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US Open victories in singles - women 101 Chris Evert 101 Serena Williams 89 Martina Navratilova 79 Venus Williams 73 Steffi Graf.

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Na-animalan na man jud nis Steffi oy! HOW TO BE LIKE YOU OY?! Piste!.


@Steffi_Cole We have a redhead with an AR-15, I repeat, we have a redhead with an AR-15. Be still my beating heart.😍👍.

@libertylineman @Steffi_Cole He has no idea the ramifications of what he’s saying. America isn’t New Zealand.

@Steffi_Cole They use to say “we don’t want to take your guns, we just want common sense gun control” even 2 years later it’s “we want the guns, we will take them by force”.

@Steffi_Cole So we have not really communicated directly together yet, but we are both libertarian, and I can tell you that that novel will stick with you for the rest of your life… Not sure why you are a libertarian, doesn’t matter, but I am lifelong.

@Steffi_Cole Great decision. I read it last year and it only strengthened my libertarian-leaning ideology..

@Steffi_Cole Wise decision!! I’m reading “One Second After” by William Forstchen while its on.

@BaseballBrit @tigers Why they ever changed it, I will never know. That old logo was the best in all of sports. The new one is one of the worst..

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@AP4Liberty @TheLibRepublic Taxing the rich is actually hurting the poor. Why? The rich people employ the rest of us. The less money they have to spend, the less employees they are able to support. Hence, more unemployment. And the cycle.

While screensharing, the Microsoft technician got to see my YouTube video clips of me holding my Bastiat book wearing my @AP4Liberty t-shirt. That was fun!.

Karla and Steffi seem to be awesome girls! 🤪 🤣🤣 #robron.

I’m currently on hold with @Microsoft to see if they can help me with my iPhone/PC file transfer issues. Geek squad and Apple couldn’t help me. Fingers crossed! 🤞.

@Steffi_Cole Nah. Not interested. Same overall sales pitch between them, just packaged differently..

Let me say this one more time for the people in the back: Prohibition doesn’t work!!!!.

Folks, my goal is to inform people and keep them awake to the realities of corrupt government. We can no longer keep turning a blind eye to reality. Our freedoms are at stake. Clearly, most of our legislators are not going to help us. Only we can help ourselves! Together, we can..

Wtf is going on here? House Judiciary Committee Advances Bill that would Ban High-Capacity Magazines.

Model: Steffi Set: Svetanes Photographer: Rylsky @rylskyart1 Site: #RylskyArt ⬇️See Gallery Here ⬇️ 🔞 #NSFW 🔞.

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Most Grand Slam match wins in the open era: 357 Roger Federer 349 Serena Williams 306 Martina Navratilova 299 Chris Evert 280 Novak Djokovic 278 Steffi Graf 272 Rafael Nadal 269 Venus Williams.

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I think Steffi knew that Rob would have a lot of votes and voted for Nicolle to take the vote away from Rob. #SurvivorSA.

So Seipei and Steffi didn’t vote for #SurvivorSA.

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I scheduled 2 chiro appts, a dentist and an eye doctor appt today, tryna get my shit together.

Most Grand Slam titles 24 - Margaret Court 23 - Serena Williams 22 - Steffi Graf 20 - Roger Federer 19 - Helen Wills Moody/Rafael Nadal 18 - Chris Evert/M. Navratilova 16 - Novak Djokovic #USOpen2019 #USOpen.

Un 8 de septiembre de 1990, en el estadio Louis Armstrong de Flushing Meadows, @sabatinigabyok se coronó campeona del US Open al vencer a la número uno en aquel momento, Steffi Graf. Gaby fue pionera en un tiempo dónde no era tan fácil abrirse camino como mujer deportista (Sigue).

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US Open victories in singles - women 101 Chris Evert 101 Serena Williams 89 Martina Navratilova 79 Venus Williams 73 Steffi Graf.

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