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If u dont know the meaning of HYPOCRISY ask yourself: WHY did the Speaker of Parliament(AFTER the EFF left the House) “disrupt” SONA by inviting political parties to condemn the EFF & suggest sanctions,etc Why did they agree? I thought there was only ONE item on the agenda!👀

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Resurrected Stahn Aileron ⚪🧡🖤 ()

While we were Found a whole ass peanut?? Like in its shell?? And brought it back to our room in the spot where he likes to keep his toys. Where the eff did you find this.

MĴay ()

I always Said: Apartheid is a matter of the some whites have been raised and groomed to believe blacks are not humans or equal. What happened in parliament was an insult to our liberation ! Chris hani must be turning in his grave. #EFF was correct

Layton E. Williams ()

Current feels on Lent, from my convo w/ @crazypastor who always comes thru in the clutch: Here’s the sermon I want this Lent: eff our own depravity — if God loves us why are we created w/ these terrifying & debilitating demons in our brain? Why doesn’t God just make us different?


The minor who was expressing his political views at a rally (as is his right), (literally) was assaulted by a lefty leaning grown man, & is charged w/ a simple assault, instead of Child Abuse!!! How, the eff is this Ok!!!!!!!!!!!!

TX_Whelk ()

@cmclymer People lose their ever-loving minds when toddlers do this. Why should a grown man get a pass? That dude should grow the eff up!

Ahmad R Allen ()

@MARINE4911truth @WhoaShitsCrazyO Eff all that mess. Dont talk smack especially calling someone a racist and then back out. Step the he🏒🏒 up and show your proof

Audrey bowers ()

the Cheesecake Factory was crammed full of humans so I said eff that and went to Chipotle.

Solly ()

@ElidKNaz Well that is such a shame but all is not lost. He can still be effective without the EFF and nobody can stand in the way of African Unity. They will be forced to work together whether they like it or not and I see that happening very soon.



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Missy B ()

Long weekend. Might eff around and make a cosplay for Battle of the Alamo.

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Sepetlele ()


Sofia ☮️ anti-imperialista ☮️ ()

The idea of privatizing an entire city is basically an attack on the entire concept of democracy. I feel sick

Lee Markosian ()

On the other hand, the fake Progressives on the Board of Supervisors have amazingly toxic policies when it comes to housing, promoting segregation, pandering to wealthy bigots at the expense of renters, and doing nothing about climate change. So Eff them!

ECuba Bafunda Mahala! ()

The Chairperson of the ⁦⁦⁦@EFF_Cape_Metro⁩, this one is leadership guys. He is proper, leads with integrity! He is an unlearning patriarch, always willing to listen and engage. I call him in times of political confusions, he is the only one who engages me proper!

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Tony Leighton ()

I’m done with this VAR crap. The @premierleague the @FA and anyone else involved in this lunacy, go eff off and let’s have our game back. Football - anyone remember it?

Simon Grindrod ()

The EFF is a new party with young leaders who proclaim to have a vibrant policy platform for the future. Why then use the opportunity of a SONA to expend focus & energy on giving more attention & unwarranted relevance to a has-been of history like FW De Klerk?

Steven Versa ()

@itsJeffTiedrich Love it! Lets loose on purpose so that we can eff with Trump. The most convoluted plan to get someone elected to then undo it hahaha.

Justin Taylor ()

Happy birthday to one of the best friends I’ve ever had! @Jalyn_Jones Doesn’t matter whether it’s a cluster eff of a show day, finals week, or just a bad day, you’re always there to be the best Mom a guy could ask for and I’m so grateful college brought us together.

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Snarky Lawyer ()

@iamJxWoods @cjp_still Eh, when the outlook is eff your feelings, you kind of run into a problem there.

Chris Hani Lives! ()

@Motsubi @EFFSouthAfrica BTW your sona eventually took place, so why the outcry? Generally the outrage is a miss hit, EFF dented ANC Live on TV, which was a strategic move to expose them defending an unrepentant murderer. EFF through ANC own goals, it was a trap and fell for it.

Karen ()

@BigDaddyLiberty @TheCouncilWolf Look at last night from another perspective. The EFF made ALL the political parties in the house UNITE and AGREE with each other on how to deal with the EFF in the future. Win win. 🙌🙌🙌

Xavier Bapoo ()

Education, upliftment, opportunities and recognition Will the EFF give you that

ƒ. ()

@Remmborn @EdrenYGR Well I know that, South Africa is also way richer than the north. The entire combination is peak weird tho.

Naledi Chirwa ()

It’s so nice to be EFF. We are led by the best of the best. Happy Valentine’s Day kids 😊

702 ()

He is basically saying South Africans were done a disservice by the EFF because of those disruptions and he was really disappointed. — Babalo Ndenze, Parliamentary correspondent - Eyewitness News #SONA2020

POWER987News ()

#EFF leader Julius Malema says there is nothing new in #SONA2020 He also adds the soverign wealth fund and state bank are EFF ideas Malema is addressing the the SA Press Club in Cape Town this morning

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Dali Mpofu ()

If u dont know the meaning of HYPOCRISY ask yourself: WHY did the Speaker of Parliament(AFTER the EFF left the House) “disrupt” SONA by inviting political parties to condemn the EFF & suggest sanctions,etc Why did they agree? I thought there was only ONE item on the agenda!👀


@MikayesFiona How bout, from both Trump and Barr, “ eff you, I don’t need the job”.

Economic Freedom Fighters ()

[MUST WATCH]: This is why the EFF in Parliament demanded that De Klerk be removed from the house. #SONA2020

SABC News Online ()

#SONA2020 |EFF leader Julius Malema rises on a point of order. He requests FW De Klerk to leave the house.

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