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Tammy Taylor doesn’t have a good rap but they always popping out everywhere with new branches 💀.

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You have to be brave to even set foot at Tammy Taylor or Sorbet in 2022.

@euphraxiia Big No 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Le sure Ke Tammy Taylor Mara?.

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When we plug y’all with cheaper options you tell us “you’d rather pay more for quality”😭😭is this the quality ya Tammy Taylor?.

She just sat there vele, agreed to take a picture? Posted it ? Paid? I mean the whole Tammy Taylor brand nabo didn’t see any problem? Yoh! I have anxiety 😭😭😭.

@euphraxiia My one and only time going to Tammy Taylor when my usual place was fully booked just before I had to go on an international trip 🤡 The nails were trash, the service was trash and the prices made no sense. I don’t know how this franchise still exists🗑.

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i will acrylic sculpt my nails myself before i pay tammy taylor prices, are you nuts? 😭.

Nah they must be laundering money through Tammy Taylor, there’s no way that place makes money. Didn’t Zweli Mhize buy his daughter in law a Tammy Taylor salon..

Anyone who goes to Tammy Taylor is honestly just dumb☹️😭 they will charge you R600 for the ugliest nails.

One day we need to be honest about Ses Tammy Taylor 😩😩😩.

Still beefing heavy with Tammy Taylor. I’m sorry, they’ve lost me forever.

@euphraxiia Tammy Taylor yonke imenza nje u last first lady wethu.

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There’s taking chances and there’s trusting Tammy Taylor Musgrave.

@Mpour_Shabba @euphraxiia Me also I’m not the target market 😭😭😭 first and last time bandla. I usually pay less than half of this for my nails with artwork and a full pedicure. Tammy Taylor is a full swing scam..

sources have just informed me positions by ariana grande is a taylor look what you made me do netherlands outpeaker we hate that fat tammy here.

Tammy Taylor Is Our Go-To Source for Cute and Beachy Summer Nail Inspo: We talked to Tammy Taylor all about designing nails for the summer: From her new color collections and the hottest summer nail trends, to where to.

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I can’t take anyone that goes to Tammy Taylor Nails seriously 😒 she probably paid thousands for this.

It is with great sadness to let the public know, the nails were not done by Tammy Taylor, another franchise group had done the nails, and the client had a buff on an already existing set of nails and wanted to share the warm welcome. @euphraxiia @boitumeo. #tammytaylor.

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Tammy Taylor nails are not nice. They just go for the fancy boards & aesthetics or whatever. But this place doesn’t have good nail techs.

Why women are still buying Tammy Taylor franchises beats me, a Checkpoint episode about their dealings and unhappy franchisees aired 2 years ago..

maria just told me that she was cast as tammy taylor in friday night lights, but turned it down due to scheduling issues..

That Tammy Taylor thread is the reason I do my own nails the scammery of 2k for nails that look worse than the Clicks brand press ons with bubble wrap bloating? Miss me.

This has to be a Sabotage Stunt , Tammy taylor does great nails . im sure this Specific Frenchise Has Hired Unprofessional Nail technicians coz theres noway Tammy taylor Headquarters approved this Nail Tech coz all Nail technicians have to go through a Training Course ..

@Tammzzie @Nunurans Sorbet isn’t bad, you just need to find one you’re happy with. Tammy taylor has many bad reviews..

To still trust Sorbet and Tammy Taylor this year is the biggest taking of the piss.

Congratulations to former Cherry Point United Methodist Church Pastor Jason Leighton as he was Ordained as an Elder! AND to “Pastor in July” Tammy Taylor as she was Licensed for Pastoral Ministry! #nccumc22 #BeUMC.

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Che. Decirle que la busque con la mirada toda la noche no da no? Menos porque cuando la ví no me quiso Literal le cante toda la discografia de Taylor sin que lo sepa. Que bronca ser yo.

And the taxes & levies we pay must buy Tammy Taylor, & hermosa salons ??????? What must happen with the money that we pay tswape?.

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