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after he started kissing every girl in one night #TheBachelorSA

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Lindiwe Skosana ()

Mark’s face when Bridget asked if he really changed his eating habits because of Jessica R. FFS!!! This woman is always complaining and gossiping 🤦🏽‍♀️#TheBachelorSA

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Iman Mtshali ()

So these girls have never taken their time to get to know Pasha but have concluded that she’s a flirt, she is untrustworthy around men and is catty? Because she’s beautiful and sexy? Sounds like insecurity to me 🤔 #TheBachelorSA

Leandra Engelbrecht ()

Pasha says she has one mission on this show. #TheBachelorSA pasha

Lindiwe Skosana ()

Andeline’s justification for calling Mulesa a liar is some passive aggressive BS 🙄 #TheBachelorSA

M-Net ()

Loved listening to @DanielBaronSA on #TheBachelorSA? Listen to his new song All I See now 🌹

#SayNoToFakeNews! ()

Qiniso is not even into Marc at all. Jessica R likes him the most but she could potentially be toxic. I keep saying if he ddnt choose Ricki then he flopped. #thebachelorsa

Ntabiseng Motsei ()

No one: Mulesa when Marc reached in for a 💋: #TheBachelorSA

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Moloko Rapholo ()

Marc is right about one thing. Phasha is super aggressive with the other ladies #TheBachelorSA

Zaakira xo ()

Bridget is so annoying I see no chemistry between her and Marc I feel like the producers are keeping her here for the drama #TheBachelorSA

Sabeehah 🐝 ()

So Marc is just gonna kiss everyone at this cocktail party? 😂😂😂 #TheBachelorSA

Fatima Raza ()

Do these girls REALLY think Mark is the mastermind behind these dates? 😂 #TheBachelorSA

Mikhara ()

after he started kissing every girl in one night #TheBachelorSA

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Tinashe Kafesu ()

Briget! Always talking about other people when she is with Marc 🤷🏿‍♀️#TheBachelorSA

Maruping. ()

Yhuuuu Bridget makes me weak. Home girl loveeeeeeeees talking shit shit about other people #TheBachelorSA

Mikhara ()

RoMaNtIc lmao they were BLAND and sis is only in it to be the shit stirrer #TheBachelorSA

Kate Nokwe ()

Catching Wow! I thought last week was explosive 😄 I love this mess 😂 #TheBachelorSA

Gillian With A G ()

Hope you enjoyed #thebachelorsa . But please stay inside and stay safe as we head into #lockDownSouthAfrica I will be praying for each one of you. We will get through this as a nation. Just keep your eyes on God.

Manzi ()

Nah this nigga Marc is tipsy or lit. Why is he making out with everyone 😂 #TheBachelorSA

Qiniso Van Damme ()

Sorry my next tweet is late. my phone was whyling! YOH fam! #TheBachelorSA #TeamQiniso

Mikhara ()

Bridget reminds me of that annoying aunty who gossips about everybody else’s children but doesn’t know what her kids are up to #TheBachelorSA

Naeemah ()

No man, this bachelor kissing everyone on the same night is not a vibe. Ew #TheBachelorSA

Nina’s baby ()

Poor Pasha. This is all projection. These women are bullies. She may not be the nicest person but I have strong feeling she’s one of the most genuine. #TheBachelorSA

꧁ʜ.ᴏ.ᴇ꧂ ()

I wonder if @marcbuckner’s initial opinion of the girls has changed after rewatching #TheBachelorSA.

Rikki Brest ()

There are way more important things going on in the world right now, but sometimes we need a distraction from reality. So just letting you I got another rose. 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 #thebachelorsa @mnet @Lotto_Star…

J. ()

Andeline was a secretly mean girl. I’m happy with Marc’s decision 😌 #TheBachelorSA

DStv ()

With her lips unkissed, Marc sends Andeline packing! 😬 Who will be sent home next? Find out next week on #TheBachelorSA at 7pm on @MNet Ch101 or on #DStvNow:

JLO is fraudulent ()

Welcome to these twitter streets Andeline, man, man vir homself en God vir almal #TheBachelorSA

Jack Friedman ()

The journey ends here for the fiery redhead & @ Farewell Andeline. Did your favourite survive another rose ceremony? #TheBachelorSA #JackFriedmanMoment

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Shazia ()

#thebachelorsa i think Marisia is more than likely the woman he chooses. Also lets not forget people said she has moved to Seapoint

Deeanne ❤. ()

Marc actually makes me sick, how many girls has he kissed tonight? 🤢 #TheBachelorSA

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