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why does this abandoned teddy bear on the side of the road make me feel some type of way?

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김재환 옷장 ()


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El Pirata y su banda ()

Hoy felicitamos por su 77 cumpleaños a Teddy Bautista, líder de Los Canarios, banda formada en Las Palmas de Gran Canaria allá por 1964 #RockFMérides

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T e d d y ()


Dan Rather ()

When Teddy Roosevelt talked about the bully pulpit of the presidency he defined the adjective bully as excellent and first rate (according to Websters). The current president uses a more modern definition.

Orecanoooo🇮🇹💙🔥 ()

Cuando tocas el ás se olvida 🐾🐾 🐾🔥 cualquiera se sentiría así entre tus manos cucchiolino 🤗💙💋💋 Teddy es amor puro,del que da y no pude nada a cambio😍😍 @GOnestini #SomosUnaCosaSola

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Alizon 🇪🇸💙🇮🇹 ()

Teddy que envidia te tengo pero de las buenas 🥰🥰😝😝quien fuera Teddy buenas noches 💙💙💙💙💙

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Maria 💚🤍💗 ()

@maragata_la media España e Italia ahora mismo quieren ser Teddy 🤣 es la cosita más envidiada😍

Steve Schmidt ()

Good Morning @jheil. Sophie, Teddy and Tucker are getting ready. @ratemyskyperoom.

Sky Sports Premier League ()

He might be a talented boy but does he really dig deep? Teddy Sheringham believes Manchester United should sell Paul Pogba this summer to move forward

MECHANICAL TEDDYの最新アルバム「NEOSTELLAR」発売中です! 先ずは試聴だけでもぜひしてみて下さい😉 トレーラー動画はこちら⏬

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Leni aka der EngBel Planer 🙃🌚👀 ()

@lenigranger00 Ich auch meistens Jedenfalls bei Robert Bei Teddy finde ich das ganz schön 🤗

Mikkoukun ()

@shibayuji003 i want to hug him like a teddy bear!! he looks so soft and sexy 😍😍 the animation is so perfect as always!!

Woojin pics ()

here’s an extra pic of him with a teddy bear <3 he’s the cutest 🥺

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Anne ()

I made teddy backpacks :) Is there anything I could add to make it better? #RobloxUGC

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テディ(4/25.26おうちフェスやります) ()

本日はラジオに出ます🙆‍♂️ 電話出演は生まれて初めて(笑)

MEME BASTARD Charles Khan ()

@rickyberwick @CoolTrollsongs I bet Keemstar ends up sponsored by Teddy Fresh when this is all said and done.

Bella ()

@fartchuu oh i haven’t watched the newer episodes but dang i can’t imagine teddy as a bad person she was one of the best :(

Triz៹ ()

o teddy ta enrolando num cobertor de patinhos COBERTOR DE PATINHOS >>> PATINHOS <<<

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Rosy Sea I awake ()

D. new v day ❤️ autumn 🍂 mermaid 🧜‍♀️ light 💡 corrupt 💀 giant teddy bear 🧸 Cherry blossom set 🍒 50k diamonds 💎 ~comment for D~

𝑽𝒆𝒏𝒖𝒔 ()

@JankTheBank1 is willing to offer 151k diamonds & 2019 lucky halo for these items: -mermaid royalty -call me bob ring -parasol -teddy z Dm her if you’re interested, #royalehightrades #royalehightrading

TEDDY曹長@声の大きいムフフ星人 ()

#医療従事者の皆様ありがとうございます 皆様のおかげで安心して暮らせます。心からの敬意と感謝を!

𝐚𝐥𝐲 ♥༻ 🐝 ()

@H0WILOOKONY0U don’t . that time he tried to sell out callie for his own personal benefit and that time he didn’t hire teddy over that twat . cant stand him

TowenIsStrong❤️🥺 ()

Teddy has everything she’s ever wanted and it’s terrifying to her, because now she has so much to lose. So she sabotaged it. She has the love of her life and her babies which she wants more than anything but she’s scared it’s all going to fall apart. So she ran to her safety net.

Cerisebio Thirst: Unlimited - COMMISSIONS OPEN ()

@FresDimSumDaily I just love how sweet and caring he is, he’s like a big teddy bear I want to cuddle him

🏈💜VikingsGirl💛🏈 ()

@Ken57205944 Yes, say thanks! It’s supposed to be that I see you as a big teddy bear😇 Sorry for the confusion!😝

CharDonay💕 ()

I’ll never forget my first day of my new high school some man named teddy lips my drink in English. :/

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Tasha ()

Even Teddy Riley upset with this audio bullshit #112vsJaggedEdge #VERZUZ

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Traymity // Proofs Pinned // NGF ()

Everybody steer clear of this person, she claims she has a Teddy Z but isn’t showing proof but instead is using another’s photo. When I tried to offer she said “no” which is fine but she then continued to be a complete brat, (Pt 2 in thread) #royalehighscammer

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Cliff Schecter ()

Republican President Teddy Roosevelt attended Columbia Law and Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower was President of this disgraceful institution. Luckily no Republicans ever cite them when justifying the supposed greatness of their party

Justin H. Min ()

why does this abandoned teddy bear on the side of the road make me feel some type of way?

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☚ #etvScandal #ChannelO ☛
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