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Tuesday: Manchester City 7-0 Schalke Saturday: Swansea City 2-0 Manchester City (29’).

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City: Rotherham, BURNLEY, Newport, Swansea and now BRIGHTON Wolves: LIVERPOOL, Shrewsbury, Bristol, UNITED and now WATFORD Watford: Woking, NEWCASTLE, qpr, PALACE and now WOLVES Brighton: BOURNEMOUTH, WBA, Derby, Millwall and now CITY City’s run to the semis is a joke 😂🤯.

Finally on my way home from Swansea, never looked forward to an international break so much. April is going to be killer..

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 In tomorrow night’s episode of Wales: England’s [email protected] examines the Welsh Not, Patagonia, the Blue Books, the 1919 race riots and Tryweryn. 📺 BBC Two Wales 📆 Monday 🕰 9pm 👉.

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Raheem Sterling dived yesterday against Swansea fucking City because air hit his leg, pipe down..

Oh the irony, full of scousers crying and whinging on here last night worrying about the decisions which went in our favour versus Swansea in a competition they arnt even in then they win a game with yet another #standard.

@notamendy @premierleague You sure you lot can pipe up after robbing Swansea with dodgy refs and dives?.

@BernardoCSilva @ManCity 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣It was against Swansea ffs and you need 2 wrong decisions to go your way ffs..

@kathy121255 @DiamondTimelord Didn’t get mentioned in the half time round up. They just said it should have been at Swansea. #balancedreporting 😂.

@BBCMOTD @BBCOne Agree with Al either everyone should have it or none. Maybe not as easy in early rounds but i cant see any reason it could not be used at swansea or millwall. Paid by fa.

United out to Wolves; City at least a little bit shook by Swansea fancy another FA Cup shock, Millwall knocking out Brighton..

FA Cup: Pep Guardiola apologises for offside, baffled by lack of VAR during Man City vs Swansea.

@16Iinesss @Swxnsea That third pic doesn’t show me suggesting that Cardiff are better than Swansea. So there’s 3 where’s the other 17 times I’ve said it?.

@webblyhead However Swansea’s appalling owners don’t deserve Potter. He can’t be blamed for jumping ship if they don’t get their act together..

#MCFC were not perfect but they are where Guardiola wants them to be.

Swansea: a game that saw several #mcfc players miss the chance to blow Guardiola’s plans wide.

@kathy121255 Swansea ran out of energy once we got the first goal we keep on attacking Aguero and sterling sublime enjoy ur Sunday 👍.

@BlueStubbs I’m not being critical of City, it’s the FA I’m concerned with introducing two tiered matches in the same competition. United benefitted with it yesterday with the red card decision but Swansea were undone by the lack of it which just can’t be right..

Pep Guardiola makes plea after Manchester City players jostled by fans.

Bukan gitu, jadi VAR dipakenya kalo stadium yg digunakan itu dari klub Premier League, udah peraturan dari FA-nya, karena Swansea di Championship makanya kaga dipake, kalo maennya di Etihad pasti make VAR..

@10ywaPhilyp @ManCity Did we change our style of play against Liverpool? No, we were cautious. The teams who have pace should be dealt with caution as high line leaves massive spaces exposed. That game against Swansea was an example. Imagine offering this much space to Juventus or Barcelona..

I have finally see all of you with your comments about MANCHESTER UNITED being kicked out by is going to be a long week!!!.

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Re Aguero offside winner, the FA took decision not to have VAR at Swansea despite the stadium being equipped for it. The argument was wanted to remain consistent that only PL stadiums would have VAR..

Swansea have just given Man City a taste of their own medicine 👏 🎥 @btsportfootball.

Take a minute out of your day and look at what Swansea have just done to Man City in the # A superb team goal to go 2-0 up, what a story! #DontMugOffTheCup.

Tuesday: Manchester City 7-0 Schalke Saturday: Swansea City 2-0 Manchester City (29’).

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