s a siren, I heard her call, and I’m diving in hook, line, and sinker. - Drew Donovan #stayathome #german

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Aın ()

@tkdnxv Thank you! #StayAtHome Jom surprisekan orang tersayang! I jual balloon, bouquet and brownies murah🧡

Theo Allen - Universal Masking
Theo Allen - Universal Masking ()

@KrutikaKuppalli #StayAtHome orders work, but have negative consequences. The widespread COVID transmission in Arizona, California, Florida, and Texas requires a #StayAtHome order.

سهرات دبي 🥰 قواده دبي 💋 جرارة دبي 🔞
سهرات دبي 🥰 قواده دبي 💋 جرارة دبي 🔞 ()

احلى سهرات دبي 🥰🍾🍷 وبنات مغربيات مصريات سوريات تونسيات جزائرية لبنانيه خليجيات وحلوات💋 وصغار واحلى وأروع وناسه😍 وسهره❤ودلع فله من19 إلى21.امامي 😍1500امامي وخلفي2000شرط ان تحجز ف😍 دبي😍 او عجمان للتواصل 00971567628734 #StayAtHome #Dubaigirls

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Eric Rivera
Eric Rivera ()

LOL Goya, you are trash. Need better products? I got you.

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Faiq Abdillah hafizh
Faiq Abdillah hafizh ()

Lama kelamaan dirumah makin bosen semenjak ada Corona. Tapi ya nggak apa apa si yang penting saya dan keluarga sehat. #StayAtHome

Not a William
Not a William ()

America talking “Yo take this selfie for me.” #StayAtHome

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(REST) kwak_dii ❤ 🐶
(REST) kwak_dii ❤ 🐶 ()

#StayAtHome brand ambassador @NUESTNEWS They literally not going anywhere especially Baekho and Aron

Nurse Lia 🤎
Nurse Lia 🤎 ()

Bar seating will remain closed as Virginia enters phase 3. Gyms to 75% capacity and restaurants full capacity with social distancing. 😳#StayAtHome

在宅している ()

@aomidorinomizu ありがとうございます! モチベーションになります


LUMS Live Session 24: Cooperation or Conflict During Times of Crisis? Lessons from shared Water Resources Join us as we discuss ways for nations to unite against a global crisis; turning conflict into opportunity with rational policies and objectives. #StayAtHome

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IndiHome ()

@Minaren_24 Sama-sama, Kak Ren. Afa ikut senang mengetahui kabar baiknya dan selamat menikmati layanan IndiHome kembali, ya. Stay safe, stay healthy, #StayAtHome dan bersama IndiHome semua #PastiBeres :) Terima kasih -Afa

☚ #HhayiBoMnakwethu Europa League ☛
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