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Updated: October 15th, 2021 06:42 PM IST

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Student loan borrowers are teachers, health care workers & other essential workers. Many of them have been carrying the burden of student debt for decades. Helping these borrowers is popular and it’s the right thing to do. It’s time for President Biden to #CancelStudentDebt.

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listened to like 5 minutes of aloise talking and moaning abt his hot teachers just to get a shut the fuck up ria and more hateful words😭💔💔💔😕😕😕

One of my finest teachers was G. - Vedam Jaishankar | Facebook. A tribute to a Great Teacher


No way I just had an entire convo with Mr. Mas and Mr. B about Yu Gi Oh Cards, D&D and Anime Abridged Series I may have found my people. And they are my two nerdiest teachers

This is like punishing teachers for not wearing board approved sweaters when the heat fails. 🤷🏻‍♂️

@VVitchfynder Awwh. Sweet 🥰 We had virtual ones last year, no idea what we will get this year. My daughter has two teachers as well. Found out today there is no school photograph again this year 😔

For maths teachers, this has to be their favourite Springsteen song!🙄😲😃

@NewsalesSr Tell that to all the teachers who are gonna be out of a job when tons of parents homeschool…good?

Not what I’ve heard from DOE. True @safeschoolsny? I did learn today of a Queens MS where 3 whole classes are quarantined with teachers working remotely from inside the classroom- 1st day with no internet. (!) So some NyC principals seem to be ignoring official directives.

COVID-19 infections in kids have long since passed the December peak, but staff cases only recently went over that threshold. Of course, most teachers are vaccinated.

@KevinAbroad1 One of my French teachers, who was actually from Portugal, was the best language teacher I ever had. She was small, bubbly, always happy, always smiling & very encouraging.

Scrolling through social media in my mid 20s is weird because some people are having their 2nd kid, some of us are still in school, and others are out working as teachers but still come out to party Like didn’t you black out this weekend?? What’s it like being your student??

I am nothing my Almighty Allah! Its all your grace, my parents prayers and hardwork of my teachers.

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@GovParsonMO The news organization that discovered Missouri’s blunder did a great service to the affected teachers. You should show some gratitude and then take responsibility for yet another of your administration’s failures.

@sunflowerwxlls i did i did but i can’t stay here i need to go back bc my teachers giving us work

The DR Congolese lady who taught me French for a year a decade ago. Previous French teachers I had had trained in Paris and taught a language that was so centred on France I might as well have been listening to a tourism ad for France every lesson

@paulwaldman1 I couldn’t agree MORE. It’s why I opposed C Nixon for NY Gov, too. We want experienced doctors, lawyers, dentists, hell, experienced EVERYTHING - teachers, you name it! But too many of us devalue public service SO MUCH we’ll actually argue FOR a novice Senator, Gov or Prez.

So the teachers are featuring nowhere🤔 yet all these passed through their hands! This world can be unfair😣

@dreamteamisswag and then at the end of the day u see teachers getting something totally different as if the cooks decided they save all the good stuff for them

@FPSC_Islamabad 99 sy oper to primary m bhi nai dety teachers, ye Intermediate m 100 deny waly teacher lagta hai krypton sy i hain. Lagta hai phir sy Thanos ko bulana paryga ry baba.

“Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students.” -Solomon Ortiz #EDU140

As to teachers, as they are no longer under company jurisdiction and signed contract with a defunct company, they have no rights to get a penny from $zme in labor bureau.

@Mcoaty Summative should not be the name of the assessment, but the action we as teachers take with the results.

@IanMaher7 They have done the same to miners, teachers, lawyers and many others. Divide and rule works.

That one ugly event - which was extremely rare - was used to warn teachers to not come to our school. They said teachers were under threat by us savage-like students who loved to fight and rape and the like. 4/

@nicoleshodges @JenkinsBrevard right, because this is effective and not at all abusive to coerce punish and condition children for teachers control. children under the age of 13 should not be required to wear masks, if you feel your child is safer wearing one do not force my child.

They’re Spying On Your Kids 😳 Gov / Teachers Accessing Laptops Remotely via @YouTube This is worrying

one of my teachers is 100% praying on my downfall. tell me why she went ahead and told my principal, vp, guidance counselor AND my mom that i wasn’t attending class when theres literally no class to attend ??

Student loan borrowers are teachers, health care workers & other essential workers. Many of them have been carrying the burden of student debt for decades. Helping these borrowers is popular and it’s the right thing to do. It’s time for President Biden to #CancelStudentDebt.

All teachers should know this, I am a person of literature and history and I am the one leading the crusade of having science-oriented education because that is what life really hinges on for the last years.

During and after starting my restaurant, I came across many hurdles, made many mistakes & learned from them. Making mistakes and learning from them is what keeps me going forward! Mistakes are the greatest teachers indeed. @unacademy #UnacademyIPLFilm

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