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And so the Bears have turne this year’s No. 1 overall pick into two firsts, two seconds, and WR DJ Moore. And Carolina gets the QB of its choice for the future..

Thank you to all the radio stations, DJ’s & PD’s 🙏.

Dj Switch
Dj Switch

I am really sorry to my Igbo brothers and sisters! Truly. You are not the only tribe in the SW but how you’ve all been demonized is so heartbreaking. APC is a shame, Nigerian police shame, Nigeria is a shame. Shame… shame! Stand strong everyone… stand strong..

Don’t Look For The Devil Anywhere, They Are The Majority Of Our Political Elites In Nigeria - DJ Switch.

The DJ Photo,The DJ Photo by Reuben Abati,Reuben Abati on twitter tweets The DJ Photo

One big reason to do this trade now? The #Bears wanted DJ Moore and to know they had him before free agency. They do now..

Dj Switch
Dj Switch

Check BVAS, check the pen, look at your ballot papers, make sure it’s not phony looking! Vote, wait, count, take pictures (if your camera no get head, ask your neighbor), make videos… drink water, stand guard! Thank you!.

They told you DJ Switch’s LIVESTREAM was a lie. Expect more of the same in the coming hours/days..

Dj Switch
Dj Switch

The attitude we have as a people also greatly encourages these politicians to continue to trample our rights & freedoms! This attitude of “oh well… what can I do… let me move on!” No! Don’t move on… don’t drop the mic 🎤 … press their neck! Peacefully keep the pressure up!.

\🥳3/19㈰ #ボカステ 放送スケジュール/ ニコニコ▶️ YouTube▶️ 18:00~OPENING DJ 18:30~OP 19:00~コロコロコミック×ボカコレ 20:00~ボカコレジュークボックス  20:40~ボカロP対談 21:20~ランキング途中経過発表 22:00~ED ⏬出演者はスレッド.

The DJ Photo,The DJ Photo by ボカコレ【公式】@3/18-3/21開催🎊,ボカコレ【公式】@3/18-3/21開催🎊 on twitter tweets The DJ Photo

They are dragging the Dj? Last week that the hms were sitting down as if they came for homeroom or speech day #BBTitans.

@PFF DJ Moore. You saw what happened when Jalen Hurts got a WR1. The same will happen when Justin Fields does..

Yvonne actually set my soul on literal fire tonight. The DJ was brought specially for her. Damn Girlll. #BBTitans.

@ShackTS The only silver lining is the recent stretch has probably erased whatever doubt there was DJ and Co come back next year..

@djwysei ate and left no crumbs. The best Dj of the season OHAFIA FINEST KANAGA JNR GET LIT WITH KANAGA JNR KANAGA JNR #KanagaJnr #BBTitans.

The DJ Photo,The DJ Photo by Angel chioma,Angel chioma on twitter tweets The DJ Photo

Special dedication to Kip @karolinde73 she has Covid and is on bed rest for tonight & tomorrow she will not be able to DJ tonight. Please keep her in your prayers. Union Of The Snake #Paws4Music @CandyLiggett.

The DJ Photo,The DJ Photo by Candy Liggett,Candy Liggett on twitter tweets The DJ Photo

Naija Djs will come and balance the playlist but whe SA dj will come and play mostly Amapiano #BBTitans.


I’m still buzzing from Ty Tea last weekend! It was my pleasure to bring some of NYC nightlife to Sydney, Australia for my international DJ Debut! The energy at this party was next level! My mix from that night is now on SoundCloud!.

The DJ Photo,The DJ Photo by Jason,Jason on twitter tweets The DJ Photo

The Bears can have their fun with Bustin Fields and Disappearing DJ Moore, time will tell that the #Panthers win this trade!.

Kansas losing big, combined with a 40-degree damp night in KC, is not a good combo for a BIG showing for DJ Diesel (aka SHAQ) at Power & Light, unfortunately. The event was supposed to cost $20 to enter, but it was announced with a few minutes to go in the game it is now free..

@fergusonelaine @maryfordneal We used this too - so much better than the faff of making up a bottle - and as Mary says, at that stage you do anything to make things a bit easier!.

💥 Good to see somebody out there is doing their homework and connecting the dots. Kudos @DJ_Bax01 💥 #Hedera #HBAR.

remember when dj sliink got p diddy to do the intro his mixmag in session mix that shit was crazy.

Dj ahadrazamir in house. Abhi tou party suru Hui hai. Ahad x dashing dj. Ahad sir with his amazing expression you the king of expressions. I am so proud to be your fan. Keep shining like star and be happy.@ahadrazamir #ahadrazamir.

The DJ Photo,The DJ Photo by Anjali x ahadfan,Anjali x ahadfan on twitter tweets The DJ Photo

I absolutely love seeing my naija people having a great time on the dance floor. Thank you Commissioner DJ Wysei ♥️ #BBTitans.

@blueAiva @djwysei Thank you very much Dj Wysei 😍 you just operated our operator Blue Aiva. I guess it’s safe to say DJ Wysei the Operator #BlueAiva.

@DavidA386 Nothing against dj moore but fields sucks as a passer. Just dont think hes the guy in chicago..

@160_Swiftly Nuno instead of Dj was what I was hoping for and move BB13 back. I like the back line all things considered.

@dj_komal Show me one time I’m wrong? At some point these”women” that have kids hang out right? And if they try to play it on the friend card??? 😂.


Disrespectful to even mention Colby to Edwards at the end of the fight. WTF has Colby done to deserve to be in the ring for a title shot #UFC286.

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