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Even amid a pandemic, the Trump administration is reportedly continuing its “loyalty purge” and transferring a top DHS official to the National Endowment for the Arts. This is not how to run a democracy, and is particularly appalling during a crisis.

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Hlom ⁷ ()

There were 3 types of South Africans last night when the lockdown started: 1) “happy quarantine” 2) went outside and set fireworks off 3) had the purge siren going off to scare people 😭 Istg this country will never be normal 😭😭😭😭

Mizz mamazz ()

y’all so like foreal, what if all our service and WiFi shut off and the purge alarm just goes off?

Femi Fani-Kayode ()

..If he is too sick to continue he should resign & let someone else take over the reigns of power but if he is well enough to continue he should get off his high horse, purge himself of his contempt for our people, come clean & behave like a responsible modern-day leader &...3/7

Name~Amen ()

Or purge the military of traitors, imbeciles, cowards & other worthless sleepwalkers & then strike. After his public ascension to the throne, of course, to which he has undeniable legal claim

Joel Wood ()

@DSMoxon Crazy. Imagine if they did this for all crimes? It would literally be The Purge

35’lik rakı ile koronaya doğru😷 ()

Trump bir film karakteri olsaydı kesin The Purge daki başkan olurdu hahdhGgs

So-fair ()

@SecretBeetle yes, coax me from my hermitage, I have fled from social interaction for so long and so far across this earth that it scalds my skin near as harsh as the sunlight, that light which smolders down to my old bones, seeking to purge the monster out of the very blood of my ancient kind

Raul ()

basicamente the purge nao aconteceria se nao tivesse um personagem idiota p abrir as portas ou se simplesmente nao dessem a senha pra essa criança besta do carai né

❌ Timothy de Illy ❌ ()

That Cincinnati Police list looks like something from The Purge.

Inglorious Bat Turds 🕙 ()

Move Purge: Quarantine A pandemic has swept the country and the government, bereft of competence, cannot control the outbreak. In a desperate move to lock people down, they pass an emergency law that makes all crime in public places legal except at essential businesses.

WhereAre TheTests?🤨 ()

Another “stable genius” destabilizes Mississippi. We are watching the opening credits of “Red State” and “The Purge” in real time. You hate to see it

Gomolemo M💉❤⚽🇿🇦 ()

Damn just heard The Purge siren waking me up good morning Mzansi le ska wara #StayHomeSA #FlattenTheCurve😅🇿🇦

Kaylyn Saucedo - MarzGurl ➡️ Fighting the Yakuza ()

@JoeHernandezVO With everything else, hell, feels like this year the addition of the Purge would make perfect sense.

Alex Stonehouse ()

@var_log_nick I’m now picturing the Purge but everyone is killing people with jousting sticks to avoid infection.

Michael Roe ()

@RyanAFournier @j_oz316 I live in Middletown. Just north. We heard about this. Absolutely terrified. Now we up to 5 guns in the house just in case. Here we go #Purge

Dino ()

Desde este momento precisó empieza el stay-at-home obligatorio en Orlando, y alguien en la calle puso la alarma de The Purge. Casi me da un infarto, la gente es loca!!??!!??!!?

Sweets 👑 🍬 ()

Watch The Purge THE SERIES on Hulu 😱😱😱 5 stars Stay tuned for more movie/show recommendations for quarantine and chill 😂

Serena♔ ()

We started blasting the purge music on our patio to fuck with our upstairs neighbor, since he wants to be out there blasting his music too.

Markdkberry ()

@Scutty getting out for the monday carnage that could occur over the weekend news and be too fast to stop The Purge. going to be an interesting week next week ,this weeks rallying might well have been a last gasp given the housing issues and unemployment realities on top of the bug

OnlyJesusSaves ✝️✡️🇺🇸🇮🇱🐶🤟👶🙏 💙 ()

@FrancisFaustina May the hand of Jesus heal Rick’s lungs and purge his body of all viruses. In the name of Jesus Amen.

Darc ()

every few months I have to purge my Instagram of the random but hot men who I discover in obscure historical dramas and follow even though their feeds are trash

Paris ()

oh my god remember the kller clown purge of australia

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Flor Fretes ()

Si harían una película de the purge ahora la única ley que todos van a romper es poder salir de sus casas.

Purge ()

@KhalilKobab :))) من خیلی باهِش حال میکنم واقعا صمیمانه آرزو میکنم که موفق بشه

Angel ()

Lemme find out the Purge siren ever goes off 👀... got a few targets on my list ahahaha

Pp ()

@skelemini thank you for caring but the feeling makes me feel safe and skinny. after purge relief makes me happy even though my eyes are watery

Xalted ()

@FUNB18 Sorry, I have to purge this shit somewhere and you volunteered the somewhere. THANK YOU!! ❤️

Christian Vogue ()

Nos va genial en el aplanamiento de THE CURVE! Pero quedate en tu casa hasta FINALES DE ABRIL This party is the time has come for THE PURGE *Suena la chicharra alarm mode*

Alessa ✨ ingrid day! ()

my neighbors bluetooth speaker is might fuck around n connect to it n play the purge alarm 😗✌🏼

Noah Bookbinder ()

Even amid a pandemic, the Trump administration is reportedly continuing its “loyalty purge” and transferring a top DHS official to the National Endowment for the Arts. This is not how to run a democracy, and is particularly appalling during a crisis.

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