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Tweet247 | Updated: Thu, 19 Apr 2018, 20:08 PM IST

#SupraMahumapelo Top Tweets On Twitter

  • Urging residents calling for his resignation to speak with government and stop violent protests, #SupraMahumapelo says : “Whether you have Mahumapelo here tomorrow or he is not there; if you have a pothole in front of your house, it will still be there”. MS.

  • BREAKING: Residents is Mafikeng in the NW have burnt a bus & taxi, barricading roads with debris & rocks, with hundreds of learners skipping school demanding resignation of NW Premier #SupraMahumapelo #sabcnews.

  • #SupraMahumapelo: Ace Magashule says corruption allegations against Mahumapelo remain untested and the necessary bodies should be left to investigate. MS.

  • Tshwane resodents chanted "No Sputla, no vote" & ANC ignored their call. North-West residents are saying #SupraMustFall & ANC is being nonchalant about this call again. uKhongolose will never see a signal even if it was delivered by Angel Gabriel. #SupraMahumapelo.

  • #SupraMahumapelo says some North West #ANC members are conniving with the opposition to remove him as premier for having supported Dr #NkosazanaDlamini-Zuma to be #ANC president last year. #SabcNews.

  • The EFF in the North West says it has asked for the no-confidence vote against Premier #SupraMahumapelo to be postponed to protect ANC Members of the Provincial Legislature, who wish to vote the premier out via a secret ballot..

  • #SupraMahumapelo: NW ANC deputy chairperson Sello Lehari says there’s never been a decision by the party to set aside the premier. Lehari was speaking at a meeting with the NWC to iron out growing tensions in the party over allegations of corruption against Mahumapelo. MS.

  • #SupraMahumapelo: NWC members huddle up as meeting outcome of the discussion is still unclear amid reports of violent protests calling for the premier to step down in Mahikeng this evening. MS.

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  • Premier #SupraMahumapelo is currently locked in meeting with members of ANC National Working Committee led by @MYANC sec, Ace Magashule & his deputy Jessie Duarte. Meeting is sitting in NW to try to address the current factions with the party & the status quo..

  • #SupraMahumapelo: The EFF’s Betty Diale says they need at least 8 votes from the ANC and as the sponsors of the motion they have the responsibility to ensure the protection of MPLs that are willing to vote in favour of the motion. MS.

  • North West under #SupraMahumapelo - Quality of health services⬇ - Quality of roads⬇ - Unemployment⬆ - Corruption⬆.

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  • @MYANC you are not dealing with your rotten apples! all you do is protect them! this is nonsense #supramahumapelo.

  • HAPPENING: More and more communities, including Danville, Montshiwa and at far West of the provinde in Wolmaraandtad, have joined violent protests action calling for Premier #SupraMahumapelo to resign.

  • Listen: North West Premier #SupraMahumapelo speaks out on the situation in #Mahikeng |.

  • POLL: Should all motion of no confidence votes be conducted through a secret ballot? #SABCNews #SupraMahumapelo #EFF #NoConfidence #Motionofnoconfidence #Secretballot.

  • Incase you missed out : #SupraMahumapelo s 20 year old son was irregularly awarded a million bursary for aviation school which violates the Public Financial Management Act. bear in mind bursary criteria- students who have a family income of 600k & less can get funding..

  • #SupraMahumapelo Confirmation that the motion of no confidence vote in North West premier Supra Mahumapelo has been postponed..

  • This is the thinking that allows #Zuma, #SupraMahumapelo et al to feel justified in looting the state coffers. They are just "passing wealth" onto their children without Africa, wake the fuck up! #SMH.

  • The EFF has indicated it will secure enough votes to remove the premier from office and that some of the votes will come from ANC members. #SupraMahumapelo.

  • Mahikeng is burning!! I can see the residents want to give #SupraMahumapelo the send off they have his father!!✊✊.

  • ICYMI| #SupraMahumapelo says he’s being targeted through his son.

  • The new @MYANC leadership should not do to #SupraMahumapelo what the previous NEC did with President Zuma. They should have fired President Zuma in September 2009 when Mandy broke Nkandla compound exesses. They did not, and 8 years later, VAT is increased to pay for his excesses.

  • ANCYL Cdes in North West are bought by McDonald meals, cheap alcohol to accept & be supportive of decisions that do not benefit the youth in the province or themselves. Theres a division Within the ANCYL those that say are legitimate & those that are not to be #SupraMahumapelo.

  • #SupraMahumapelo: Magashule says the ANC should be allowed to deal with its issues internally. He’s urged residents not to turn to violence and to allow them time to deliberate and work towards a solution. MS.

  • #SupraMahumapelo: Jessie Duarte, Obed Bapela and Ace Magashula tell media they had “wonderful and good meeting” where members openly expressed challenges facing ANC structures in the North West. MS.

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  • The North West is out of medicine. And worse may be yet to come, @RHAPnews warns. #SupraMahumapelo.

  • #eNCAheadlines - And, temporary relief for North West Premier, #SupraMahumapelo as a no-confidence motion vote against him is postponed..

  • dont forget CDE JACOB ZUMA SPEAKS – Blacks in Dialogue April 13, 2018 By @BlackOpinion2 Staff Writer The following invite was first published on the @Black1stLand1st #BiDwithZuma #SupraMahumapelo website:.

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  • Denel says Mahumapelo bursary does not contravene company policy #Denel #SupraMahumapelo.

  • #SupraMahumapelo ANC deputy secretary-general Jessie Duarte says some national leaders will visit their members in the North West on Wednesday to hear the grievances they may have against North West Premier Supra Mahumapelo. 📸citizen.

  • #SupraMahumapelo lives, #DA-EFF romance continues to crumble. "We cannot help but speculate that through the ANC-EFF romance, a deal has been struck, in order to buy the #ANC time to deal with the matter.”- #DemocraticAlliance.

  • EFF dropped #SupraMahumapelo no-confidence vote out of fear, says ANC.

  • Cadre #SupraMahumapelo is on another level of mockery 🔥🔥😭😭😂😂😂😂😂.

  • JUST IN: NW MEC for Community Safety says he is meeting Police Generals to deploy more police officials at several communities, were a pandemonium has broke out. Residents are demanding the immediate resignation of Premier #SupraMahumapelo over allegations of corruption..