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it’s safe to say that Bria’s Birthday Party was a success❤️✨

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Mubasher Malik
Mubasher Malik ()

@POTUS Not everyone has your best interest at heart. Look out for those who aren’t happy for your healing, your growth & your success. At times, the naysayers are those closest to you & the biggest supporters are those furthest from you. Focus on those who matter & nurture those bonds.

Silver Funds
Silver Funds ()

@GoldTelegraph_ A very popular investment anecdote relates how Isaac Newton, after cashing in large early gains, staked his fortune on the success of the South Sea Company of 1720 and lost heavily in the ensuing crash.

女 | Lisaa 👑🦄
女 | Lisaa 👑🦄 ()

Imagine trying to cancel someone by using the biggest insulting lie you can ever come up with because you’re jealous of their success and then fade into obscurity before I could even respond 😅 The FGC is not Hollywood, we’re not celebrities, I’m not going nowhere😼

𝓼𝔂𝓴𝓴 𝔂𝓾𝓷𝓸
𝓼𝔂𝓴𝓴 𝔂𝓾𝓷𝓸 ()

@Alexalter12 most likely a tsunami. and even then, this heist is not a guaranteed success anyway 😂

Sinem Sever
Sinem Sever ()

@DKSHYO Definelty so true about baek. He even deserves more. I really believe ksoo is one of the biggest reason of exo success. He literally gives that rnb vibe and soul to exo songs. Even many armys said that obsession did not succeed enough cause ksoo was not there. Thats ridiculous.

Press TV
Press TV ()

A political crisis is dragging on for the Israeli regime as embattled Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s deadline to form a new cabinet is due to expire shortly with no sign of success.

Movie Line | #RestoreTheSnyderVerse
Movie Line | #RestoreTheSnyderVerse ()

@Darragh_Scanlon Yea as much as I think a new hope is my favourite, the empire strikes back is probably the best one and the without the success this movie made I don’t think Star Wars would still be going to this day. #MayThe4thBeWithYou

Mohan ()

@PRSundar64 success or failure. He fought against the big sitting in the gallary and watching the drama . He never used punch dialogue in his reel life(cinema life) unlike other mass heros. True warrior. 🙏🙏

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Michael Novotny
Michael Novotny ()

@lesley_pizza @TwitterSpaces That’s great! Unfortunately for me had many many issues. Many people dropped and twitter app crashed, many folks not able to get volume. Haven’t had a success meeting without a major issue. But maybe just me?

Ashu Khanna
Ashu Khanna ()

We all seek happiness, fulfillment, and success in our life. In that journey, we often forget to channelize the source of our existence. Ikigai, a Japanese concept shows how to discover the purpose of life and take action for sense of fulfillment. Watch:

Bells HOT SAUCE ()

first day was a success and very nice! this is my view from work ft the boba that i made myself

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Silent Handz
Silent Handz ()

Member: BigMeech, Just Dropped Some Success In SH. ---------🤫🤲---------- Make Sure You Are Checking In Frequently For Invite Opportunities. ---------🤫🤲---------- Click The Link Below, To View The Full Image. I finally hit on one, my wife finna get 3 😁

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C ^2
C ^2 ()

@Taner_Crypto @z0mbie_a Lol it’s okay, dont worry. the dialogue, mentality and formatting of normal Twitter is very different than crypto Twitter. Please keep sharing your success.

The Cricketer
The Cricketer ()

I’m looking forward to spending a lot of time here in the years to come and hopefully I can settle down in the team and have some real success

STONEWALL Supporters
STONEWALL Supporters ()

STONEWALL rising to (of 10) based on votes of 3575 users at Internet Movie Database (IMDB). Great success!

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Elaine Coates
Elaine Coates ()

@BenMyers1 @IanMBrooks I think the problem is people see success in the arts as being purely due to talent. It is understood that engineers have to be trained, but degrees in music or performing arts are seen as a waste of time - as if those skills just occur spontaneously & can’t be taught or honed.

Ali ()

This bio bubble thing hasn’t been a big success so far, really confusing what icc will plan for the world cups.

David Schwab
David Schwab ()

If you retrofitted ice cream trucks as 7-11 stores and traveled neighborhoods - would they have success or not? What other brick/mortar could go truck style (outside of food) and win?

IST ()

Give appreciation to all teachers around the world. They have an important role in our lives. They give purpose, they prepare us for success, and inspire us to do well and succeed in life. Thank you teachers! ♥ #TeacherAppreciationWeek

Hannnnnny ()

That feeling of success when you’ve finally gotten on a rough and tough Bostonians good side 🥺

サクセスダイエット ()

午前0~6時をまたぐことで、ダイエット効果を得ることができます。 また、睡眠時間は8時間が良いとされています。 ⇒ [楽天]

Iya ()

nagkafirst win na nga kuda parin kayo ng kuda,hay buhay u celebrate the success of your faves first. Wala na kayong ibang ginawa kundi mang-drag ng ibang groups e

Elliot David
Elliot David ()

@BlochairnBhoy Haha. What a prat. Blaming the UK’s slow response (and ignoring East Asia’s rapid response and continuing success) on China. Xenophobic hypocrisy.

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Taytay ()

@schaekay1 Why should a grandmother be worried that her grandson is thriving, I think it’s the prayers of every good parents and grandparents for their children and grandchildren to succeed🤷🏽‍♀️. I think it’s a little bit late for anyone in that island to worry about H&M’s success.

O.P.Awasthi ()

#कंगना_तुम_कहाँ_हो नन्दीग्राम सेलिब्रेट करने गई है शायद 2800% success को !

Åndrew Rußell
Åndrew Rußell ()

It’s hardly news that young ppl who label themselves as “strictly independent” turn on not to be. Tobias Elwood tried this for 3 years as an undergrad w/out success. Lembit Opik got to NUS Exec doing it.

FrankieCamp ()

@ScotlandSky @RangersFC If that was the success of a Celtic manager winning 1 trophy in 3 years he wouldn’t have lasted one season never mind 3 years doubles or trebles aren’t for every club 😉👍

Anthony Rushing
Anthony Rushing ()

Just showing up for your workouts is the first key to success. Well, I showed up this morning. Can I get a cheeseburger later? 🍔😎

成功するための名言 ()

成功したらどうしようとは考えていますが、失敗することは全然考えないです。 自信がない時は絶対にいい結果は出ませんね、僕は自己暗示ではないですが、たいていは勝てるつもりで乗っています。(武豊)

La’Ron Katrel
La’Ron Katrel ()

it’s safe to say that Bria’s Birthday Party was a success❤️✨

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